A Pocket Machine

Another cloudy and cold day came and went, but when realizing we have only six more days of January to endure, I’m still not complaining, because we could’ve had some really bad days in December and January. Just today, someone was complaining about how cold it was which prompted me to ask, “Hasn’t your blood thickened yet?”

With it being a normal Monday morning, I had a number of emails and phone calls to return which somehow managed to eat up my entire forenoon. The reason for all the time spent, were the returned phone calls prompting others.

We’ve already been getting inquiries on yesterday’s new listing which came as no surprise since it is in a lower price range and requiring absolutely no updating. Yes, a person could move right into that home without doing a thing. With the prices of rentals these days, the payment on it would be far less than what its monthly rent would be.

Thinking I’d have a good block of free time to work on my taxes, it didn’t materialize due to the number of good interruptions I was getting. As far as I’m concerned, my taxes can wait for another day when it comes to generating business for my office. I did manage to spend a good solid hour on my tax project, and all the more readied to get them systematically completed.

I’ve heard from the mouths of so darned many people over the years how difficult it is for them to get their taxes sorted out and either readied for their tax professionals or personally submitted online. My take on it, is they’ve never established a tried and true method of getting them quickly and easily completed. For many years, I’ve used my own personally designed journal pages which I make copies of each year, and allowing for faster journal entries, simply because I’ve grown used to my hard-coded method. Much of my accounting skills, are compliments of the years I worked at one of our City’s banks. My how the banking industry has changed. Have any of you ever heard of a pocket machine?” Well, that bank had one, and yours truly learned how to run it.

My mid-afternoon appointment took me out to preview a home which will hopefully be coming on the market soon. I really didn’t have that many pre-listing suggestions to make regarding any improvements, as it was already exceptionally presentable. While driving away, I thought how wonderful it would be to have a dozen of them coming on the market, as I’d then be able to take a short, but well-earned vacation after they all closed. There’s no question in my mind, it’ll sell for a good price, and quickly.

On my way back, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and as chance would have it, I ran into a woman who worked for our City all the many years. She’s been retired for likely a decade, and enjoying every day of it. I almost became teary-eyed because I’ve always enjoyed our conversations whenever at her office. Her retirement must be having a good effect on her because she looks the same as she did ten or more years ago. I’m sure much of it has to do with how active she’s been keeping herself.

One of my past clients called this afternoon asking about a property which was just listed. I told him I’d check on its status and get back to him. Wouldn’t you know, the agent announced it had just gone under contract, so I called my client back. He wasn’t happy to hear about it having sold so quickly, but in this market, it seems every house and its dog is selling.

Since I’d grown quite close with his family, I asked how everyone’s been doing since we last spoke. I was horrified to hear his entire family had come down with the China-virus over the Holidays, and fortunately now on the mend.

I listened to his personal struggles with his fevers, the chills, the loss of appetite, a trip to emergency room, and the brain fog. He’s still having problems with his lungs along with the “fog”. My heart goes out to him and his family, and for sure I’ll be adding all of them to my prayer list. When speaking about his personal health struggles, was just one more reminder of how diligent we must remain by keeping our distances, wearing face masks, and staying out of crowds. Thank goodness he didn’t pass it on to his elderly parents. What a horrible thing to happen to such good people.

One of my friends emailed me a message regarding a vehicle he’d found online, which once again, got me all fired-up over it. After salivating over its photos, I picked up the phone and called him, and the first words out of my mouth were, “I haven’t decided whether you enjoy teasing me or taunting me.” He got a good chuckle over it when knowing every time I see one of those vehicles, I fall in a deep state of “I want”. I dare not mention the brand or model of it, as you’d likely think me a show-off when considering how expensive that it is, and even when used. I personally know there’s one in our City, but almost never driven, which happened to be the first of them I’d seen. I was so taken by it at the time, I was about ready to start licking its hubcaps in desire.

When thinking about it now, I have absolutely no idea why I’m so taken by it other than I could see myself behind its steering wheel. One thing for sure, it possess that “diminished elegance” which I’ve personally found to be a rarity with all the many makes and models of vehicles on our market. Yes, he must’ve figured I forced myself to forget about it, so today he had to give me a head-on reminder. I can only say that if I should win the lottery, I’d be driving a brand new one off its lot. That’ll be the day.

Tonight’s One-liner is: After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth.

Joe Chodur

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