Epidemic of Infallibility

From the time I arrived at office this morning, I found myself kicked into over-drive, and there my gear remained until finally calling it quits for a day. At least the weather was pleasant, along with the sun finally breaking thru the clouds which warmed us up.

My first errand, was to run over to one of the homes that closed today, so to unlock its front door for the selling agent to do a walk-thru with her buyers. Since I was there, I personally did my own looking-over, just to make sure there were no surprises. That home sold almost immediately, and certainly not surprising because it was spotlessly clean and maintenance free.

My next stop, was over at 115 S. Connecticut where I had to remove my lockbox and pull my yard sign. While there, I walked thru its entirety a bit teary-eyed, as I’d come to know and love that particular home. Once again, the new buyer will likely have nearly nothing to do other than move in. By me, it’s “Crescent of Culture” location is prime.

There’s no question that home was waiting for the buyer “it wanted” because there’d been two other accepted offers on it which fell thru due to one not being able to get financed, and the other being buyers walking away from it in fear of something which was later found to be an incorrect flaw noted by a home inspector who just happened to recently pass, due a freak farm accident. That was one bad judgement call which could’ve created a huge problem if the sellers had agreed to fix something non-defective.

Since today’s new owner had attended several of my public open houses over at 115 S. Connecticut, and just so happened to purchase it from another Realtor friend, I couldn’t help saying to her at the closing table, “There’s no question in my mind, your purchase of that home was meant to be.” She fully understood, and by the look on her face, she’s excited over getting moved in. Yes, that home was definitely a good buy, and I only hope the new buyer appreciates all of its quality features.

Between those two closings, I managed to get all my office bills paid and accounts balanced, along with sending several letters out to past clients. Thank goodness those accounts balanced right-off because I was on a burn to get as much done as possible before our weekend arrived.

I had a mid-afternoon showing on a home which seemed to be of that person’s liking, but the only concern I had, was if he’s in good financial standing. After selling homes for these many years, I can almost instinctively tell if buyers are players. Speaking of “telling”, one of the recent sales that fell thru, happened to be buyers who came thru one of my open houses, whom I’d thought at the time, weren’t financially sound. Wouldn’t you know, another agent brought me an offer on one of my listings from them, which included a bona-fide pre-approval letter, but within two weeks, they were denied a loan. Sometimes I think these mortgage brokers don’t do enough preliminary credit investigating before they crank out their weak pre-approvals.

I’ve decided to have another public open house over at 114 – 11th St. NE again tomorrow afternoon, and only because I’m convinced that if it isn’t one of the best buys in its price range in our City, I don’t know what is. The home across the street just sold in less than 24 hours for a good price, which is a testament to that neighborhood’s market sustainability. As much as I could see myself buying it, and then tricking it out for re-sale, I keep telling myself “No”, because I have more than enough to keep myself busied with during my off-hours. I know the right buyer is out there, which continues to inspire me to get it under contract. If you know anyone who’s even “thinking” about buying, please send them over tomorrow afternoon.

One of today’s callers, was a person who’s getting more involved in purchasing rental properties, and during our conversation, I couldn’t help being a little concerned over her ability to properly screen tenants, and just after hanging up, I was nearly convinced she doesn’t even have her tenants fill out rental applications, along with doing background checks. I wish the absolute best for her, but I’m afraid she’s going be experiencing, as well as learning from, some financially painful lessons. From time to time, all landlords make poor judgement calls which is normal, but when they don’t even follow set rules of application, that’s when their really big problems come a-calling.

Most tenants are convinced the rent they’re paying, is “free money” to their landlords, yet refuse to consider the real estate taxes, insurance, mortgage payments, repairs, and upkeep their landlords have to pay for on a regular basis. I always have to laugh to myself whenever seeing a lazy tenant buying a home, because it’s almost a given that their yards will soon mirror the rental homes they moved out of. Quite often, I notice just that while driving down our streets and seeing homes that’ve sold over these past five years, and their landscapes appearing all the worse. As a matter of fact, I just drove by one today which was purchased by some tenants I’d crossed paths with prior to their purchasing. Yup, they’ve not learned even the basics of home care and maintenance. I won’t be surprised if their neighbors will be soon selling due to all the dogs they have, that’re gratuitously dirtying in neighboring yards. Yes, they are classic adult children.

I read a very good article today regarding this epidemic of infallibility that’s also infecting our Nation. I now know why I’ve learned to save my breath to cool the soup whenever trying to talk some sense into those who’ve refused to admit they’re wrong. I’m finding their numbers growing to the point where they’re in just about every family.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Most only like to count their troubles, while dismissing even their greatest of joys.

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