Here we are at the 5th of January and experiencing above-freezing temps which is making for us a shorter and more pleasant winter. When looking at the long-range forecast, and according to our National Weather Service, the remainder of our month is looking bearable. I’m thinking we must be inching toward Spring because just yesterday, I received my second catalog from a seed house.

When arriving at my office early this morning, my thoughts were overly pre-occupied by a delayed response on an offer I’d submitted last Saturday afternoon on a home over in Clear Lake. After numerous text messages, phone calls, and emails to the agent since Saturday afternoon, I figured I’d wait until after 9:00 to start it all over again.

Of course when faced with worrisome wait, I figured it time to busy myself with getting the floors of my office scrubbed, so I changed my clothes and headed for the cleaning closet. It seemed the more I scrubbed, the lighter my worries became to where I completed its entire main floor in record time. With more time to kill, I grabbed my broom and swept the front sidewalk, vacuumed rugs, and tidied up its restroom.

With it still being a bit early, I jumped in my car and did some banking, stopped for a fill-up of gas, and a half-cup of coffee. I still can’t believe how many people refuse to wear face-masks whenever they’re wandering about in convenience stores. I used to say something to their clerks, but finally stopped as I figured it being another waste of my breath.

By the time I arrived back at office, it was my queue to start with my phone calls, texts, and emails again. About a half-hour after I’d sent my barrage, I finally got a text from the listing agent saying he’d just emailed me the signed offer. Hallelujah! After over two and a half days of waiting, it finally came. For sure I was glad to have my first sale of the year, but not happy about all the un-necessary waiting.

I emailed the signed contract to the buyers along with a few congratulatory lines, while assuring them they’ll turn that home into a beauty that’ll likely not be recognizable in six months. As chance would have it, it’s right next door to a home I sold to one of my relatives a number of years ago, and sold again about four years ago which I thought a big mistake at the time.

To my delight, I received two calls today from sellers wanting me to take a look at their homes as they’re planning on selling more sooner than later. I managed to get both of them scheduled for tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to get my office inventory back up to where it belongs. Knowing both of those homes, I’m certain they’ll sell quickly if priced right.

Around mid-afternoon, I had to go down to 1707 S. Federal to open it up for an agent wanting to show it to prospective buyers. I’m still in shock we haven’t received an offer on that diamond in the rough. The land alone is worth asking price due to it’s size and highway visibility. Someone mentioned just recently how well a used car lot would fit there, and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed right because that canopy would be a good place to showcase vehicles. Please put the word out because that has got to get moved.

On my way back from locking it up, I stopped at a groceteria and did a little shopping, and of course made the mistake of going there on an empty stomach which created a mental tug-of-war with me. I finally compromised and purchased a small treat to satisfy my hunger pangs. I think this cold weather causes our bodies to send more hunger signals to our brains. What are your thoughts?

When I got back to office, I noticed I’d received a call from a dear friend of mine who lives out of State, so I called him back. With me, he’s one of those people I could go for months without talking to, yet still be able to pick up where we left off. We had a very good chat and many laughs while on the line, and since he’s got a demanding job, I reminded him to call me instead of my phoning him as I really don’t like interrupting him while he’s at work. While visiting, we touched on a few creepy-cool happenings from years ago which to this day, offer no logical answers. Yes, there are places and things that can have either positive affects, or noticeably negative on humans which on the surface, would appear normal. Today’s conversation was certainly the highlight of my day. I’m ever-thankful we’ve remained friends over these many tumultuous years.

During our conversation, he mentioned some startling news regarding the owner of “mypillow.com” who used to drive me crazy back when he was promoting his pillows on television. I was in shock when being told he’s planning on running for Governor in Minnesota. I thought their retired all-star wrestler Jesse Ventura whom they’d elected as governor was bad enough, but “My Pillow” guy? Wow! If he gets elected, I’ll have to change my sassy name of Minnesota from “The Peoples Republic”, to “The Featherhead State”. Ok, now I’m being naughty. I’ll have to encourage my exceptionally intelligent friend to run for office up there as I’m sure he’d offer a fresh breath of realism to his adopted State.

I’ll be out of the gates early tomorrow morning as I’ve got a good deal of back-end research to do on those properties I’ll be inspecting tomorrow. Due to this past year’s surge in buying, it’s been more difficult to establish real value when seeing sale prices all over the map. Do wish me luck.

Tonight’s one-liner is: It’s always easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.

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