Their Own Standards

Another light-thaw happened today which was just fine by me because we need these gradual thaws to keep from having flood issues. It’s also good for our soil, as more of it gets absorbed than there’d be if we should have a sudden heat wave, and then finding it rapidly over-loading our storm sewers, and later filling our creeks and rivers to their brim.

There wasn’t much happening in the world of real estate today, so I changed my clothes and went to work on another extended project. I was prepared to be there at least all morning, but by the time I finished all the little things, it was nearing the hour of four.  I wouldn’t have gone those extra hours if I thought I’d have to go back again, but when seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I stayed and finished it up.

During my lunch hour at office, one of my dear older gents stopped by to visit a spell, and one of the subjects he brought up, was how upside-down these salaries are for workers in our school districts, our City and County governments, and the few large corporations we have in North Iowa.

His first and justifiable gripe, was the fact that our school superintendent knocks down over $200K per year, while his personal secretary, banks somewhere around $80K. I’ve never paid any attention to those published salaries of late, but I did have a near jaw-drop when hearing those amounts, and if they be true, then we’ve got another problem here in River City. I don’t care what anyone says, no matter how you look at it, that’s far too much for what those two jobs entail.

He also went on to speak about how our City and Alliant Energy are sub-contracting companies to do more of their work, instead of hiring our own who’re struggling to make ends meet. My two cents worth, was the fact that our City’s “rulers” elect to plug us into blue-sky projects, so to pacify a handful of our special interest groups. How does anyone believe a “Field of Dreams” can be built, when we can’t even keep good workers here, due of the many low-pay jobs being offered? I’d say we’d better start looking at topping-off those bloated salaries, and look at paying better wages to those at the front lines. My dear one was giving great examples of how meritocracy is killing our middle class, while saying their salaries should be frozen for the next 20 years, just so our working class can catch up. As far as I’m concerned, it downright shameful.

Yes, we had a good hashing over of the ills of our community, and all we could come up with, was that some day there’ll be a righting of all their wrongs, and if there isn’t, then he’ll be heading for greener pastures. I teasingly said, “If you find the right City, send me a line or two, as I may not be too far behind, because I’m really getting tired of these bloated property taxes that seem to never stop climbing, and once again, it’s the workings of meritocracy where an elite few are creating their own standards of living.”

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and as I was walking in, a man in a bright dress was walking out. Of course I couldn’t help doing a double-take, and when I did, his dress had somehow migrated up his back to where I could see his floral underpants. Oh Mercy! Of course one of the clerks was standing there smiling and waiting for me to say something. Well, all I could say was, “I think if men are going to wear dresses, they need to remember to wear slips under them, just so to keep them from riding up.” I went on to say, I’ve seen another in our Downtown, but not that particular chap. She did add that he’s been coming in on a regular basis. Oh well, there are always those different strokes for different folks, and if there are men out there who feel better about themselves wearing women’s clothes, then let them go for it, but somebody’s gotta tell them about their needing to wear slips.

Since we were talking about that gentleman, I couldn’t help saying how embarrassing it is for me whenever seeing women wearing those tight-fitting leg-in’s and not donning some sort of lower hanging tunic over their “terra incognitos”, while also adding, “I oft times feel as though I’ve committed a sin whenever seeing them dressed in such fashions.” She did add, “I’ll never wear them because I’d feel like I was walking around naked.” I continue believing we’re still sailing thru these times of “look at me”, and if you don’t think so, just take a peek at the picture-posts all the many who’re placing theirs on Facebook. They’re far to evocative for my taste, but you can be sure, I’ll never again give another one of them my opinion, because the last time I did, I received an unwarranted tongue-lashing from one I considered “dear”.

I have a mid-morning appointment tomorrow with some clients, and after that, I may have a home to show some buyers I’ve just started working with. I haven’t decided what I’m going to be doing with the remainder of my day, and likely it’ll be taken up by other texts and phone calls. With our market’s low inventories, we’ve evolved ourselves into moving as quickly as possible to get something under contract.

It’ll be interesting to see what Clear Lake’s market is going to be like this year, because during this past, their prices were radically spiking to the point where some were selling $20K and $30K over asking, and only due to multiple offer scenarios. Don’t get me wrong about Clear Lake, because they’re doing some really good things over there, including the build-out of a hotel next to the Interstate, but I’m afraid their housing prices have broken thru North Iowa’s ceiling, so let’s hope we don’t have a market correction, because they’ll be suffering far more than we will. But if this inland migration continues, we may not be affected as much as our bloated metro areas.

After seeing all the many “lipsticked pigs” that’ve sold since the beginning of this past year, I’m compelled to say “Amen” to tonight’s one-liner.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It is amazing how complete is the delusion, that all beauty is goodness.

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