A Battleship

Oh how wonderful it was to have the temps above freezing today, along with our warming sun gradually making its northerly trek. We have only 19 days before we have our vernal equinox, which means our days are will be growing noticeably longer.

I spoke to a long-time friend of mine today who mentioned it coming the time again when he’ll be starting his tomato and pepper seeds indoors where he has grow lights. I’m still going to stick with my cold frame, but this year, I’ll be planting them much earlier just so they’ll be tall enough to transplant after our soil warms. For sure, I’ll not be planting as much as last, because I still have more than enough in stock to last until next year.

Another reason I’ll be cutting back on my gardening, is just so I can focus more of my free-time at getting several of my delayed projects finished before the cold arrives again. Beginning about seven years ago, I found myself having fallen behind, and mostly due to my freely assisting others in greater need. I still possess not an ounce of regret, while knowing fully-well, I hadn’t created it by sitting on my hands during my off-hours.

My morning was again filled with numerous little tasks in need of immediate attention, along with checking on a few vacant homes. While driving around, I did notice how the streets are drying and our snow-cover experiencing a “slow-melt” which means if this continues, we’ll not be seeing any flooding these next 30 days.

Our office is having two closings the end of this week, which means I have to make absolutely sure those files are fully readied for their closing hours. I do have one completed finished, so tomorrow, I’ll be working on the other one.

Looking ahead, I can see another bottle-neck forming with our abstracting and title work, which is making me a bit nervous over one particular which is scheduled to close in less than two weeks. As much as I hate bugging those companies, I’m afraid I’ll have to be making some calls this Friday if I don’t see any movement. Oh well, what can one do when not licensed in another field?

Several days ago, I happened to read an article about the migration of workers to various States, and a bit surprised to see Iowa being ranked 5th in our Nation, which is perhaps why my office is getting pounded with rental inquiries. After this past year’s buyer “feeding frenzy”, I wasn’t expecting to see any noticeable demand in rental housing. I said to one of my colleagues, these times remind me of our market back before the 2008 mortgage crisis hit, where I could’ve sworn, if you had a heartbeat and could sign your name, you’d be able to get a home loan.

Oh did I we get a laugh today while visiting with a colleague. We happened on the subject of people being allowed to bring their service animals on a plane which she considered a bit much, and after her adding, “I just don’t like the idea of someone dragging their “service” parrot onboard a flight to the Caribbean, and having to sit there watching it while it watches me.” Of course wicked little me had to ask, “So you don’t like the idea of looking at someone’s over-grown pecker for hours on end?” Naughty me knew she’d get a laugh out of that, but oh well, in these times, we just gotta have something to create a belly-laugh or two.

The above photo is of a home I listed yesterday, and sold today which is located at 809 – 6th Place SE. Of all the vintage mid-Century ranches I’ve sold over these many years, I’d say that one is in the top ten of my list of those being exceptionally well-built; and today’s being that of a multi-gunned battleship. First off, it’s a wood-frame with a brick and stone exterior, and its sills being of what looks like Indiana limestone. The interior walls and ceilings are all skim-coat plastered which I’ve always considered the very best. Believe it or not, there’s maybe a half-dozen small plaster cracks in the entire house.

All of the floors, with the exception of its entry foyer, kitchen, and bathroom, are 3/4 inch thick oak, which is again, the very best to be had at the time. All of the carpeting was removed prior to getting it listed, so all the new buyers will have to do, is have them refinished. They’re gonna be gorgeous after having been brought back to life.

The new buyers are going to have its kitchen fitted with new cabinets, new flooring will be installed on the oak-less floors, along with a complete re-tiling job in the bathroom where there’s now that outdated plastic tile on its walls. The fully un-finished basement will have another 3/4 bath created, and possibly a 4th bedroom built with an egress window installed. After giving it a good look, that basement is truly a “blank canvass”.

There’ll be a new driveway getting poured, and then followed by a head-long charge to its rear yard to get a very many volunteer trees removed. I’ve pointed out the ones I’d keep if I were them, while all the others, in need of going bye-bye. Yes, it’s going to be a labor of love, but after it’s finished, anyone driving by will say, “I don’t remember seeing that house before.” I personally can’t wait to see what it’ll look like when finished. That particular street has always been considered one of our City’s “pretty ones”. I wish them all the very best of luck.

I’m still waiting on several other sellers who’re working at getting their homes readied for the open market, and when seeing a home I know very well, having come on the market today and already under contract, I’d say this is going to be an interesting year.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Sorry are those who never choose to offer their honest opinions, but rather “wear” whatever’s in style.

Joe Chodur

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