A Wild Turkey’s

Another Sunday in January arrived which started out somewhat pleasant with the sun shining and no wind, but when the afternoon took hold, those darned-old clouds had to come back and linger once again.

My first duty of the day, was to drive to my office and return to my quiet and softly darkened corner to get my Sunday contemplative prayer session started. This was another morning which offered a more deep and lasting experience. I remained a little longer just to make sure I’d not missed any recent issues which were in need of spiritual resolution. Once again, I walked out of there refreshed and renewed.

I mentioned to a dear one some days ago how eternally grateful I am for being inspired to return to my once “go to” form of spiritual connection because if I hadn’t, I would’ve likely been ready for the nuthouse due to all radical happenings which began with the out-break of this horrible pandemic. I firmly believe this China-virus has awakened some of the most primitive emotions in mankind, which at times, are very troubling.

Having my afternoon fully scheduled, I decided to change my clothes and get back over to my little project and work. With the sun shining thru its windows, made for a more pleasant work environment. I dare say if I hadn’t already scheduled a stopping time, I would’ve spent even more hours of laboring away, but fortunately before starting, I set a time to stop, just so I wouldn’t be rushed getting to my first appointment.

I did get a good 2+ hours of non-stop work in before deciding to go out in the countryside with camera in hand due to my having run low on photos to share, and when seeing our sun shining brightly, I figured it couldn’t have been a better day.

Walking out into the countryside was very inspiring to the point I actually thought I could really warm up to winter as long as I’d be continually surrounded by such beauty. In this fast-paced world of ours, too many refuse to slow down, un-plug, and go for a good long walk in areas where there are no man-made distractions. Yes, today was one of them, and will certainly be stored-away in my memory banks for future recall.

Having been so totally captivated by the area in which I was roaming, the time seemed to rush by to where I was almost late getting back early enough to get my clothes changed, and drive out to my first appointment. I did manage to get a nourishing snack gobbled down before heading in the direction of that home.

When I pulled into the drive a few minutes early, the buyers were already waiting for me, so I quickly unlocked the doors and flipped on all the lights for them. We were there a good 45 minutes which was a good indication they were interested. With it being a second showing, there wasn’t much if anything considered a turn-off for them. Unless there’s some sort of intervening circumstance, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make an offer on it soon.

My second appointment was another repeat which lasted about as long, but this time there were more people in the group. One of them was a friend of the family who’s into construction. By the time everyone had a good look, the buyer decided to have me write an offer on it, so back to my office we headed.

Since my buyer is a first-timer, I took more than the usual time to go over the whole process which always helps to relieve anxieties. After plugging in all the numbers, and filling in blanks, I went over the docs one more time before having them signed. When finished, I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts regarding how wonderful they’ve been to work with since we started looking some months ago. Yes, there really are some wonderful young people coming up in our ranks which I find refreshing.

Not long after they left, the owner of 1707 S. Federal stopped to sign another drastic price reduction. That fantastic buy is now at the bargain-basement price of $49,500 which is a steal of a deal. I could go on for hours telling the number of possibilities that building and site has to offer. If my suspicions become a reality, there’ll be more locally-owned businesses sprouting up who’ll certainly make a go of it in these times because more and more are steering away from “Made in China” and big corporate entities who care only about the big bucks they can pull out of our wallets.

Not long after this China-virus arrived, I’ve been focusing more on patronizing businesses that are locally owned and non-corporate franchised. Most don’t realize that most franchises have business plans that were created to minimize costs and maximize profits. Who wants to buy anything from outfits promoting selfish greed by over-pricing along with weak customer service? I continue believing, customers always come first.

Please get the word out about 1707 S. Federal, and while you’re at it, put on your thinking-caps and come up with a perfect fit for it which you can share with someone looking to open their own business. There’s no doubt it’ll do well because of the lot size and a very high traffic count.

Tonight’s photo is but one I took today, and it being a wild turkey’s tracks in the snow which gave me a good smile when seeing them. To think wild turkeys were unheard of in our area 30 years ago, and now all the more a common sight. Let me tell you, those birds are big. I’ll never forget the day I was up in Lake Mills and watching a hen turkey running across a blacktop with her many chicks right behind. That was a sight for sore eyes.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Challenging the meaning of life, is the truest expression of the state of being a real human.

Joe Chodur

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