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“Red sky at night, is a sailor’s delight.” I think of that old saying every time we have sunsets like this evening’s. In spite of North Iowa being a wind tunnel due to how flat it is, I dare say the positive side of it, are the ever-stunning sunrises and sunsets we’re blessed with. All those particles of ash from the forest fires this past year, must be still in our atmosphere because the sunsets appear more strikingly colorful.

If it wasn’t one thing, it was another nearly my entire day today, and glad it’s coming to a close and primarily due to the amount of stress I found myself under. As much as I’ve learned to handle singular stressful situations, I’m not yet able to endure multiple ones coming from all sides, which is exactly what happened.

The day started off with a shocking call from someone saying a dear friend of mine had to be rushed to hospital yesterday due to a situation that had taken place. I’m confident all will be well, but anything like that is always a shocker. I’m going to stay hopeful life will be back to normal all the sooner, and you can bet I’ll be doing some deep praying as well.

A call came in several days ago from a colleague asking about a particular transaction from a few years ago which I remembered well. Since then, there’s been some questionable things happening which I couldn’t answer without doing some research. Fortunately, I had enough time to do as much deep-digging as possible and then relay it on to the one asking for it. As I’ve mentioned before, the’ve been many more in our general public who’re doing things fully out of character.

The remainder of my morning was spent writing an offer for a couple who’ve found what they’ve been looking for, so we had a good chat today about options, and then moved forward with writing an offer. I got it scanned and emailed over to the listing agent, so the ball is now it their court. I’m going to remain positive it’ll come together due to the apparent level-headedness of both parties. We’ll see.

Thank goodness there wasn’t any rioting going on in Washington during our new President’s inauguration, and because of what happened on the 6th of January when our Capitol was stormed, the vivid memory of it, has been forevermore burned into my brain. I listened to part of Biden’s speech which I thought most appropriate as there absolutely must be a coming together within our “One Nation”.

What I didn’t realize until reading an article today, was the fact that part of QAnon’s prophesy, was there being some sort of “rapture” taking place during the inauguration, which of course didn’t happen. I scold myself for not investigating more of their beliefs because anytime someone mentions “rapture”, I slowly begin backing away. I absolutely did not know it was part of this whole business of challenging the Electorates.

I should have clipped and saved that very well written article about Josh Hawley’s higher education and the public comments by those familiar with his studies. After reading it, I was left believing he’s been on a personal path to become some great statesman. But, after reading what one of his professors said about him being so taken by a certain book about the Fascist movement in Nazi Germany, caused an immediate chill to run thru me.

The reason for me speaking about it, is it being one more confirmation that there are those few who from the time they were young, being somehow driven by dark forces to succeed at whatever costs. One of my dear friends and I both know a certain person who’s still on a maniacal drive to succeed and/or control who also has a deep hidden agenda. My personal feelings about Josh Hawley, is he’s using his conservative religious beliefs as simply a platform for his own personal advancements. As we all know, the bandwagons we jump upon, are the ones that brand us as being “of them”.

I finished up on my research regarding the home I looked at yesterday, and then called the owner to share my thoughts about price. He said he’d visit about it and then get back to me. Luckily I did find enough supporting comparables, and one of them being only about two blocks away.

With that bitterly cold wind yesterday, I made sure to check on several vacant homes, just so to make sure their furnaces were running properly. I’ve had my experiences already this winter with furnaces going out, but luckily they were caught before any pipes froze. Yes, the fear of freeze-outs is yet one more reason why I dislike winter so much, which is why I’m being ever-thankful we’re still having a mild one. Just think, in two more months, it’ll be the first day of Spring. Yeah!

I have another appointment to look at a home tomorrow that’ll be getting listed which I also have the comparable sales pulled for, so hopefully the seller will know I’ve already done my research and ready to move forward. I know some of my competitors make big deals out of pre-listing presentations, but nearly always, it’s the recent past sales of comparable properties which hold the greatest of weights. I’m not looking for our values spiking any more than they did last year, and mostly due to the affordability ranges buyers have when applying for mortgages. If you can’t afford the payment on a home, there’s no use even looking at it. Right? As I’ve mentioned many times, our home values have always been driven partially by availability, but mostly by affordability.

I’m going to be resting easy tonight knowing there wasn’t rioting at our Capitol today.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We’re all imprisoned in the realm of life, like sailors on tiny boats, on our own infinite oceans.

Joe Chodur

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