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Let’s hope everyone is enjoying these warmer first days of February since we’re going to be in the below zero zone for likely four or five days come this weekend. Someone mentioned how fearful she was of the coming cold, but all I could say to her was, “Remember when we had even colder temps for longer periods not so many years ago?” She did finally realize that we could be having it so much worse. All I want everyone to do, is dress accordingly and make sure your heat sources are working properly.

It was somewhat of an un-eventful day with my normal first of the month routine of office accounting and bill paying. I did manage to get a file readied for a closing I’m having this coming Friday, on a house in Clear Lake which happens to be right next door to one I sold a number of years ago to a family member. Another file I worked on, was a recent sale which required the abstract to be delivered for continuation, along with preparing escrow instructions for the buyer’s lender and title attorney. It’s not closing until mid-March, but I’m always working at staying ahead of the game.

Around noontime, I made my rounds to make sure the furnaces were working on several vacant homes, as well as stopping off at a bank to get some business done. While out, I figured I just as well make several stops at two groceterias, and one of them was our East Hy-Vee which sells organic bananas. Once I discovered the distinct difference in their taste over the regulars, I’m now hooked on them.

I then drove over to Fareway to pick up a frozen duck which I’ll likely have sometime soon. Every so often, I’m compelled to roast one which lasts for several days. Of course they’re not nearly as big or tasty as the ones we used to raise and sell, but just another sign of how our times have changed. When thinking about those old days and ways, have any of you ever baked with rendered goose or duck fat? That’s but one more of my mother’s secret cookie-making ingredients. Oh, so yummy.

I always have to laugh to myself whenever someone tells me their tastebuds have changed when most likely its how the “taste” has gone out of what they’re buying in supermarkets. Over the weekend, I decided to buy four tomatoes still on the vine which was a mistake because they sure didn’t taste like vine-ripened. My standards of a real honest to goodness tomato is very high, which is why I rarely purchase them. As far as I’m concerned, home grown tomatoes are by far the best tasting.

With a little time to kill, I watched a short YouTube video of a young couple who’ve become quite popular with their day-to-day joys and struggles while living on a homestead in Alaska’s wilderness. I found it interesting how they’ve combined modern technologies with their rustic environment, yet never once mentioning mosquitos.

I’m not sure if they’re husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, but they’ve certainly romanticized their daily lives up there. The more I watched it, the more I was determined such a life would not be for me. Can you imagine being holed up in a cabin for months on end with only one other human? You would think that after a while, even the smallest of idiosyncrasies would soon become blown completely out of proportion.

What I enjoyed the most, was seeing how they had their small garden plot arranged, along with the way in which they added electric fencing so to keep out the critters, and especially moose. Evidently they don’t have “our” deer, but rather, those pesky moose.

When seeing the size of vegetables they were growing, I was reminded of their long summer days which create giant-sized veggies. Can you imagine digging up potatoes weighing over two pounds, along with super-sized carrots? I guess when you have bumper crops like that, you don’t need a very large garden plot. Of course they also have a greenhouse which they most certainly use to start their longer season veggies, such as tomatoes, peppers, and celery. When seeing the size of those celery stalks, there’s no way they would’ve been that big unless they were transplants from their greenhouse. Yes, it was an interesting video which appears to have thousands of followers.

One of my colleagues called today to talk about how our market has slowed to a near stand-still, and as of yet, no sign of change. If our shortage continues thru this month of February, there’ll be some major catching up to do if we’re going to have even close the number of sales prior to 2020’s record-breaking numbers. I’m hoping we don’t have the repeat of last year’s because I’ve had my fill of impetuous buyers and sellers. This lustful buying reminds me of the time when Beanie Babies were the craze where it appeared everyone was wanting them. Fortunately, I always considered them a silly fad and far too childish for me to even consider buying into such collectables.

I’ve been steering clear of watching much of our online news because it seems if something terrible isn’t happing in one corner of our world, then there’s a firestorm taking place in another. I’ve been anxiously watching what’s been going on in Russia with Alex Navalny’s bogus trial which has caused thousands of Russians to take to their streets in protest. I think what really got the attention of their general populous, was a video which has been shared over 100 million times showing Putin’s secret estate.

For a number of years, I’ve told a close few, my belief him being one of the richest in our world, and wouldn’t you know, some of those digging deeper into his financial shell games, now consider him up in the top five of our world’s wealthiest. I think it’s about time the Russians rid themselves of him and his tyrannical ways, along with his circle of oligarchs who’ve been pocketing the life-blood out of their resources. Let us pray.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.

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