It happened to be a chilly-gray morn along with some fog in the mix while driving to work which had me a bit dis-appointed, but at least we did see the sun return shortly after noontime arrived. I’m glad we didn’t get the snow they predicted, but it sounds like there may be another possibility of a little, early tomorrow morning. Perhaps March will be entering like a lamb, and then exiting like a lion.

After arrival at office, I proceeded to get back to my little contemplative corner where I performed my normal Sunday morning contemplative prayer routine. It was another uplifting experience, which in baby-step fashions, has helped me to evolve into an overall better person. Since my prayer regimen has now been taking place for close to a year, I can truthfully say I’ve noticed good changes within.

I was thinking about the comment a dear one made some days ago after my having shared with her how differently I view my outlook on life, as well how much more aware I am of things I’m reading, people I encounter, and those little nuances taking place on a daily basis which in the past, had gone un-noticed. After hearing my attempted explanation regarding my changes within, she insisted that I’ve now entered the realm of mindfulness. If that’s where I’m at, then so be it, as it’s been a great help in nearly all facets of my life.

My mid-morning appointment arrived for document signing, and after they had everything signed, we must’ve spent at least a half hour or more visiting about un-explainable things that’ve happened in our lives which we’d chalked-up as spiritual experiences. I really had them engaged when speaking about that acreage I had listed a number of years ago which had a resident poltergeist which bordered on being wicked. For as long as I live, I’ll not forget those downright scary experiences. The wife had several of her own experiences to share as well, which has led me even more to believe our general public has experienced more “ghostly” happenings than they’ll ever want to admit. Just remember, even in these times, many in our general public would consider such happenings having come from the minds of people in need of therapy.

Shortly after they left, I headed out to show a home to a family looking for something to work on. We were there longer than I’d expected, which had me pretty convinced they’re more interested than they wanted to admit, and especially when one of them slipped and said, “I’ve gotta visit with my banker in the morning.” With our market conditions, I’m getting pretty demanding when it comes to having a lender’s pre-approval before writing offers. We’ll see what their thoughts are after having a good night’s sleep over it.

After I returned to office, I changed my clothes and went to work for a few hours over at my little/big project. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but at least I’m continuing to plug away, and while there, one of my our-of-State relatives called just to see how well I managed during the weeks of bitter cold we had. Nearly our entire conversation was about how we’re now beginning to pay a real price for things started generations ago by mindsets of pure greed. I also shared my thoughts about some of these very wealthy people who think they’ll be able to side-track death because of how much money they have. Not so, because I’ve seen enough such greed-filled minds go down in flames, and some faster than they would’ve ever imagined. A number of years ago, I personally saw such a person end up stone-dead in less than a week after being rushed to Emergency where they found a nasty infection and a mass of pneumonia on his lungs. In spite of how hard he fought to live, the Grim Reaper still managed to extinguish his life force. Yes, I think society as a whole, must now change its mindset, and realize we’re not to be takers of everything we can get, but rather stewards of a planet that was meant to sustain itself for many generations to come.

With our days growing longer, I’ll be happy when daylight-savings time returns because I really don’t like darkness coming so early in the evening. I’m still undecided about what and where I’ll be planting this growing season, as I keep telling myself not to go all-out because I have other more pressing things to do during our warm months. For sure, once my little projects are done, I’ll be focusing on my gardening skills. Most wouldn’t consider gardening recreation, but for me, it’s most relaxing. They can keep all their motorized leisure vehicles, because I’d rather have my quiet hoe in hand.

While digging thru a box of stuff today, my mind went racing back in time when finding a hand scale similar to the one we used when weighing poultry. I’d almost forgotten about the other little gadget which you’d use to catch both feet of a bird, and then hang it helplessly on the hook located below the scale.

The above photo is of the one I found, which is much larger than what I remember, and if my memory serves me, that hook on the end, would’ve also been used to pierce a tendon or skin of a recent butcher so to weigh various chunks of meat from an animal.

My parents sold poultry both in live-weight, and fully-dressed, and thus the reason such scales would’ve been used to calculate a given bird’s price. Isn’t it funny how such long-ago and far away memories come racing back when coming across but one little “prop”? I still can’t believe how much better those honest to goodness free-range chickens tasted in comparison to the so-called “naturals” of today. I’m sure if you served one those old-time chickens to your guests, they’d insist it being the best they’d ever had, and likely so, which is the reason I truly bless these young entrepreneurs in our midst who’re selling their home-grown and lovingly raised produce locally. Let’s keep them in business.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by growth, but by washing away from it, all that is not gold.

Joe Chodur

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