Good-souled Bugs

While driving to work this morning, I noticed we got down below freezing last night when seeing all the rooftops covered with frost. In spite of that, I’d say we’re having one heck of a good month of March. Someone mentioned today something about the storm that’s heading our way, now possibly going to miss us, but I do hope we get a good rainstorm to wash our winter-gray away.

When I arrived at office, I discovered an email which needed a quick response regarding the home I have listed in Clear Lake. I both emailed and called the buyer, and shortly afterwards, I received a callback. I gave him all the information he needed, so we’ll see if he’ll be its new owner, or if there’ll be another buyer coming out of the shadows. As we move closer to Memorial Day, which is the “official” beginning of Clear Lake’s market, I’m hoping to have that home under contract before it arrives, as the seller wants to move forward with his out of State relocation.

Pretty much the bulk of my day was spent chasing after problems that’d arisen which needed my immediate attention. Considering they’d been laid on my plate in less than 24 hours, I guess that old saying of problems arriving in “3’s” was sadly confirmed. Never in all my years of selling real estate, have I ever had two furnaces go out less than a day apart. How crazy is that? Of course one of the furnaces happened to be a Goodman which I’ve never liked, and even more so after being told they’re one of the worst for finding parts. I would guess that heater being no more than six years old, and already the control board is shot, which is another reason I despise all these cheaply-built computerized contraptions containing built-in, and very short, life expectancies.

I did manage to get two homes rented today, and confident both new tenants will be good fits for those units. When hearing again what many of our rental barons are now asking for their homes and apartments, I’d say those new tenants are lucky to’ve found what they did. I’ve yet to understand what’s driving these rental prices higher, other than possibly their owners attempting to squeeze out even higher yields on equity. I’ve heard more than once how some landlords are of the belief that if they can get higher prices, then they’ll ask for more. As I said before, I understand needy, but absolutely not greedy.

With an hour or so free, I managed to get my hot pepper seeds planted in starter boxes and placed in a sunny room, so hopefully I’ll have a good start at getting them to maturity without fail. I’m also preparing to plant a good number of seeds of hedging which if their description be true, they’ll make very good deer barriers. If they do germinate and make it thru their first North Iowa winter, I’ll have to share with you the name of them. I dare not say now, just in case they aren’t able to make it, and only due to the fact we’re just on the border of their coldest growing zone. One thing I’m hoping for, is that they’ll be similar to Magnolias which are also on the our border, yet still able to do quite well in our area.

Having noticed the recent sale of a three-unit apartment conversion, I was quick to investigate what it sold for, and to my surprise, it brought over $20K more than it did five years ago, which was my confirmation that even those old conversions are spiking in price. With that said, the only market prices which are continuing to lag, are those commercial units, and coming as no surprise when seeing how our businesses are struggling due to this pandemic, as well as all of this online shite-buying.

I had an appointment this afternoon to show 1707 S. Federal for a second time to a buyer who’d looked at it earlier this week. As much as I’m hoping he purchases it, my caveat to him was, “If you soulfully believe you can handle it, then go for it, but if you have reservations, then walk away.” I was glad to hear him saying he’s still feeling 100% about tackling that project.

After getting another good look at it, we had a very nice chat about an number of things, and while driving away, my “feeling” about him doing well with it, has now grown all the stronger, and likely because he’s one of those who understands the concept of working hard for something he believes in. Oh, how I’d like to clone such mindsets and sprinkle them across our North Iowa. Finding such mentalities in our younger crowd, is becoming even more of a rarity.

I’ll be a busy little bee with appointments tomorrow, and my first one being at 8:00 a.m. at my office for sellers to sign their transfer docs for a closing coming up the first part of next week, which happened to be another sale that went fast, and since we had all its title work finished sooner than normal, the buyer decided to close earlier, just so some improvements could be made before moving in. I can’t wait to see that home after it’s finished, as I can already see in my mind’s eye, how staggeringly grand it will appear.

One of my conversations today, centered around how some people absolutely cannot stand being alone for very long periods of time, which I’ve always believed to be an “interior” problem with them, and likely because they can’t tolerate their own company.
I was compelled to mention several I’ve known for a number of years who’re just like that, and no matter what sort of encouragement I’d give them, my suggestions would be abruptly dismissed as being hogwash. Thank goodness I’m learning to keep quiet regarding such issues of others, and especially when not being asked my opinion.

The above photo is of a clump of Box Elder bugs which were gathered on the side of a building, just so to warm themselves in the sun on that 60+ degree day. You do know its impossible for them to bite you, and being about the most harmless of bugs, which is why I leave them alone and never try to kill them. They’re quite the good-souled bugs.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When everything is easy, one quickly gets stupid.

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