When Seeing Red

In spite of our temps being lower than yesterday’s, it was actually more pleasant due to the sun shining all day, as well as the wind not blowing. When remembering the words of a recently retired client who moved up to northern Wisconsin where she grew up, and saying, “It may be colder up here, but the air is more dry and we don’t get the wind like you do which I don’t miss one bit.” Her and husband moved prior to listing their home, so whenever I’d call, the first thing I’d ask was, “How’s the weather up there?” After our many chats, I was fully brought up to speed why people retire in such wooded areas, and mostly because they’re wanting quieter and gentler lives so they can enjoy all the beauties of Nature right outside their front doors. I’ll never forget her saying, “Our snow always falls straight down instead of in North Iowa’s “sideways” fashion.”

With the exception of a few errands early this morning and then again around noontime, I kept myself holed-up at office, as I had to make sure I was there for a FedEx delivery of an envelope which was supposed’ve arrived yesterday. The driver finally pulled up just before lunchtime, and all the glad for it because I was growing concerned something had happened to it.

After getting my emails and phone calls returned right-off, I once again busied myself with my year-end taxes. After seeing how much I’d accomplished before closing those books, and without realizing it, I must’ve been barreling down all the more on it those hours. I’m sure the main reason I’d accomplished so much more, was my not having only but a few interruptions. I’m hoping to have more free time tomorrow morning so I can get that project closer to its finish line.

Over the years, I’ve been called an “information packrat”, and likely due to my saving records far longer than most, which at times is a good thing when looking for numbers from decades ago, and as chance would have it, I was needing information from two separate files which I managed to find. I’m sure my tax person is going to think I keep every scrap of paper that comes into my possession. Not really.

About fifteen years ago, I began saving personal letters from people which are neatly filed away. I’m sure if I’d send back a few of the nasty ones I’d received, there’d be some red-faced and fully embarrassed people who’d sent them. Yes, there are those who put words to pen when seeing red, and after their letters are sent to the Post, likely only a few lines are ever remembered. Yes, in the heat of moments, there are those who unknowingly create life-long rifts which never seem to heal until at death’s doorstep.

I had to shake my head in wonderment today when seeing an office person having recently purchased a Ford F150 complete with all the bells and whistles. It was a full four-door with running boards, and truly quite the sight, but really? Why in Heaven’s name would those who lives here in our City, buy a 4WD monster like that when knowing they’ll likely never use it to haul anything? Those big pick-up trucks must be some sort of status symbol for North Iowans because even women are now buying them.
If I had a desk job and living in this City, I sure’s heck wouldn’t want to be driving tanks like those to work. Can you imagine the amount of gas they must be gulping daily? Oh well, there are always those different mindsets, and best to just leave them to their aches.

While on a break from my project, I decided to give one of our City’s professionals a call since I’d not spoken with him since last Spring. I’ve worked with him on and off over the years, and while laboring on my taxes, he kept coming to mind, so I gave him a ring.

As chance would have it, his wife happened to be at his office, so he put me on speaker so I could visit with the both of them. After hanging up, I thanked myself for placing the call because hearing their voices relay the happenings on their side of the fence, got me all more refreshed from being tied to my lonely daunting task. It seems almost like yesterday when they purchased a home I had listed well over 30 years ago, and believe it or not, they’re still living there. I’ve always greatly admired his wife’s musical abilities which are still going strong. Just remember, we’re not getting older, but all the better.

Late this afternoon, I received a call from a gentleman wanting me to go over and look at a home he’s planning on selling. After getting all the details, we ended up setting an appointment for Friday afternoon. Having never been in the home, I’ll be doing all the more research before I arrive. I’m fully familiar with the district it’s in, but until I give it a good look, I couldn’t have even come close to giving it an estimate of value today.

If these prospective sellers I’ve recently spoken with, end up listing with me, I’ll not be so worrisome over having enough business this year. As I mentioned to the professional earlier today, “Since 2021 arrived, I’ve been having very good “feelings” about it.” I also went on to tell him that when 2020 arrived, I had this knot in my stomach regarding that crazy year being filled with many disappointments and jaw-drops which I’ll never forget. There was one situation which almost caused me to lose faith in all humanity. Thank goodness I managed to send them all down, and move forward with my career.

These recent articles being published online as to the many more mutated strains of the coronavirus, are creating troubling thoughts with me regarding when and if it’ll all be over. Those under-stated numbers of world-wide deaths are now staggering. Let’s hope the viral researchers can stay ahead of them, while believing every one of those who’ve been instrumental in creating those vaccines, are deserving of gold medals.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s no denying Hitler and Stalin are alive today, as they are waiting for us to forget, because this is what makes possible the resurrection of those two monsters.

Joe Chodur

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