Nipped in the Bud

Another biting gray day arrived at our doorsteps which is beginning to make me wonder if we’re caught in some sort of meteorological stasis where the clouds are just hanging above us without movement.

Upon arrival at office, I discovered in my email, the final ratifying documents I needed for the sale of one of my listings, and wouldn’t you know it, I had someone asking to see it this afternoon. I did take their names and number just in case something would cause that sale to fall thru. It’s always comforting to know there’s a possible back-up buyer.

I had some early morning errands to run, and by the time I was finished, it was already half-spent. Another half hour or more was taken up with a phone from an out-of-State customer who’s planning on relocating here in the near future. It looks like I may have a busy beginning of the year which will be just fine by me.

Expecting my public open house over at 114 – 11th St. NE to be a dud, I was delighted to have a cluster arrive who spent additional time looking at it. The young couple in the group who were the ones shopping, appeared to be the “right” fit, but I’m not sure if they’re up to the job of getting the cosmetic work done. Since more and more young couples are moving in that neighborhood, they’d certainly be a welcome addition. I’ll have to keep in touch with them because I believe they’re more than ready to buy.

Perhaps I’m sounding very much like a broken record, yet I can’t help “seeing” that home tricked-out to the point where it would be considered the main eye-catcher on that street, and even possibly the entire subdivision. The main reason I believe it would, is it having that tall third story which makes it all the more commanding. I wouldn’t do any changing of the main floor’s plan, but certainly do some altering on the second and third floors. The more I look at that home’s options, I’d be more inclined to make two of the bedrooms on the 2nd floor larger and dispense with that smaller 3rd which would then allow for the construction of an open staircase leading up to the hallway of the 3rd floor where I’d completely update that once existing bath, and then move on to create one “yell-of-a” master bedroom complete with it’s own gas-log fireplace. Yes, having a bedroom like that would provide continuous good mornings even for the worst of days.

I’ve alway believed part of our society’s problems stem from the fact that far too many think of their bedrooms as nothing more than places to sleep. Well, when you think about it, most are in their bedrooms a third of their lives, and in spite of most sleeping during those hours, one’s sleep surroundings do have sub-conscious impacts. If more people would think of their bedrooms as being sacred sanctuaries where their minds and bodies are being rejuvenated, I’d wager there’d be marked changes in the way in which our populous conduct themselves during their waking lives.

I think I picked up on that at an early age because there we some of my family’s “elders” who were very particular about their sleeping quarters. I’ll never forget watching one of them making her bed so point perfect, to where she made certain all the sheets, blankets and pillows were placed exactly where she wanted them. Her dresser, chests of drawers, and night stands always appeared picture-perfect. Now don’t think she was a fanatic about housekeeping, because the rest of her home had a more lived-in look. As I grew older and around all the more of my “oldies”, there were others both men and women who were particular about their bedchambers. With all of these genetic predispositions we’re reading about, perhaps it was in their DNA.

Speaking about past happenings, I still remember how taboo it was for husbands and wives to be sleeping in separate beds. Even back when twins sets were popular during our Mid-Century movement, in many circles, it was unheard-of for married couples to be sleeping separate in the same room. Perhaps the thought of sleeping apart was some sort of indication their marriages were on the rocks. For better or worse, richer or poorer…

Over the years I can’t begin to tell how many times I’d sold homes to couples who’d sooner or later talk about their separate bedrooms. Of course I’d never question why, but oft times there’d be excuses of snoring, excessive tossing and turning, and even one being a light sleeper and the other wanting to have a television on all night. For whatever reasons, there certainly are more couples sleeping in separate bedrooms in these times than there were in previous generations. Perhaps more are wanting to feel like the “royals” who’ve always had their own grand sleeping quarters.

After my open house ended, I headed over to an appointment to show two units at Prairie Place on 1st. What a delightful couple! After finishing up with their viewings, I couldn’t help internally wishing they’d be the next to purchase. Just being with them that short time, I considered it no question in my mind they’d fit like a glove in that wonderful retirement community. I’ll be sure to place a follow-up call to them come Monday. Between them and that charming young couple at my open house, I’d say I had two highlighting encounters on this grayest of Saturdays.

Before calling it a day, I spent about a half hour reading the online news which created more troubling dark thoughts within. Let’s hope there’ll be no more happenings the likes of which we saw taking place on Capitol Hill this week. One of the articles mentioned there being strong indications of more demonstrations this next weekend along with another during the inauguration. It had all better get nipped in the bud beforehand. Yes, these are times where our society is exceptionally fractured and in much need of fixing.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To all those who walk the path of human cooperation, war must always appear loathsome and inhuman.

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