Good Riddances

Can you believe we were well above freezing again today? Yes, these January days certainly aren’t like they were 20 years ago. One of my relatives who lives out of State mentioned recently after having watched our area’s temps over these recent years, not being what they were even 15 years ago. I appreciate it not being so bitter, but as we all know, there’s going to be changes we’ll not be liking during our summer months, and especially having to deal with those evil Japanese beetles and most likely even more invasive warmer temperature insects and diseases. Just keep yourselves prepared.

I took about an hour off work and went over to St. Paul Lutheran to practice the music I’ll be playing this coming Sunday. Before I started playing their pipe organ and piano for them, I considered myself pretty much up to speed with all the traditional religious hymns, but oh how I was quickly humbled. It’s all good, because being forced to learn something new, makes us all the better no matter what it is. When really thinking about it, I’m pretty sure there’s not that many who like being stuck in their same old “boxes”.

As chance would have it, their pastor came upstairs for a chat which was good because we’d not had a chance to catch up on the recent happenings in our lives. With him being there, I had the opportunity to go over one of their hymns which is in 3/4 time, but for the strangest reason, most people end up turning it into 4/4 which makes it “feel” more like a march. I couldn’t help cracking an inside joke by saying, “I’d rather be waltzing thru life than marching.” He got a good chuckle out of that.

Speaking of 3/4 time which is our “waltzing” music, I couldn’t help recalling how difficult it was for some dancers to learn a waltz which for me was a piece of cake.  Way back when I was young and somewhat good-looking, one of my sisters and I were having a grand old time out on the dance floor of an uppity nightclub in a big city. Without paying any attention to those around us, there happened to be another couple who began giving the both of us dirty looks whenever we neared each other. Well, it started turning all the darker when the Mr. smarted off at us while on the dance floor by saying, “Who do you think you are, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Astaire?” My sister and I looked at each other and near-simultaneously said, “It’s time for us to go.”, and that we did. To this day I have no idea what precipitated that drama. Now if I were dancing with someone and noticed a couple who had their dancing skills honed, I would’ve been complimenting them. Even back then, there were some deeply jealous folks.

Speaking of dancing, it’s unfortunate more of our younger crowd it’s getting involved in ballroom dancing instead of being nothing more than passive spectators of whatever’s on their television or computer screens. The few times I’ve been out in recent years, I’ve been amazed at how few people would actually get out on the dance floor, and especially when dance music was being played.

Way back a very many years ago, I used to head over to the Surf Ballroom and dance up a storm several times a month. All I can say, is once you get into it, the more you want to better your dancing skills. In those days, there’d rarely be a dance song I’d pass up, so if I happened to tire one woman out, I’d grab another while saying, “Let’s have a dance.” Whatever happened to having some plain and good old-fashioned fun on a dance floor?

My early afternoon appointment to show 2121 S. Georgia went well today, and since I was there, I took new photos of it after the owner having removed all more personal belongings. When it comes to the presentation of a smaller home, less is always best. I’m thinking it’ll be a good fit for them, but of course I can’t always make the call. After they left, I did my re-shoot and then performed my online switching of photos.

It’s now the 21st of January, and still not seeing only a dribble of new listings coming on the market which will be very troubling for the buyers out there who’ve not yet purchased, and if any of those who’ve over-paid for what they purchased in 2020, are going to have a crude awakening. If they think they’ll be able to sell this year and make a buck or two, they just don’t “get it” that when selling a home, there’ll be hard costs they didn’t even know about when purchasing.

When visiting over this past year with those who’ve been in construction, I hear pretty much the same outlook for growth in our community which is usually the likes being, “Trying to get something either built or improved in this City, is almost like getting an Act of Congress passed.” Several of them have even said how much easier it is to build in Clear Lake rather than here which comes as no surprise because I’ve heard too many stories told about un-necessary roadblocks that are placed in front of works in progress. I always like adding, “Oh yes, they certainly enjoy spewing superlative negations.”

For whatever reasons, I’ve been having continued good “feelings” about there being some much-needed changes taking place in our City, so I do hope I’m right because if we aren’t willing to work together at growing our community, then there needs to be some big changes made, and especially in these trying times, so let’s hope for some additional, “Good riddances.”

To my delight, I managed to get the offer I wrote yesterday approved. Yeah! I have another one in the bucket, and ready to move onward to the next. My buyers are exceptionally happy over it all, and glad for it because that home is about as close as they would’ve been able to get in finding exactly what they were looking for in our fair City. They’ll be another great addition to our community, so let’s keep them coming.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Sometimes the most beautiful thing is precisely the one that comes unexpectedly and unearned, hence something given truly as a present.

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