Our Eve of 2021

Much to my delight, I found myself busied with clients and customers from nearly the very beginning of my work day which helped the hours to pass all the more quickly. In spite of it being heavily overcast, it wasn’t the least bit biting-cold outdoors. Oh how I still remember all the many of our past last days of the year being bitterly cold which is one more confirmation that we are in the midst of climate change.

One of my long-term clients stopped by this morning to visit about a home he’ll be placing in the market, and hopefully by the end of January. I’m fully familiar with the home, and assured him that with the a few updates, it’ll sell quickly. After showing him three recent sales within two blocks of it, I think I finally had him convinced that the value is there.

Between calls and appointments, I gave a rig to a dear one whom I had to cut short a recent phone call due to someone walking in my office. She was more than understanding about it because she’s fully aware that when in business, clients must always come first. Among our different topics of conversation, she mentioned her belief that in years to come, Clear Lake will continue to grow to the point where our City will be considered its poor struggling cousin. The reasoning behind her projections, was that the government bodies of Clear Lake always tend to work for the common good of all, along with lacking those darkly tribal special interest forces we have here in our City.

Just yesterday, I did happen to notice how their new hotel and convention center project is moving forward with its build-out, but dared not mention to her a conversation I had with someone last week regarding how likely those chronic “extensions” on the build-out of our hotel/convention center project is going to greatly suffer due to the real and lasting competition Clear Lake’s hotel will create, and simply owing to its close proximity to I-35. Irregardless of what occupancy projections we’ve been force-fed for years, I’m sorry to say those numbers are going to be considerably less than expected. No, I’m not being negative, but simply realistic.

Unfortunately, I had to cut our conversation short again because an appointment happened to arrive earlier than scheduled, so on our eve of 2021, we wished each other a healthy and prosperous new year ahead. She truly is a dear earth-soul.

One of my clients contacted me to show her homes while she’s off work, so I managed to schedule them for tomorrow. It’ll be our first outing and likely all three of them will not be to her liking due to how all the more often our area real estate agents have been glossing-over the photos of their listings. I’m pretty sure I know exactly what she’s looking for, but it not having yet to hit our market. Of the three, I’ve only been in one of them, so the other two will be maiden voyages for the both of us. I’m sure the weather will be just fine during our outing.

Another customer contacted me early this afternoon to say she was ready to make an offer on a home she’d looked at several months ago which I was more than willing to oblige her request. Before getting the docs prepared, I called the listing agent just to make sure it was still on the market, and it was.

After getting all my docs prepared, I scanned and emailed them to her for review and subsequent signatures. I didn’t have to wait long for their return, and upon receipt, I printed out the hard copies and then scanned and emailed them to the listing agent. I then placed a call to the agent saying I’d sent them, along with the assurance my buyer was 100% legit. In spite of it being a relatively low offer, the bonus for the seller was that it couldn’t have been cleaner, and with my years of experience, the cleaner an offer, all the better it is. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

With this being our last business day of the year, I made sure to pay what bills I had and then placing them in the afternoon mail, and while out, I checked on several of my vacant listings just to make sure their furnaces were running properly. While driving back, I couldn’t believe how much traffic there was on our highways which bothered me greatly when knowing we’re still in the midst of this pandemic.

To my internal anger, I noticed two men in the post office without masks, four people walking too close for comfort without their masks on, and two older gents walking out of a groceteria mask-less which now makes me wonder if all the more of our residents are growing apathetic over the seriousness of this pandemic. It wouldn’t surprise me because I’d heard directly from the mouth of a health care working saying how it would be better to just catch it, get over it, and then move on. Hmm. Those words at the time were later echoed by others which troubled me even more. Is there no regard for the innocence of others left in this world? It’s appearing they’ve dismissed the fact that they’d be asymptomatic long enough to infect all the many others. Isn’t it terribly sad?

Another subject I couldn’t help bringing up with my dear one today, was how disrespectful all the many have markedly grown over these recent years which troubles me greatly. She fully agreed by sharing her take on the cause of this change beginning right after 9/11 which I found quite interesting. I couldn’t help making the comparison of how new-to-the-business real estate agents treated their seasoned peers back when I first started in the business, and how upside-down they’re now treated. For me, age is irrelevant, as common respect is paramount when doing business with the general public because there are standards that must always be upheld. Sadly, our times have changed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better person.

Joe Chodur

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