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In spite of having another overnight frost, it certainly unfolded into quite a glorious day of March. I dare say I’m not remembering when we had our third month of a year this pleasant, but again, I’m not complaining. I think it got up to almost 60 degrees today.

My first early appointment at office went very well, and since I’ve known the sellers for a very long time, we did have a good chat about the “old days” of buying and selling real estate. The seller is still kicking himself for not keeping a brand new home he built which has changed hands twice since he sold it as a “spec” build, and I dared not tell him what it sold for about six years ago. In today’s market, there’s no question it would easily sell for well over the $200K range. Having helped him with the design of its floor plan, just about the time he was finishing it up, I strongly recommended he keep it and live there, but that wasn’t part of his plan at the time. So much for hindsight.

Before they left, I looked up some bills I’d paid last year for re-shingling jobs, as he happened to be trying to get an idea as to what it would cost and who’d be a good contractor to call. I found the entries, and then wrote down several names including the one I used. I did warn him that roofing estimates are all over the map in these times, and it best he shop around, along with asking for a few names of those for whom they’d recently done roofing work. As in all trades, there are some shysters running around out there, so beware.

One of my return calls from yesterday, was to an old schoolmate of mine who was wanting me to schedule an available time to look at a home he’s planning on selling to his tenant. Of course I had to be brought up to speed with all the recent happenings with those I went to school with in those early years. For an unexplainable reason, I’ve always found it pleasant to go walking down memory lane with some of those grade and high school mates of mine, but after listening to about fifteen minutes of it, I’m ready to move onto another subject.

Truth be told, I never really had that much of a connection with the bulk of them, as I had morning and evening chores to attend to, which left me cut out of my school’s extra curricular activities. Did I miss them, or feel in these times, any sort of deprivation? Absolutely not. As with all schools back then, and most certainly even-more today, there was a “pecking” order of which I had no time for. After a handful of times when being “discovered” as a possible item for such nonsense, those bully wannabes soon learned that I was in possession of a very sharp tongue which could send out piercing words in machine gun fashions. I still remember one of the lay teachers saying to me, “Mr. Chodur, you are one of the very few I’ve come across whose bite is worse than his bark.” It was a bit funny, but oh so true. Yes, I’ve mellowed to the point where I’ve learned to walk away if there’d happen to be a nearby exit, as I really do hate fighting, but if cornered, ouch for them. As my grandmother used to say, “It’s alway good to have a wee bit of a temper, just so to keep people from walking all over you.”

With about half of my day free, I decided to change clothes and go back over to a home, and continue on with my window-washing project. While there for about four hours, I did manage to get a good number of them washed, and for sure, they’d not been so thoroughly cleaned in years. I actually went thru three mixtures of my acid wash, as there was so much cement dust and dirt on them, it began losing its strength. After stepping back and giving it a good look, I’d say those windows were out-shining all the other homes in the block. There were several neighbors walking by while I was out there, and one of them mentioned how nice they looked, but I couldn’t help saying, “It seems nobody wants to keep their windows washed anymore.” I would’ve liked to also add, “And the reason being, is because they have to keep their shades and curtains closed, just so they can be more fully immersed in their medias.” Don’t think me “acid” by saying such, as I’m more correct than most such “cavers” would ever want to admit.

Since I had another showing of Prairie Place scheduled at the hour of three, I headed back to my office, had a little snack, changed my clothes, and then drove over. I arrived about ten minutes early, just so I’d have all the lights on in the common areas, as well as the unit they were wanting to see for the third time.

This time, they had one of their children along, just to get another’s opinion on the complex. I could instantly tell there was some strong resistance, which I suspected being due to an unwillingness to change. Unfortunately, I’ve found it the case with some of those seniors who’ve shied away from buying one, and only due to the pressures a child or two had placed on them. Oh how times have changed, as back in my day, it would be the children going to their parents for direction, instead of the other way round. It’s alway been my belief that if seniors are of sound mind, they, and they alone should be the ones calling the shots. I understand the wanting of input, but not any sort of selfish pressuring or guilt-laying. Believe you me, I can tell some true stories of past demands coming from the mouths of children who’re not even living in this State.

I believe the showing went well, and about all I did, was stand back and watch their reactions. The buyers will likely be calling me again, and hopefully whatever decision they’ve made, will have been theirs alone. I personally believe they’d be a good fit, but who am I to judge?

I had another appointment to set for my Clear Lake listing when I arrived back at office, and after I had it scheduled, I closed up shop for the day and made a quick stop at a groceteria before heading home. Yes, it was a marvelous window-washing day.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In our carriages of the past, we can’t go anywhere.

Joe Chodur

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