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This continued cloud-cover is starting to get annoying, but I still have to say how delighted I am we managed to once again slide past the last week of December and first week of January without -20 degree temps. Yeah!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for some reason it sure didn’t seem like it was already Friday. There are certain duties I have on the last day of our work week, and wouldn’t you know it, I almost forgot about them. Perhaps all those nerve-wracking happenings in Washington D.C. had me overly-consumed with my fretful worrying.

Don’t you just hate it whenever you’re right, and especially when it comes to forecasting something bad? Well, I was almost ready to bet money on something very serious happening if Trump lost the election, and sure enough it came to pass. Thank goodness Pelosi made a call to our military leaders regarding necessary stop-gates being in place for our atomic weapons, as our Presidents have always been given those pass codes. Her concern today, has been another of my worries since he lost the election.

We’ve all been around erratic people in our lives, and the more we’re involved with them, the more we have to be ever-watchful of their actions. I’ve always had my own personal thoughts regarding that man’s character, but those are my own opinions on the subject which I’ll keep to myself.

My early appointment arrived on time this morning to deliver a signed purchase agreement on the “re-sale” of his home which was back on the market for only one day, and unfortunately due to the buyers inability to get financed. I’ll be doing everything I can to get it to the closing table this time around. After he left, I scanned and emailed it to the selling agent.

With some extra free time, I busied myself with more year-end accounting which is just the beginnings of a daunting task, but I’ve come to realize it best to get at it early and be done with it so I’ll not be fretting about it any longer than necessary. The prep-work is always key to getting it all the sooner past its finish line.

Late last evening I went digging for a box of photos I purchased at a sale being held at Joan Snell’s home almost two years ago, and the reason for my search, was to find those two larger than normal photos that were of the interior of a home likely built in the late 1800’s which belonged to her grandparents. Long story short, at that sale was a small Mission Style desk which was black with age and coming apart at its joints.

The person conducting that sale was pestering me to buy it but I kept telling him it was priced too high due its condition. Well, I did manage to get it at half price, but little did he know, I’d already purchased a small box of black and white photos, and pictured in two of them, was that very desk stationed in the middle of what must’ve been used as a study. After I paid him for the desk, I proceeded to tell him the only reason I created another stripping project for myself, was knowing I was in possession of two photos showing it in use by her grandparents. All he could say was, “Now that was a connection I managed to miss.” I’m sure if those two photos had been placed with that desk for all to see, it would’ve been sold for asking price long before I arrived.

I’m still sad over the death of Joan Snell because our old office was only steps away from their full-service gas station. That whole block is now part of Fareway’s groceteria and parking lot. There were many fond memories created while working there, but at least the building in which Holtz Realty is now located, bears many similarities of that office. Believe it or not, there have been a few times when an old customer would say, “Wow, I see you got rid of the carpet and refinished your floors.” I sure had one old gent fully confused when insisting the building he remembers, is no longer there.

Reeling forward. I did manage to get that piece stripped of all its blackened varnish, glued back together, and given a new life with several coats of shellac. It turned out to be a beauty which I brought to my office and placed in a conspicuous setting for all to see. Whenever someone would notice it and offer positive reviews, I’d share my full story with them. Well, it was mentioned again yesterday, so I made sure to find those two photos and take them with me to office. All I need to do now, is purchase two upright photo stands for them, and be placed for all to see. One of the people I shared my story with several months ago, mentioned that whenever you have original photos of an antique in your possession, the value of it goes up markedly. I’m not concerned about it’s value, but rather having those photos, offers another example of how people furnished their homes a 100+ years ago. Yes, I walked out with quite the finds that day.

There were a few drop-ins this afternoon, and then a scheduled showing of 1707 S. Federal. I believe that viewing went well enough, but with it being a cold and dark day, it wasn’t presenting itself the best. I’m still of the belief that for the right visionary, that piece of real estate would offer long-term returns for someone willing to get it back in shape. The size of the lot and traffic count are key features most would pay many thousands more for. Let’s hope I get it sold and closed before the end of this month.

I emailed a dear friend of mine yesterday and asked only one question, “Who does Josh Hawley remind you of?”. I received an email back with the name of a person we both know, and my immediate return response was, “I’ve always appreciated your “good eye”.” Yes, there are many out there with voices and bodies similar to un-related others which at times, gets really kinda creepy if you ask me.

Tonight’s One-liner is: At the end of day, the neurotic is nailed to the cross of his fiction.

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