Temporary Clotheslines

Another beauty of a day came and went, and if this warming trend continues, we shouldn’t be having any flooding early this Spring from a rapid melt-off, which’ll be good for everyone. Yes, we’ll more than likely be dumped on a few more times before it’s all over, but at least we’re getting gradual melts. I’m still reeling from those many days of sub-zero temps, but for sure, my blood has thickened enough to where days like these feel like heat waves.

I made a quick call to a dear one this morning, just to share my thoughts about several people whom I’ve done a great deal of pro-bono work for over the years, and even considered them more than acquaintances, but for the strangest of reasons, while driving to work this morning, I suddenly realized, that for years, the only motive of their either calling, or dropping by unexpectedly, was solely due to their wanting something of me.

The dear one evidently remembered even more things I did for them, which prompted me to say, “Is there something wrong with me when thinking I would never treat those I considered more than passing acquaintances, in such fashions?” Of course his clever reply was, “Just remember, you’re an alien with different values, whereas we humans, haven’t yet evolved to your level.” He got me. After that conversation, I just sent it out into the universe and’ll likely nevermore allow such characters to bother my brain.

With some paying forward to do, I took most of my day off to go and perform some manual labor at a home for a family in need. Once I focused on what was to be done, I attacked it with a vengeance, and when looking back before I left this afternoon, I would say six solid hours of my near non-stop, did make a great difference. They thanked me profusely while insisting they had to pay me something, which I couldn’t possibly accept. Like I’ve said many times, “I’d much rather pay forward than pay back.” Since I went past my three hour threshold, yours truly is going to have some aches and pains come the the morn.

After returning to office, I changed back into my “Realtor” clothes and began returning phone calls. Someone left a message with a number which I’ll likely return tomorrow, and for some reason, that person must’ve been on the road while on speaker phone, because even though I played it back four or five times, I couldn’t catch the caller’s name. Some mobile speaker phones can be exceptionally annoying, and speaking of which, I’ve also noticed some of our bankers doing it which nearly always prompts me to ask, “Are you on a speaker phone?” Most of them get my drift and switch over.

I didn’t have time to catch up on the news today, so I guess nothing earth-shattering happened, as I hadn’t received any frantic calls asking if I’ve heard the latest. What I have been hearing, are more of our elderly refraining from taking in too much news all at once, and likely due to their not wanting to be bothered with more stuff that’s completely out of their control, which gives reason for them to not even bother. I have noticed these recent years, how the Globe Gazette and KIMT have evolved into posting all the mugshots of people who’ve been arrested and charged for various crimes. There sure mustn’t be much happy and heart-warming news to report in North Iowa, or perhaps they’re thinking the “bad news” is what everyone’s wanting, but for sure, not me.

I received a call this afternoon from the sellers I met with yesterday, just to let me know they’re going to stay put for now, as after having another night’s sleep on it, they’ve decided it’s just not the right time for them. I thanked them for inviting me out, along with the great conversation we had. I’m sure if and when they do decide to sell, they’ll be calling me, as they’re one of those couples I just “clicked” with from the get-go.

After I’d arrived home, those work clothes I’d worn today managed to get very soiled, so in the washing machine they went before I busied myself with anything else. Whenever seeing those poor people migrating up and down the back alleys of our Downtown, the first thing I notice, is how exceptionally dirty their clothes are. I don’t know why that bothers me so, but I guess it makes me wonder if they even have clothes washers available. Now you’re likely wondering why I didn’t mention dryers. Well, when people are really struggling, they usually have some sort of temporary clotheslines strung in their living quarters where they’re able to hang their washed clothes to air-dry.

Believe it or not, I still have my collapsable wooden clothes dryer which I use from time to time. I’ve actually had it so long, I can’t remember when and where I bought it. Now if you want to go back in time even farther, I can remember when seeing my grandmother having washed my grandfather’s work jeans, and then placing long adjustable wire squares in their legs, and then hang them on her clotheslines to dry. Of course the reason for using them, was so their legs wouldn’t be all wrinkled up after drying. Once in a great while, I still see them,and yes, there are many forgotten old ways that were tried and true. I will tell you, air-drying does help in even a small way, to lighten our own footprints.

Thinking now about wasted energy, I’m sure you know the many in our younger crowd, and some even older, who stand in their showers for the longest of time, which is another thing I can’t understand, because showing is supposed to be a quick in, get washed, and fast out, instead of these half hour showers they’re taking daily, and sometimes even two. I can’t imagine anyone getting that dirty to where they’d have to shower twice. Talk about wasted water, and wasted energy to heat it. There’ll be a time in our near future where water is going to become a pricy commodity, as you’ll be hearing how even our State’s vast aquifer, is now secretly being salivated over by out -of-State corporations. We’d better not let that get started, and this time I really mean it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Irregardless of all, the sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.

Joe Chodur

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