Beyond the Mists

Certainly everyone’s happy about today being warmer than normal for this time of year, so let’s hope it continues. I’m not concerned over additional snow or temps in the teens and above, as certainly we could be having it a whole lot worse with those biting below zero temps we’ve had to endure over the years we’ve suffered thru North Iowa winters.

Since I had to send a time-sensitive letter off in the post early this morning, I decided to drive by a home that someone had mentioned may be getting listed in the near future. I wasn’t impressed, but with our inventories so low, just about everything sells that’s in relatively move-in condition. Of course I don’t even want to get started on why some of our listed homes with good bones haven’t sold which I’ll have to speak in-depth about in the near future.

On my way back, I did drive by a home that’s listed and noticed the sidewalk having not yet been shoveled which precipitated me to make a call and tell the person in charge that it needed to get removed because vacant homes with un-shoveled sidewalks, are invitations for break-ins by those nefarious individuals roaming our City in the darkness of night. When I mentioned a possible burglary, his lightbulb finally went on. I’m not paranoid, but rather realistic to the point of taking proactive steps to keep things from happening.

I couldn’t help making a few raw comments to one who was speaking about a friend of his who in his ignorance, was burning coniferous wood in his basement auxiliary add-on. He’s lucky his house didn’t burn down from the creosote fire that got started in his chimney. The one telling the story had asked his friend when he last had his chimney cleaned, and his answer being, “Oh maybe seven years ago.” Now I’d say that friend of his must have more than one guardian angel watching over him.

Way back when I was very young, I still vividly see in my mind’s eye a chimney on fire during a cold winter’s day, and the terrified owners praying it would burn out on its own without catching their roof on fire. Standing there watching it, is likely what permanently instilled in me how dangerous fires can be. Now wouldn’t you think someone would’ve told that guy’s friend about the dangers of burning coniferous wood?

What I’m growing all the more concerned about, is the apathy people have towards their neighborhoods and communities as a whole to where there are people who know a great deal about care and maintenance of their homes, but indifferent towards those not in their immediate circles.

I fully understand why society is turning in that direction because just this past year, I’ve lost at least six listings and sales due to selfish individuals either listing their homes on Zillow or buyers I’ve worked with seeing those listings and then buying them direct. Two couples in particular ran me ragged for months this past year, and both of them jumped ship and purchased without my assistance. After they both closed, I did some deep market comparisons, and found they both got far less than they bargained for, and more than likely, the day they closed on them, they had no clue that they were already upside-down on their mortgages. That’s what happens when you have no representation.

They were my baptisms in fire, but you know what? I’ll continue doing the best job I can for future buyers and sellers, and if such happenings take place in the future, I’ll just leave it for karma to resolve because getting mad and/or getting even, just makes me less of a person. I mentioned to one today, that many who think there’ll live forever, will sooner or later give up their ghosts and find an unexpected someone waiting for them beyond the mists who’ll be leading them in directions of everything they truly deserve.

More than once after this past year came to an end, I’ve mentioned how much more I’ve been illuminated to where even those we “thought” were transparent in character, soon became opaque which was another lesson learned. From here on out, I’ll be more aware of those tell-tale signs of character changes, and make my exits before they turn toxic. It’s interesting with some we’ve come to know who’ll tell their entire life stories in nearly one sitting, while others remain guarded for months and years until they start opening up. From recent experiences, I’ll be taking my chances on those hard nuts before assuming the chatter-boxes will be the same tomorrow as they were today. I’m not a psychotherapist, but I’d say those “open books” are only illusions to get you drawn into their webs. I’m sure you’ve all had your own “illuminations” with such individuals.

The bulk of my day was playing the waiting game on an offer I submitted over the weekend, along with working on my first-of-the-month accounting. I did have to run out to Staples and pick up some supplies for my year-end tax work, and while there, I couldn’t help teasing their clerk who asked, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” Of course wickedish me replied, “I don’t think I’d be standing here if I didn’t.” But then also looking deeply into her aging eyes and asking, “But have you found everything you’ve been looking for?” Oh, you just gotta love the look on their faces. If you’re up to it, give it a try and you’ll agree the end results will be worthy of my challenge.

Before leaving, we had a good chat about all the many with their rewards cards and fists-full of coupons. I couldn’t help saying, “They’ll burn a gallon or two of gas running around trying to save a dollar or two which makes absolutely no sense to me.” She went on to tell how one of her friends is so deep into clipping coupons that she has a separate purse to hold them all. Over these long years, I’ve nearly never clipped them, but rather’ve more closely watched for in-store specials and weekly flyers. Give it a try.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The only normal people, are the ones we don’t know very well.

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