Tired Tunes

Only three more days to go and we’ll be out of the month of February, and all the happier for it when looking back at those bitterly cold days which never seemed to end. Oh well, our climate is changing, and there’s no alternative other than learning to adapt as best we can.

I forgot to mention an article I recently read which was even more troubling when speaking about our Atlantic ocean currents in great jeopardy of collapse, and mostly due to the rapid melting of our Poles. The predicted by-product of such collapse, will be Northern Europe experiencing much colder winters. Can you imagine what that’ll do to their economies? I’ve always known the Atlantic currents have played a part in keeping Northern Europe warmer, as they’re much high on the globe than we are, but after reading that article, I didn’t realize how great an effect it has on their weather. The wobbling of the Jet Stream has similar effects on Europe as it does for us, but with that warming ocean current, they don’t get hit as bad as we do, so if that current does collapse, they’ll be in one heap of hurt. Much of what I’ve been reading of late regarding our climate, reminds me of the predictions made in the book, “Man’s Greatest Fear”. If you haven’t read it, do put it on your list because it’s a very well written eye-opener.

Much of my morning was spent preparing for a closing that’s coming up next week, so after scanning and emailing my documentation to the closing agent, I placed calls to both the seller and agent regarding my having done my part. That particular home will be another one I’ll not forget. As far as I’m concerned, that vintage beauty has a good and loving energy within which will in time, have a positive effect on its new owners. I sketched the floor plan several weeks ago, just so to have it for future reference. I would say its well-planned window placements, were what endeared me to it the most.

I’ll likely be heading to office even earlier tomorrow, as I’ve got an appointment with my tax accountant in the afternoon, and just to make sure I have everything logged, I’ll be giving my taxes a good looking-over for the last time. I’ll just be glad to have it over with, just so I can move forward with another tax year. Just this past week I mentioned to a seller that I guarantee nothing other than taxes and death. He got a good laugh out of it, but you know what? It’s sadly true.

While visiting with a colleague today, we touched on how a great number of our seniors wait far too long to get themselves situated in housing that’ll work for them during the remainder of their days. I could write a book about how many have put-off making their moves until it was too late to where they either died, or had to go to a nursing facility due to chronic health issues. What I’ve also noticed, which makes sense, are the more years they’ve lived in their homes, the struggles with their moves growing all the greater. With that said, it’s no surprise to hear a given homeowner carrying-on for years about making a housing transition, but having lived there for say 30 or 40 years, it’s not so much a physical difficulty, but rather all the more a mental one. Believe it or not, most seniors don’t like making such changes, but unfortunately, it ends up being intervening circumstances that’ll create their sudden urgencies to immediate change.

There’s one particular woman whom I’ve known for too many years who’s in her 70’s who’ll continue believing she’ll live just as she always has, while being holed-up in her darkly shaded bungalow, along with believing she’ll gracefully skate well past her 100th birthday with absolutely no meta-physical issues. I bless her if she fulfills her own prophesy, but unfortunately, she doesn’t understand that even though you’re able to control the world’s of others, the hand of fate is never part of such selfish nonsense. In the past, when people would speak about their intricately planned futures, I’d usually reply, “Just remember that when each day our Gott turns the page on the Book of Life and our names written upon it, there’s absolutely nothing we can do to erase them.” At first thought, you may consider me a fatalist, but if you take time to think about it, you’ll more fully understand.

Another of my dear ones mentioned how much she’s looking forward to the coming months where she can be out walking, tending to her flower gardens, and just relaxing out on her patio with a good book in hand, got me charged-up over my own personal joys of Summer. I’m sure each of you have similar quiet little corners in Nature where you’re able to fully absorb it all. As we grow older, our priorities change to where moments are savored, instead of all our rushing around looking for something excitable. For me, those days have been long-over, and glad for it because when slowing my mind down to the point of noticing those little nuances which in the past were over-looked, my days out in Nature turn from tired tunes, into grand symphonies. I can’t wait.

I finally remembered to mention something I’d been noticing very much of this past Fall which sent up a red flag in my mind at the time, and that being all the many more squirrel nests I was seeing in our City’s trees. A number of years ago, and old gent mentioned that if you see more squirrel nests in the Fall, it’s a sign we’re going to have a very cold winter. Well, that near three week stretch of well-below zero temps we had this month, was my confirmation. Isn’t it funny how animals can “sense” future events?

As stupid as some believe chickens are, have you ever heard how they carry on in their chicken houses after darkness has fallen if there’s a predator nearby? I can still remember hearing them going crazy with their loud voices in the night, and sure enough, there’d be either a skunk, opossum, or raccoon nearby. But, if I’d go out alone some night just to check on them, they’d be just fine. As intelligent as we humans consider ourselves to be, don’t you thing we still have all the much more to learn from Nature?

Tonight’s One-liner is: True life is lived when tiny, yet noticeable changes occur.

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