I’m still holding my breath regarding the storm that’s heading our way, and only hopes we get rain instead of the three to six inches of snow they’re predicting. In spite of it not sticking around very long, I’m still not in favor of its arrival. I was going to wash the remaining windows from yesterday, but decided against it due to our stronger winds and colder temps. It’ll have to wait for a more pleasant day.

First on my list this morning, was to get my early Sunday contemplative prayer session started, which ended up being delayed due to several early morning real estate related phone calls. After taking care of them, I headed back to my quiet little corner and proceeded to cleanse myself of all temporal “gunk” I managed to pick up over the week. As always, after finishing up, I felt more spiritually, mentally, and even physically, brightened. Yes, I am ever-thankful for returning to a regimen I had in place a very many years ago. I’m beginning to think it was simply a Divinely directed full-circling of my tried and true basic spiritual need.

With having to turn my clocks ahead before hitting the hay last night, I was once again finding myself out of sync with our new time, and quickly reminded of it when thinking it was only about 15 minutes before the hour of nine, when in fact it was before ten, which made me dash for my car and head out to meet a buyer for her final walk-thru. I did make it there on time, but the buyer was already waiting for me. Ugh.

She had a good look around, and pretty much everything was the same as when she viewed it the last. Considering how hot our market has become, I assured her it was a stroke of luck with her buying before our Spring market started taking off. When knowing what the full monthly payment is on her new home loan, I reminded her that if it were owned by a slum lord, she’d likely be paying $200 more a month rent for it, and creating absolutely no equity. It’s unfortunate there being few if any solid homes in that price range, which is keeping other wanting tenants from buying. It’s a sad fact, but there’s nothing I can personally do to change it.

What I’ve also been noticing, are all the more landlords out buying, and from what I’ve been hearing, they’ve now jumped up into that $75K – $130K price range which has me wondering what kind of rents they’ll be charging. Someone did say, in spite of that new apartment complex having been built, there are still all the many prospective tenants looking for stand-alone homes. With this past year’s impetuous buying frenzy, there’d been a greater number of rental vacancies created, yet now, there’s still enough prospective tenants standing in line and waiting for clean and affordable homes to rent.

After our walk-thru was finished, I headed back to office and returned several emails to people inquiring on homes, and then decided to take a drive out into our countryside. You may think me a bit touched when saying I do enjoy driving in the country when the skies are gray, as it offers more of a stark beauty, and whenever seeing bright red barns, or shining white chicken houses, they stand out enough to where they appear all the more commanding of their settings. It’s amazing how much more you can see thru those leafless grove trees, to where suddenly piles of junk, old foundations, crippled fences, and fallen trees, come rushing into view. Even those dwarfed Red Cedars that were once camouflaged by deciduous old-growth canopies, could be spotted. Having real four seasons in North Iowa, offer us many different perceptions of rural North Iowa.

When I returned to the City, I changed my clothes and went back to work at my little/big project, where I felt it was time to get some cleaning done before our warm weather arrived. Expecting to be there for only a couple hours, it turned into four solid ones, but at least I got everything done, which means I won’t have to go back for a finishing-up of it. I do dislike starting something and not being able to finish, as it makes for more of a struggle with me to get back at it. Just as an example, yesterday’s window-washing job, won’t be finished until our weather warms back up. That old saying must’ve got itself deeply imbedded in my core, as I’d much rather, “Make all the hay while the sun shines, instead of waiting-out another un-predicted storm.”

Starting tomorrow, I have three closings scheduled for this work week, and confident every one will have “soft-landing” closings. I’ve pretty much got everything done on my part, so let’s hope everyone else involved has their ducks in a row. Speaking of ducks, it looks like the wild ducks and geese have returned to their nesting sites. It won’t be long before we’ll start seeing those fuzz-balls following their parents around. It’s interesting how Mother Nature has timed all reproductive cycles with other natural events like fresh green grass sprouting and ice-free lakes and streams to feed from. Yes, it’s almost like one big intricately-timed event which brings new life to all living forms.

While out driving, there was some noticeable tree damage that had been done by those strong winds we had earlier this past week, as I spied some pretty big branches laying in the ditches which weren’t there before. I’m surprised someone didn’t place a call to a utility company regarding a large limb hanging over a live wire. As the old saying goes, “March winds, usher in April showers, which feed our thirsty May flowers.”

While cleaning away this afternoon, I happened to notice, and then couldn’t help watching a puppy down the street, and being out in it’s little fenced yard, playfully chasing its tail. Every time I see puppies doing that, I’m reminded of how some of our adults chase their tails on a regular basis, a some of that tail-chasing, continuing on for decades.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When work is a pleasure, life is a joy, but when work is a duty, life is slavery.

Joe Chodur

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