Wear Something Orange

I was expecting more of this heavy white stuff to be melted off today, but unfortunately, not much other than our streets and sidewalks were drying. Since there was so much moisture in the air from it all, I was a bit more chilled whenever out in it.

After it grew a little lighter outdoors, I drove to several listings and pulled my sold signs out of their yards before heading to my early morning closing at a local bank. I got there a few minutes early, so I waited in their foyer for my buyer to arrive so we could both be ushered back to their closing room. I did remember to bring three original photos of that home to share with the buyer, along with asking her if she’d like me to have copies of them made for her personal use. She thought it a good idea, so I now must remember to get them copied for her.

On my way back to office, I thought about that whole transaction, and came to the conclusion it was a meant to be, as there’s no question in my mind, it’ll be brought back to it’s original glory, along with a few modern updates to boot. For the many long years I’ve sold homes in that district, I’ve always been smitten by its curb appeal.

My big burn now, is to get the home at 114 – 11th St. NE sold and closed which is becoming all the more of a millstone. It’s one more example of how few the numbers are of young buyers living in North Iowa, who’re willing to take on such projects. I consider it very unfortunate, as I’m of the belief that if it were tricked-out by my standards, it would command its entire block.

When I got back to office, I put my closed files away and waited for a seller to come and pick up his proceeds check. When he arrived, I went over his numbers again, and then handed him the check along with reminding him to cancel his homeowner’s insurance. Yes, I wish all my sales would go as smoothly as that one did.

For the strangest of reasons, I’ve been getting some pretty cryptic text messages from other real estate agents, to where I’m now having to work at deciphering them. If there’d ever be a time for our profession to have a compulsory class on text etiquette, now would be that time. The over-use of acronyms is tedious at best, and often leaving me to wonder if they’re just trying to be “cute”, or simply lazy. Whatever their reasoning, I find it all exceptionally annoying.

While visiting with a colleague today, we touched on the recent surge in the buying of investment properties by several of our rental barons. We’re not sure if it’s something their reading about, or if they’ve goy suitcases full of cash and looking for greater returns. Whatever the case, they nearly always forget about upkeep, repairs and replacements of worn-out components, and of course the cleaning up after dirty tenants. If that’s all they’re doing is looking at spreadsheets and perfect-world occupancy rates, they’ll have crude awakenings in a very short periods of time. There happens to be a handful of them who do little or nothing to their properties whenever there’s a vacancy, and when they post them for rent, it’s a sort of “What you see, is what you get.” scenario. It’s no wonder why some of our City’s landlords are getting bad reviews.

This new strain of the China-virus is now moving thru our Country, and from what’s been said, we’d all better not let our precautionary guards down, as there’s concrete evidence it’s more life-threatening than the first. Until we have it completely stamped-out, that virus will continue to mutate into something none of us would want to see going public. As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m very disappointed in our Governor for not mandating the wearing of masks in public, along with a number of other orders she could’ve made from her seat of power which would’ve helped to curb its spread.

A prospective tenant for one of my client’s rentals, dropped off his rental application for review, and since he was standing there, I went ahead and gave it a good looking-over. Since he’s quite young, I was reminded again of how that age group has created a form of narrative writing, which I find a bit difficult to follow, which has become another generational gap. There’s no question in my mind, our English language is on a rapid evolutionary track. Yes, cursive handwriting is definitely on its way out, as nearly all of the handwritten applications I’ve recently received, had been filled-out with printed words. To this day, I still have a tough time printing whenever a form asks for it, and it usually ends up being my hybridized handwriting which is a cross between cursive and printing. I’m diligently working at teaching myself to print in an, “ALL CAPS” fashion.

I’ll have to find something green to wear tomorrow since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, which will likely be down-played by our area bars and restaurants. In years past, it’s always been an evening many would look forward to with the green beer, corned beef and cabbage, along with all the many other Irish traditions. I’m still wondering if St. Patrick really did drive all the snakes out of Ireland, or if there were none on that big island to begin with. Folklore and “Fake News” appear to be in bed with each other, to where real truth gets stretched into something totally different. Should I be naughty tomorrow by wearing something orange instead of green? I doubt anyone would even notice, and if they did, they wouldn’t fully understand its significance. I’m finding that if we don’t drill the meaning of various traditions into the brains of our young, they’re soon lost to the next.

Depending on tomorrow’s weather, I may take part of my real estate day off, and get those remaining windows washed, and then be done with one more extended project.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Society in general must never dismiss the importance of philosophy, as everything has its hidden meaning, which we must know.

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