Carved in Italy

Oh Mercy! It was certainly biting cold outdoors early this morning, and didn’t get much better throughout the remainder of our day. If any of you were out and about, did you notice how white the roads were from the salt that’d been spread by our City workers? I’m sure there’ll be long lines of vehicles at our car washes once it gets above freezing next week. I’m going to stay confident this first arctic blast, is going to be our last for the remainder of our winter.

After finishing up on my own personal contemplative prayer session, it was time for me to head over to St. Paul Lutheran Church and get a little practicing in before their Services started. I did bring a handful of other liturgical music which I played before it started. Having not realized Pastor Matt had already started his video, I was a bit embarrassed when hearing myself running thru several of their hymns which I’d not heard before, so as one would expect, I was starting and stopping several times which became part of the beginnings of their online Service. I’ll not be doing that again.

I brought my camera with me so to take a few photos of the inside of their house of worship. Tonight’s photo, is of their beautiful cross of the Risen Savior which was carved in Italy, and likely installed right after their church was built. Every time I look at it, I’m always filled with a comforting “feel” of reverence. Don’t you think it’s a beautiful work of art which is most appropriate for their church? I’ve mentioned a number of times to people I know, how greatly their community of faith impresses me, and a bit in shock there aren’t more people in attendance every Sunday, which is why I’m going to be spreading the word and much as possible.

Once I’d finished taking photos, I bid my farewell until my next scheduled time to play which is two weeks from today. As I’m getting back into the grove, their historic pipe organ isn’t nearly as intimidating as it was back when I played for them several years ago. I’m sure there are keyboardists who’d not want to play it, but the old girl and I have become well acquainted enough to where we’re now in each other’s comfort zones.

After returning to my office, I replied to several emails and then changed my clothes and headed over to my little/big project and worked there for about four hours until I had to make myself quit before I’d be regretting it tomorrow morning. Over-doing it one day, makes aches and pains for the next. Each long stretch I’m there, I can see distinct progress which keeps me heading toward the finish line.

The remainder of my day, was spent doing some catch-up reading of saved articles, along with paging thru several seed catalogs which’d recently arrived. Looking at those trees, flowers and veggies, always help to keep my mind off these grueling winter days, while envisioning what my garden is going to look like this Spring, as well as the new trees I’ll be planting. With all the trees our straight-line winds have been taking down year-over-year, I’ve got plenty of re-placing to do. While I was stair-stepping back on those gravel roads over in the Nora Springs area yesterday, there were a noticeable number of downed trees in groves, and some of them were big brutes.

While working at my project today, I couldn’t help thinking about various recent events that’ve taken place in our world which continue to trouble me. It seems there’s a greater desire in our general public, along with some of our leaders believing it’s all about “me” instead of “us”, and also finding mentalities who’re unyielding to where if you don’t agree 100% with their philosophies, then you’re an outcast. Whatever happened to compromise, along with the acceptance of another’s opinion? For as long as I live, I’ll never forget a buyer truthfully sharing with me the reason his wife always seemed dismissive towards me, was being her belief I wasn’t a Christian. Really?

What concerns me the most, is the fear in which others attempt to control others, and as I’ve said before, fear is the greatest of sins in this world, as from its roots sprout every evil we can imagine. Just think about how our general public allows itself to be compromised, and then seeing what happens when confronted with a fear of not having friends, fear of not having enough money, fear of failure, fear of growing old, fear of rejection, and most of all, fear of not being loved. Yes, those deeply embedded fears, cause most to react in dark fashions to where we do and say things out of character.

The fear of not owning one’s home, has come to the forefront this past year, and unfortunately there were too many darkly driven to purchase when they shouldn’t have, and mostly because their subconsciouses were whispering to them, “We have to buy soon because everyone else is buying, and likely due to the fearful unknowns about where we’re all going to be when this China-virus is over.” Now you see, much of this recent impetuous buying has be triggered by one or more fears. Just remember, those who live in fear, dwell in darkness.

In spite of this pandemic still on the rage, I continue to have a good feeling about our year of 2021, as I’m sensing people are settling their nerves more, and beginning to realize that their lives aren’t going to be turned upside-down, but rather, now working towards making life adjustments and acclimating to it all. I’m already noticing a difference in the mindsets of new buyers and sellers I’ve been working with since the beginning of this year. Yes, life will go on just fine.

Without a doubt, the highlight of my day, was my time spent over at St. Paul Lutheran. Since my father’s family were all generational Lutherans long before they arrived on our shores, I’m sure those two paternal grandparents of mine were smiling down on me this morning and saying, “Thank You”. If you’ve liked tonight’s words and photo, do share.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions; it’s walled and roofed with them, and yes, furnished too.

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