Tag was a Pup

It wasn’t very restful for me last night, as the wind was howling away into the wee hours which was strong enough to cause a light sleep until it finally died down. We’ll see what tomorrow’s like, as that easterly-moving storm will begin moving into our area. I’m just hoping we won’t have nasty weather this weekend which’ll most likely put a damper on everyone’s outdoor activities.

Since I hadn’t spoken with a dear friend of mine in weeks, I thought it best to contact her before the phone calls and drop-ins started, which prompted me to give her a ring. I was happy to hear all’s been well with her these past weeks, and especially during our nasty three week cold spell. Pretty much all we had to talk about was how crazy the mindsets are of our home-buying public. There’s no question in my mind, much of it’s pandemic related, so we’ll see what’s going to happen after it’s to a point of being over enough to where we’ve returned to a relative state of normalcy.

I had to cut our call short due to an early arrival at my office, so I’ll have to give her another call a bit earlier some day soon. What I do enjoy about her, are the realistic views she has on life in general to where there’s no beating around the bush in fear of coming off as being offensive. Truth be told, I’d rather surround myself with guileless people, rather than those who say one thing to our faces, and the complete opposite to our backs. No thank you. I’ve had to endure enough of them over these long years.

My next call, was to return a voice mail I’d received several days ago which was so filled with static, I could only make out parts of his message. I did ask if he was driving while leaving it, and of course he admitted he was. I personally make phone calls while driving, but almost never leave messages if they don’t pick up.

Without a doubt, that gentleman has been a prolific reader for years, and no matter what subject we land on, he’s up to speed with it. We happened upon one of my once favorite subjects which is quantum physics, and wouldn’t you know, he’s also gone down that rabbit hole as well. I’m sure he’s more up to speed with recent discoveries in that field, as I’ve not picked up even one book on the subject in years. I did manage to give him several layman examples of it’s workings, and to my surprise, he’d not heard of either of them. My guess is that he’s become so deeply immersed in it to where the elementary things were either flown-over or forgotten.

He caused me to blush a little when saying how he enjoys hearing some of my clever witticisms which came by me honestly, and so much impressed that he insisted I start writing them down, and after compiling enough, have them published in a glossy hardcover, because he’s certain it would be something one would want to have on either their home or business coffee tables. I couldn’t help saying, “If I were to open the floodgates of such sayings, I’d have to create a nom de plume, as I wouldn’t want people seeking me out over something I wrote.” There’ve been a few of them I personally created, but most of them were orally passed-down from my elder-blood relatives. We must always remember that back in those years, there weren’t televisions, radios, computers, or even telephones, so there’d have to be some form of entertainment in their homes. Yes, there were those who had musical instruments, but certainly not being enough entertainment.

I suppose the reason many find them clever, is that they’re not long stories, but rather being either witty or euphemistic. Oh, and not to mention, I’m also working on tongue-twisters like my, “I’ve be trying to tie my tastefully tailored tapestry tie.” Kinda corny, but I think it’s cute, which is a reminder for us all to keep our minds actively creating, and especially for those who’re getting up in age where it’s even more important to exercise one’s mind.

It looks like 1707 S. Federal is still up for grabs, as both parties I recently showed it to haven’t called again, so back to beating the bushes I go. Perhaps once our weather gets warmer, it’ll start to thaw the minds of those looking to create a business in that building. If it were mine, I’d get rid of that greenhouse looking addition which was later installed, and put the front back to the way it was. To me, it’s neither functional nor attractive, as I’m sure it’s blazing hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. If that were removed, it’s dining area would then be more comfy-cozy for people dining within. In the way in which our mentalities are changing due to this pandemic, I would certainly offer seamless carry-out as well. Please put the word out on that diamond in the rough.

Having part of my afternoon free, I proceeded to remove my hot peppers from the plants I’d been hang-drying over the winter. As much as I’m always careful with them, I still find myself getting too many whiffs, to where I have to stop and go have a good sneeze or two. I’ll be planting more if them this year, and only due to last year’s crop being weak at best. This time around, I’m gonna be extra diligent in getting them fully matured before a frost arrives, and my fault for not getting them started early enough.

Another little project I had, was to go and change into my work clothes, and busy myself with washing two big exterior windows which hadn’t been cleaned since Tag was a pup. Of course I had to use my “big gun” recipe of getting the outside of them cleaned, which was my mixing of 4 ounces of muriatic acid with two gallons of water. Oh, don’t think I wasn’t exceptionally careful with that nasty stuff, as even the smell of it diluted is biting. With a good pair of rubber gloves and a heavy rag, was all I needed to get that built-up gunk off. I didn’t waste any time giving them a good rinse before going over them again with a window cleaner. That was one more job I was glad to have done, which brings me to the my next question, “Why is it most people don’t wash their windows anymore?”

Tonight’s One-liner is: Heretics are the only bitter remedy against the entropy of human thought.

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