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As much as our weather was pleasant this morning, we just had to get enough snow in afternoon to require shoveling. Before the City workers started sanding the streets, I felt like a greased pig on ice while driving to several appointments. Fortunately I gave my front sidewalks a good sweeping several times before it finally quit snowing, and glad for it, as there were more than the normal numbers out walking in our Downtown.

As much as I wanted to get started on my tax accounting early this morning, the phone calls, short and long appointments, kept me away from it until after lunchtime. At least I did get a good four hour start on it, so from now until I’m finished, I’ll be pecking away at it daily.

Likely the reason I’m not fond of doing my office tax work, is being reminded of those times over my many years in real estate, there being those “all about me” people in our general public who’ve used up many hours of my time and resources, and then end up either buying/selling direct, or purchasing from another agent. Yep, it happens to all of us Realtors, but what really gets me, is how they so freely dismiss their actions, and of course couldn’t possibly imagine the monthly expenses it takes to run a real estate office which always have hard costs that don’t go away.

Whenever I’m doing business with others whom I trust, it would take some heavy-duty prying of me away from them, and for the fact being in my book, it’s just not the right thing to do. There’ve even been a few who’ve actually set up psychological roadblocks in hopes I’d fail in some weak sense which would give them all the more license to justify their actions. But, as I’ve said many times, I don’t get that bent out of shape over it all like I used to, as I’ve thankfully learned to quietly hand it over to karma and let her deal with it. At the end of the day, we all know in our hearts the acts of selfishness and greed we’ve committed. Right?

I did receive a call from a potential seller today and after our soulful conversation, I’m hoping I’ll be getting a return call because I’ve done work for her family in the past, and it was all good. She was likely a little surprised with my having shared some heartfelt moments with her family. Most don’t realize that when I’m touched by someone’s words and/or actions, it’s hardcoded in my memory banks. Yes, they’re darned good people.

Before beginning on my accounting, I did some additional research on a property I recently looked at, so I called the owner to share all the more clarifying information regarding its value. Once I have a more clear time frame, I’ll be doing one last “digging” thru past sales, just to make sure I didn’t miss something.

Part of my morning tomorrow, will be spent over at St. Paul Lutheran Church where I’ll be accompanying their 9:00 am Service. There are three hymns I’ll be playing, and one of them happens to be a more “New Age” one that’s filled with syncopation which is always a challenge for everyone involved. I’m hoping the Pastor is willing to run thru it with me beforehand because I went on Youtube this morning to listen to a recording of it, and wouldn’t you know, every one I listened to, was markedly different, which is why I’m all the more hoping he’ll want to practice it. I’ll be saying a little prayer for a good dose of fearlessness before I begin.

To my surprise, while on Youtube, I happened to notice a Baroque music video which had well over a million views. My curiosity got the best of me, so I clicked on it. Oh my goodness, what a performance! After today’s audio-view, there’s no question I’ve been out of the realm of classical music for far too many years. I’m now finding it quite interesting to see how unique voices have now become popularized.

Until today, I never knew the real definition of a countertenor, as well as there being male vocalists who’re so good, they record albums and perform in the most famous of opera houses. I’m attaching the one which moved me today, just so you can listen to it, and perhaps be as “taken” by that performance as I was. Over these many years, I’ve been a bit overly critical of both male and female voices which always goes back to my having to be “moved” by a voice before I give my “nod” of approval. Naughty me.

I absolutely did not know there were so many countertenors in our world who’ve polished their voices to the point where, without question, they sound exactly like a woman’s voice. Now you see, I’ve learned something new today, and only because my curiosity got the best of me. On the flip-side, it was just one more example of how very little I know about our world of classical music. It appears I have more to “gladly” learn.

Before heading home, I stopped over to one of my shoveling jobs, just so I’d have those sidewalks cleared before the foot-traffic had it all packed. I had to spread some sand in a few areas due to the melting that happened the day before it suddenly turned cold.

Truth be told, the reason I’m always the first to be out clearing the snow off my office’s sidewalks, is because I don’t like having to put sand or grit down unless I absolutely have to, and for the reason being, it ends up getting tracked into my office. If I have to sweep or shovel a few more times than normal, it’s far better than having to sweep sand and grit up off my wooden floors. Just remember, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Tonight’s One-liner is: How can one know anything at all about humans?

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