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As I’d expected, Mother Nature dropped enough snow last evening to keep me busied for several hours this morning. Early on, the wind was blowing just a tad too much for my liking, but not long after, it began to subside.

When I arrived at office, the first thing on my list, was to clear my front sidewalks of snow, and when I went out back to shovel a path to where I’d begin moving enough snow so I could park my car, I instantly bristled when seeing my “dear” neighbors to the north had all their snow pushed onto my back parking lot. I came back in and waited until the hour of eight, and then called one of the street supervisors to tell him what had happened, along with it not being the first time they’d done it. He strongly suggested I call the police to have them deal with their improprieties, but I figured I’d wait until the owner of the comic book store arrived and hash it out with him.

Having noticed they’d finally opened, I walked down to speak to him about getting it removed, but it was only his clerk, so I handed him my card and asked that the he give it to his boss and call me as soon as he arrived. Well, the entire day came and went, but no phone call from the owner. Now if this had happened to you, what would be your next step? Personally, I’m gonna have a good sleep on it, and when morning arrives, I’ll have my mind made up. I did take a good photo of that pile just for future reference.

After getting all my other snow removal duties taken care of, I returned to my office and busied myself with getting prepared for my afternoon showings over at Clear Lake. I did as much research as I could on the two I was showing, just so I could intelligently speak about them while the buyers were looking.

I had a quick in-office lunch and then headed over a little early just so I could have all the lights on and doors unlocked. When I pulled up to the first one, the first big negative, was seeing it had a shared driveway with the neighbor which never sets well with me, as sooner or later they’ll be problematic. Sharing has long-gone out of fashion.

After I unlocked the door and walked thru the home, I could already tell it was going to be a waste of time for my buyers because I know how particular they are about quality of construction and components. Just as I was finishing up on my own inspection, they pulled up. As I’d expected, it was a complete waste of their time. As I was driving away and glancing back at that home, I’d say the price on it compared to what you’d find in Mason City, was a good $60K more.

When pulling up to my second showing, I could already tell by the exterior, it was also going to be “nixed” by my buyers. We got ourselves a good look and about the only internal comment I had, was saying to myself when pulling away from the curb, “That home should’ve been allowed to return to the earth because keeping it alive, was liking pumping blood into a dying man.” There’s no question in my mind there are some real money pits out there that even a heavy “lipsticking” wouldn’t be able to cure. Oh well, it was good experience which will give the buyers all the more reason to pull their trigger on something that does come along worthy of Clear Lake’s pricing. Only in a realistic voice do I remind people that whenever something skyrockets up, it’ll sooner or later come crashing down. I’m afraid Clear Lake’s market is grossly over-inflated to where there’s no question in my mind, they’ll be experiencing a future correction.

Since I was already out and about, I figured I might as well stop at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and one of them being my favorite organic bananas. Considering it being a quick in and out, I paid little attention to those around me, but wouldn’t you know, a now “retired” business person had to button-hole me. When he started walking towards me, I immediately noticed he didn’t have his face-mask on, for which I immediately chastised him. Of course he had to start rambling on about someone he knows getting ready to sell her house. I grabbed one of my cards and handed it to him saying, “Have her give me a call.”

You may think I was being overly short, but by the looks and smell of him, I could tell the giggle water he’s been pouring down his pie hole for far too many years, has him just about consumed. Keep in mind, it was only the hour of three, so I guess he must’ve been at it since he crawled out of bed. I’m surprised he’s still alive because he’s been heavy into the sauce for well over 30 years. Yes, there are those who seem able to run on fumes. You can bet I got myself out of that store in a greased-lightening fashion, just so he wouldn’t be following me to my car. He recently took advantage of some very good people I know, and since then, I’ve had little if any time for him.

One of my dear friends stopped by my office this afternoon to drop off a Christmas gift, and when I opened it, it was a book written by “Louise Hay and Friends” and titled “Gratitude, A Way of Life”. I considered it a very thoughtful gift because not long ago I shared with her my take on there being a marked difference between thankfulness and gratitude. I promised to give it a read and let her know my thoughts. She is a dear one.

I couldn’t help sharing some of my recent unfortunate happenings which have left me wondering if there are any sensibilities left in our world because we’re finding far too many flying off their handles for no reason, creating grand illusions and spitting insults like they were un-popped kernels of corn, which give us only one alternative–move on.

After she left, I began paging thru her gift and managed to find one very appropriate for my one-liner. It’s comforting to know there are still people out there who truly care.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time.

Joe Chodur

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