A Cooper’s Means

In spite of it being in the 20’s all day, it was just fine by me and only for the wind being less than a whisper. Isn’t it amazing how much more pleasant our winter days can be when a windchill isn’t present?

My first order of the day was to visit with a buyer of mine regarding an offer I submitted for her yesterday on property which “magically” had another offer come in on it only minutes later. Wow. Now that’s what I call magic. Really?

We talked about several options to make it more appealing to the sellers, but an even more strangely magical thing, was being alerted later this afternoon that yet another offer arrived on the table. It’s near miraculous how situations are suddenly changed in less than 24 hours. I have my thoughts about it all which I’ll keep to myself.

When the buyer arrived later this afternoon, I made the changes on the contract, had them initialed, and then scanned and emailed it to the listing agent with a response time being no later than 8:00 pm tonight, and only for the reason that home suddenly now has some magical magnetic attraction for buyers. The most interesting of it all, is that it has sat on the market for many weeks, but once an offer arrived on it, there were others crawling out of the woodwork. Irregardless what happens, I know we did our best and leaving it at that.

We did have a soulful conversation about how much more selfish our general public has grown to where I shared my thoughts that it’s become another pandemic that’s affecting millions in our Country. I went on to say how we used to believe it was just the young ones, but in these times, it’s seeped into the bones of all age groups.

I cited several recent happenings which were just a few examples of how “It’s all about me.” with those too many in our midst. How many times have you heard someone reminding you over and over again about one single thing they did for you, but totally dismiss any and all things you did for them when in a mindset of truly and selflessly caring? I dare say I can’t remember the last time I ever personally reminded someone in a berating fashion, all I ever did for them. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the kind of immature mentalities you’ll find on grade school playgrounds.

When looking back when I was in grade school, I always found it interesting whenever I would ask someone I’d shared my sweets with, helped them with their schoolwork, and even stood up for them, but when they had sweets, the tables were turned to the point I’d get an emphatic, “No.”, which was followed by, “What have you ever done for me?” Even at a young age I considered their immature minds already flawed.

I personally know several of them who’re now fully-aged, and wouldn’t you know, they continue to exhibit those very same mentalities, but only more cloaked to where they’ll only do for others if they’ve already calculated greater returns. That line, “What have you ever done for me?”, continues to ring clearly in my mind and thankful it does, because whenever doing business with the likes, I’m usually prepared for their “selfish” streaks to manifest themselves.

Several hours of my day was spent doing more research on possible listings that are coming up which I want to be fully prepared for when asked about pricing. I have one to look at tomorrow morning which is a little bit on the cheaper side, but I’ll not have a good answer until I’m able to walk thru it. It’s in a good location, but not sure how well it’s been maintained over the years. It’ll probably be in the price range of 2121 S. Georgia’s.

Having extra errands to run this afternoon, I sure enjoyed being out in the sunshine, and by the looks of the traffic, there were all the more making a day of it. One of them took me far out on the west side of our City, and when looking at the parking lot of Menard’s, I just shook my head at the number of cars parked there. If there’d be one big wish of mine to come true, would be for Home Depot or Lowe’s to buy all of the Sears complex, scrape those buildings off, and build one heck of a center which would attract customers from far and wide. As far as I’m concerned, Menard’s has had the corner on the home improvement market in North Iowa for far too many years.

Oh I forgot to mention a little trick I discovered when working over at my project yesterday morning. You all know what a beast it is to get old windows freed that’ve been painted shut. Well, I had the bright idea to use an old wooden-handled serrated steak knife which I was able to “steak-saw”‘ thru those many layers of paint along all their wooden tracks, and wouldn’t you know, it worked! Before I left, I had five double-hung windows freed which had likely not been opened in decades. You can be sure I’ll remember my little trick, and especially knowing those windows weren’t showing even the slightest sign of forced-openings once I’d cleaned everything up. Yeah!

Some days ago, I managed to get a photo of a Cooper’s hawk which had just made a kill. I wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate to post online, but then realized this evening that it’s just another one of Nature’s processes. Many of our residents don’t realize that when they have bird feeders out for all those cute wintering-over birds, our resident winged predators are following right behind the “food chain”, so I guess it’s just part of Mother Nature’s cause and effect. Yes, tonight’s photo is simply offering an example of a Cooper’s means of survival here in North Iowa.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success, as you have to let it happen by not caring about it.

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