Psychological Vampires

I’m certain everyone was happy when finding the sun shining and our temps above freezing today, along with knowing the closer we get to the end of January, the less likely we’ll have many below zero temperatures. Yes, there are always those windchill temps to be concerned about, but let’s face it, we’re living in the windy city of the north.

After running a few early morning errands, I was called by yesterday’s plumber to meet him at that apartment house to finish fixing their plumbing problem. Unfortunately, my entire morning was eaten up with all the extra little fixes that had to be done before he could call it a good job done.

Those hours will be the first of my many paying it forwards for 2021. I really don’t mind offering my time, but whenever it starts feeling like I’m being used, that’s when the brake levers begin to slowly get pulled. Some of the most difficult times in my life have been keeping my mouth shut whenever someone whom I’ve done much for, will start speaking of one, and only one instance where they’ve done me a favor and acting as if it was a major inconvenience, while dismissing all the many I’d done for them. Yes, to this day, I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut because stooping to such levels have nearly always been far below my personal standards.

One of my out-of-State relatives called over the lunch hour to ask how everything’s been on my side of the fence since last week’s craziness in our Capitol. I certainly got an ear-full from him regarding how many times he’d warned people of something like it happening, and always falling on deaf ears. All I could share were my feelings that something major was going to happen after our National elections were over.

Much to my dis-like, I read an online article where these alt-right groups are now planning protests and possibly rioting this coming weekend at all our State and Federal government sites around the country, including in Washington D.C. where they’re also planning more protests on Inauguration Day. I do hope our law enforcement bodies have learned their lessons from this past Wednesday and get those groups under control before they become crazed by that evil “crowd mentality”. Such things happened in the early years of our Country where there were normal law-abiding citizens getting pulled into the manias of vigilante groups. It would be interesting to find out how many innocent peoples lives were lost during those years, and especially how many of those perpetrators were punished accordingly.

I figured it time to give one of my dear friends a call since I’d not spoken to her since before our new year arrived. We had a nice chat about the good old days and old ways which in many instances were not so good. Since we’re familiar enough, we freely spoke our minds about both religion and politics which are subjects most in our general public back away from. I must’ve been on a roll because I shared a few thoughts about both which certainly left her knowing exactly where I stand. Every day that passes, I continue to be thankful for my having returned to my contemplative form of prayer after having strayed away from it for well over two decades. Yes, from bad happenings come good things as long as we reach for them.

Before the day was out, I managed to get two appointments set this week to possibly list several homes in our area. Neither one of them will have high price tags, but in these times, a sale is a sale. It’ll be nice to have more than one active single-family residence for sale with my office. The jury is still out as to what this year’s real estate market is going to be like, as I just happened to notice another over-sold home posted as having closed today. As I mentioned to someone today, there’ve been a great number of homes purchased with little or no downpayment which had upside-down mortgages on them from the moment those purchases closed. I’m sure there was not a single soul in those transactions shaking their warning fingers. Oh well, some have to learn the hard way.

In spite of the happenings last week and the possibility of more unrest this coming week, for the strangest reason, I’m having a pretty good “feeling” about 2021. I know this year will be a challenge, but also relieved another door to the past was closed once 2020 came to an end. When speaking about this past year, it’s in an emotionless voice when saying I’d allowed myself to be a whipping post for others, lied to many times, profoundly cursed at, wasted innumerable hours of my time, and even had my character questioned once or twice, yet I still managed to rise above it all. Yes, last year was a meta-physical challenge, which in the end, has enlightened me all the more regarding those early signs of dark paths which are nevermore to be followed. There are far more psychological vampires out there who’re so cleverly waiting to take a few bites out of you just so you’ll become yet another one of their followers. For the strangest of reasons, there’s not been much having been printed about them outside of the European Union. I wonder why.

I had a nice visit with my agent Brandon Neve this afternoon regarding this coming year. He stopped by to drop off a listing file on a home he’s listing tonight which should get sold more sooner than later due to the monster garage it offers. It’s in a great neighborhood and offering all the big-ticket updates. For sure I’ll be on the phone tomorrow with prospective buyers.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In the investigation of a neurotic style of life, we must always suspect an opponent, and who suffers most from the patient’s condition, which is usually a family member.

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