Little Barriers

Wasn’t it wonderful to have the sun shining and temps up over 40 degrees today? It sure felt more like a mid-March day than mid-January. Yes, if we don’t have an ample snow cover, we’ll be in need of some good early Spring showers to get our soil’s moisture levels up before it’s time to plant.

Around mid-morning, I drove over to Brandon Neve’s new listing at 420 – 20th St. SE and took a number of photos to post on-line. That home is in a great neighborhood, has good bones, offers many recent big-ticket updates, and the bonus of bonuses, was my getting a good look at its 26 x 36 triple-stall heated and tricked-out garage. One of the stalls is already set up as a shop and just on the conservative side, that nearly new garage would cost well over $50K to build today. I’d give my eye teeth to have a garage like that where I could putz around in that shop area all winter long. I’m sure anyone into mechanics or crafts is going to salivate over that property. Considering the number of bedrooms and baths, I’d say it’ll likely end up getting purchased by a young family with children.

When I got back to my office, I decided to go thru a large stack of papers I’d saved over these years which contained info on properties I’d done market values on, as well as windshield appraisals. I couldn’t help mentioning to one of my colleagues today after going thru that stack, how many sellers set me up, just so they could either sell their homes themselves, or list with other agents. Since I normally do a hand-written note to myself on each file as to what I believed that particular home would sell for, I busied myself with looking up what they did end up selling for, and wouldn’t you know it, all of them were in spitting distances of what I told them. Nearly all of those hard-copy memories, gladly went thru my shredder, and all I could say was, “Good riddance!”

I did save-back a letter that was sent to me by a senior who was good enough to at least tell me she was going to list with one of my competitors along with saying she was sorry as she couldn’t walk away from the $50K more that agent guaranteed to get for her home. Well, what a surprise for her when after it was listed for nearly a year, it ended up selling for almost exactly the same amount I estimated. Since I’ve cross paths with her on occasion, she’s stopped being stand-offish after finally realizing I wasn’t going to say, “I told you so.” The “buying” of listings, is when you find out what your competitors have estimated and then raise yours high enough to where a seller’s greed gets the best of them. Whatever comparable properties our “buying” agents used, must’ve been tweaked, as we’re all looking at the same recent sales. Believe me, that practice has been going on from the time I started selling real estate a very many years ago.

Most of my afternoon was spent calling prospective sellers along with conducting some market research on two properties I’ll be getting listed this week. I met with one of the sellers today, and unfortunately the home wasn’t quite presentable enough to list, so hopefully it will be in a couple of days. I’m sure it’ll sell, but my seller’s expectations on what it’s going to sell for is higher than mine. The one thing it does have going for it, is its pleasant locale in our City which may possibly trip the right buyer’s trigger.

I’ll be listing another one out of town tomorrow morning which should also sell because of its location. It’s had a number of updates done on it which’ll appeal to our younger crowd along with having a double garage being about the same size as the house. With our interest rates so low, there’d be no reason for a tenant not to buy instead of rent, but of course there are always those little barriers of poor credits and no downpayments. I’m seeing even more of our young living too much on the edge where they’re only one paycheck between themselves and being flat broke. I’m happy to hear more of our school districts are requiring students to take personal financial management classes which should’ve been a requirement all along.

An old client stopped by my office this afternoon to share some of the frustrations he’s been having with one of his siblings regarding his father’s estate. After quietly listening to his narrations of recent happenings, I couldn’t help saying, “From my past experiences with estates I’ve been involved in, it’s almost a guarantee that there’ll be the silliest of squabblings between siblings after the last parent passes .” Today’s visitor is in that very situation and looking like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Since he’d been taking care of the lion’s share of his father’s daily needs, he’s grown almost hateful with his sibling for not even getting any sort of thankful acknowledgment regarding all those years he’d been there for his father. Yes, it happens in nearly every family, and especially if there are a number of surviving children who’ve been living far and away for decades. Aging parents are most often out of sight and out of mind until that last parent passes, which almost miraculously create character transformations which I’ve always found quite remarkable, and if there’s noticeable “coin” involved, look out.

We had a good chat about his situation for nearly an hour, and by the time he walked out, I could tell he was feeling all the better about it all, and likely because of my insisting it’s all part of an unfortunate “normal” process. Hopefully I did a little paying forward again because he was almost fit to be tied when he first arrived. It always makes me sad whenever seeing people being stirred up by others for no reason. I’m sure glad I don’t get my jollies out of such childish nonsense.

I took a peek at our news feeds this afternoon which got me more stirred when reading another article speaking about there likely being more unrest this coming weekend. I was happy to see more of those who broke into our Capitol getting identified and charged. Unfortunately, we’ll be living with those memories for many years to come.

Tonight’s one-liner is: My difficulties belong to me!

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