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It was one heck of a hump day with all the running around I had to do which included a showing of 404 S. 9th St. in Clear Lake to an out-of-town buyer. The showing went well considering how much slushy-snow and mud there was to contend with while we were walking around outdoors. I’m going to remain positive about that showing, as the buyer has a large family which would comfortably fit in that spacious ranch. He even looked at possibly adding two more bedrooms in the lower level which would also offer more privacy for his growing family. I hope to hear from him before this week is out.

Another appointment I had, was to do a walk-thru on a home I sold several years ago which the owner is planning on selling to his tenant. After walking thru it, I quoted an amount which definitely gave him a jaw-drop, which confirmed our prices have climbed much higher than they were over two years ago. The updates he made were tastefully done which would make that home sell even faster if it were placed on the market today. Oh how fully-well I remember what that home looked like before he purchased it.

I have a closing coming up on Friday which has been a last-minute rush to get documents prepared and approved by a lender. It always makes me just a bit more than a little angry when there are other agents involved who don’t pay closer attention to our standard protocols of getting homes to close on time without having to create a big rush to get everything done on time. I think we now have everything, so Friday just may be the day it happens.

As much as I wanted to take time this week to send an email to a dear friend, I’ll likely have to get to work about an hour earlier in the morn, just so I can get one sent. Since we don’t correspond that often, I have to take more time in creating my response to the ones I receive many weeks before.

Having noticed I’m running out of cleaning supplies, I headed over to Fareway to pick up what I needed, along with buying a few groceries while there. Of course I ended up getting button-holed several times by past customers, so what was supposed to take no longer than 15 minutes, ended up being a good half hour longer. Oh well, I did have a good chat with them, and glad they’ve managed to dodge the China-virus bullet. Since they’re elderly, I could tell these many months of confinement have been wearing on them, but I did make an assurance that Spring’s just around the corner, which will allow them more freedom of movement.

I’ll be making a call tomorrow to the buyers I showed Prairie Place on 1st this past weekend, just to get an update on what their thoughts are after seeing it for the third time. Being a dis-interested party, I can freely say they’ll be much happier living in that complex while being surrounded by those charming senior residents. Unfortunately, there’ve been family dynamics that’ve come into play, which I believe shouldn’t even be on their plate because when seniors have all their faculties about them, such transitions should be their choices alone. We’ll see what they have to say tomorrow.

When visiting with several middle-aged people today, I was a bit shocked when finding them not up to speed with the lingering “brain fog” problems being experienced by many of those who did survive their wicked bouts with Covid. I gave some recent examples, but strongly encouraged them to do their own online research. Today’s conversation was just one more example of how little our general public pays attention to the long-term effects of that nasty virus.

Of course just last night, I happened to read about a very dangerous yeast which causes life-threatening infections, and most of the time, our doctors aren’t able to get it diagnosed soon enough to provide correct treatments. From what I read, our Country has already had 1,700 cases. They did say they’ve traced it’s strain to marshy areas of India and Bangladesh. What concerned me the most, was reading it remains active outside the human body. In a nutshell, I believe the real cause of these recent deadly discoveries, is due to human encroachment on nature. Every time I see or read about the millions of acres that’ve been destroyed by man’s greed, I become internally sickened. Everyone believes Mother Nature is benevolent, but when her pristine forests and jungles are turned into croplands, that’s when she turns malevolent.

I had to call one of my dear ones today, and after getting the information I needed, we had a good chat regarding how our society has evolved to the point where people say and do whatever they thoughtlessly want, and to Hell with everyone else. The lack of basic respect for one another is what deeply troubles the both of us.

Before hanging up, I got up on my perch and said, “I’m convinced much of what’s been going on in society, is rooted in its lack of historical education.” I went on to say how so many use these new all-inclusive rules we now have, to go back and punish those who’ve gone before us, but if people would only take the time to read more history, they’d understand that most people of a generations ago, weren’t at all bad, but rather living their lives based on the standards of their times. Some of my past one-liners have touched on how important it is to study history, because we can use such historical happenings as guides for not only today, but tomorrow. As much as we don’t want to believe it, history does repeat itself, and even to the point where it’ll even repeat within each generation of a given family. I can personally vouch for that fact, and believe me, I tried all I could to keep it from happening again, but lacked the strength. Oh well, as hard as I tried, its force ended up being much too great, and likely due to the building up of its multi-generational strength.

I hope you all had a good St. Patrick’s Day, and just so you know, I did wear a little green along with a spot or two of orange.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You must write for children as you would for adults, but only better.

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