No Scruples

Once it started sleeting out, every time I was outdoors, I had walk very carefully due to how slippery it was. I was again reminded what a greased pig on ice must feel like. There’s no question that if it continues to build up, and then starts snowing, we’re going to be seeing some major fender-benders tomorrow. Let’s hope our City’s street crew will be out plowing and then spreading sand and salt all the sooner tomorrow morning. I think it’s a bit too early to be having sleet since we’re still in the month of January. Only one more day of it. Yeah!

Having no scheduled appointments this morning, and fully readied for this afternoon’s public open house, I decided to take a good long drive before the snow started. This morning I went stair-stepping around Worth County, and today’s drive took me east of Hwy 65. Since I’d not driven thru Grafton for quite some time, I decided to take that east/west blacktop over to have a look. I was in near shock to find all the more wind turbines planted out in the middle of fields, and those new ones are monsters. Seeing how close they were to farmsteads, I’m sure the residents are beside themselves over it.

I can’t imagine the powers that be in Worth County allowing those many giants to be built, and if you don’t believe me, just take a long drive north on Thrush Ave, and you’ll see for yourselves. It seemed the closer I got to the Minnesota border, the more of them I was finding. Some people think they’re charming, but I personally consider them incongruous to North Iowa’s bucolic landscapes.

Since I’ve followed the solar industry for a number of years, there’s no question their research and development in creating more efficient and cost-effective panels are going to be something that’ll be far more earth-friendly for our environment and hopefully zenith wind farming. Someone recently told me Alliant Energy is planning on building a very large solar farm down in Franklin County, and if they are, then good for them instead of planting all those eye-sore wind turbines.

Several months ago, one of Worth County’s rural residents I’ve known for years, stopped by to share her disgust with the way in which their Supervisors pushed another big turbine project thru. We both agreed it’s all about money, and most of those landowners who allowed it, are absentee and likely living in either one of our State’s metro areas, or even beyond our borders, so why would they care as long as they’re getting more money? Whatever happened to those generational mindsets of being stewards of our land? It even happened in my extended family where one of my uncles gloatingly mentioned to me back when he was still alive, “I’m getting more money off those turbines than I was getting cash rent for those acres.” Hmm. I wonder what his “spirit” is now thinking about it all. Yes, so many beleive their money is going to give them year-over-year extensions on their lives. Sorry uncle, it never works that way.

I did manage to get some pretty good photos while out, and tonight’s happens to be one of them. Seeing that Red Cedar attempting to grow in the midst of all of that bluff limestone, was another example of the growing abilities some of our native species manage to have. I’m sure that little devil is far older than it looks considering the amount of stunting it’s been getting since it sprouted among rocks. Another reason I enjoy our winter-scapes in North Iowa, is being able to more clearly see our conifers.

I got back to office in time to have a bite before heading over to my public open house. Thank goodness I got there about fifteen minutes early, because the walk hadn’t been shoveled, and of course there was a note on its door from the City regarding un-shoveled snow, so I grabbed my shovel and cleared it away.

It was a blessing I took something to read with me, as there was only one couple who showed up. They were more impressed with the inside than they were expecting, but mentioned they’re just beginning to look. Every person I show that to, I’m quick to point out all the recent big-ticket items that are contained within, such as the nearly-new furnace and central air, its updated wiring, a newer roof, and my list goes on. I still can’t believe that rock-solid home hasn’t sold, but I have to keep telling myself, it’s not one of those “lipsticked pigs” which seem to attract all the many of our younger buyers.

Just recently I happened to notice another sale of one of those “piggies” which was purchased for somewhere around $70K a few years ago, and then this past year, having sold for over $150K more. Now if those sellers weren’t walk away grinning from ear to ear when knowing they’d cut a really fat hog, then I don’t know what could’ve made them happier unless they’re filled to their brims with an unquenchable greed. That was another sale that must’ve been rubber-stamped by an appraiser, which causes me to hope and pray those buyers plan on living there for decades to come.

When the closing hour arrived, I packed up my flyers, pulled the open house sign, and headed over to a groceteria to pick up a few necessities. They were generously handing out new face masks, so I took one because they were offering my favorite type. I made a point to go there this afternoon as I knew there wouldn’t be that many shoppers due to this sleet. Yes, their store didn’t have even half their normal number of shoppers.

On my way back to office, I stopped at several homes to check on their furnaces along with making sure they were secure, as I’ve been hearing far too many horror stories of late regarding break-ins by thieves looking for anything they can steal to fund their addictions. When a person’s mind and body has been completely taken-over by an addiction, there are no scruples remaining, which is why we must always be on guard.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Imaginary evils are incurable.

Joe Chodur

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