A Dark Road Ahead

I was suspecting we’d be blessed with more hoarfrost this morning, and wouldn’t you know it, our dear Mother Nature had a show-stopper readied for us once the sun came up. Sunny and windless winter days like today’s are what make this season all the bearable. Keep them coming Earth Mother!

Being another Sunday morning, my first duty was to get back to my darkened corner to conduct my contemplative session of deep prayer. Once again, I did my soul-cleansing first, and then went on to perform my regular session which when finished, was once again my lifting-up for another week ahead.

There were a number of things I could’ve been doing this morning, but I was compelled to take the entire morning off and go driving out into the countryside just so I’d have another batch of photos to share with all of you. I figured if you couldn’t get out today, I’d just as well bring those sights to you. I was happy to see little if any traffic on the roads which made it safer for me to stop and get some better shots.

When I’d finally arrived back into the City, I was shocked to find I’d been out there for over two hours. Oh well, it’s just another example of how time flies when having fun. With all the gravel roads I stair-stepped back, I couldn’t help noticing again how few farmsteads there are left in North Iowa, as there were several areas where I’d go a mile or two and find no homes or buildings. Corporate farming has sure taken the front seat with all the more cropland they’ve created which once sustained many farm families. I’m glad we don’t live in Wright County because it’s even more barren down there.

Upon return to my office, I noticed a missed call from one of my out of State relatives, so I picked up the phone and called him. The only reason for his call was to wish me a happy and productive new year which I wished similarly for him. Since we don’t have an opportunity to visit much, we must’ve been on the phone for well over an hour with the catching up on recent happenings in our lives. After hanging up, I was ever-thankful to have a kind and level-headed relative who is fully understanding of the ways of our world which have certainly changed over these past 20 years. Yes, our conversation was undoubtedly the highlight of my day.

With the arrival of noon, I grabbed a bit to eat, changed my clothes, and headed over to continue working on my project. For whatever reason, I was a little resistive, but once I got back at it, all was right. With the sun shining brightly, it made for a more pleasant experience because with its many tall windows, there were near-continuous rays of light filtering in.

Every time I think of how all the many cover their windows with blinds, drapes, and roller-shades, there’s no question I’d be going stir-crazy from it all. Just a few days ago, one of my dear clients mentioned how much she craves natural light which is likely the reason she’s got her act together. There’s no doubt in my mind that restricted daylight affects a person’s psyche. When thinking about it, I’d say nearly all my close friends and relatives are lovers of natural light. Yes, it’s another example of like attracting like.

After several hours of strenuous work, I found myself tuckered-out to the point I had to quit or be sorry for it tomorrow. Not to worry, I made another noticeable dent in today’s workout, so all was considered good during my free Sunday afternoon.

When pulling into my back alley, I happened upon the owner of Splash, so I stopped and had a nice visit with him and his partner. I always enjoy running into him because he’s been freely sharing with me regarding his daunting project on the acreage he purchased about a year ago. It’s no wonder he’s looking in pretty good shape after hearing how many hours of work he puts in each day. If he’s not working in his shop, he’s out there slaving away. I’m happy for the two of them and I’m sure when their project is finished, they’ll be loving it for years to come. As the old saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” Right?

The above photo is one of today’s which I considered appropriate when thinking about all this election business which never seems to be over. Irregardless of what side of the political fence we’re on, there’s a dark road ahead for all off us, and mostly due to this deep political division which has become an ever-growing toxic fungus which continues to weaken the fiber of what’s supposed to be our “Nation United”.

I’ve been a centrist my entire adult life, and’ll likely never be swayed to the far-right or far-left because irregardless of what others may think, such mindsets create vacuums which allows for more social strife.

Some months ago I mentioned to one of my colleagues that our Country should be more like Germany where they have more than two major political parties, and when there’s no mandate given during their elections, the elected politicians from their various political parties, must begin hammering out their differences just so to become a working Government body. Wouldn’t you think that’s the way governments should be run where there’s a giving and taking instead of these strict party-line affiliations?

I’ve grown very much tired of hearing about this business of votes being stolen and/or destroyed, grand conspiracies, and un-founded claims of foreign involvement. Just thinking about it sounds quixotic to where there are all the many running around tilting windmills simply because they think there are some opposing giants in need of slaying. Yes, I’m hoping once the air gets cleared, our dark road will become our shining path.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Being entirely honest with oneself is a healthy daily exercise.

Joe Chodur

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