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Today was pleasantly sunny considering it being in the last week of December, and it looks like tomorrow morning will be the end of it with the arrival of snow in our afternoon. Let’s hope we don’t get any more than the predicted three inches. I can take a little snow a lot, but not a great deal at once.

When I arrived at office, I busied myself with several year-end mailings which I needed to get off, and by the time I had them done, the hour arrived for me to call our City utilities to get some clarification on what was going on in a home I’d recently sold. Thank goodness the woman listened enough to where she actually called the appropriate people to get it checked out. Several hours later I received a text from the new owner saying the problem was solved and also received a follow-up call from the person I spoke with earlier. Now that’s a gold star worthy of giving, but at this point in time, she hadn’t called me back as promised, so I’ll wait on my gold star. Whatever happened to honest to goodness customer service? I’m beginning to consider myself out of the loop in how customers are to be treated by service providers.

Most of my morning was spent making calls to prospective sellers who’re moving in the direction of possibly listing their homes with me. I assured each one that I’d do the best job possible for them if they should decide to list with Holtz Realty.

Another time-sensitive project that’s just around the corner, is tax preparation which I actually started getting myself readied for today. Since having gone thru it so many times, I pretty much know what “tools” I need, and where to begin with it all. It’s a wonderment how quickly a year passes to where you think you’ve got time to breathe easy, it starts all over again. I’m hoping to get it finished-up more sooner than later this year, just so I don’t have to be fretting over having it submitted on time.

I ran into our mail person around noontime and had a short, yet good chat with him. Seeing he was carrying several spray cans, I couldn’t help telling him my story regarding the time a tenant of one of my clients allowed his dog to charge and managed to bite my leg before I could get him away from me. I grew all the more angry with that tenant who showed little if any concern over it, as since his dog’s teeth broke my skin, I didn’t back down until he got his vet to certify his dog was up to date with its rabies shots.

Over the years, I’ve learned the hard way how a pet’s temperament can quickly change from pleasant to ugly. Even cats can be territorial if their owners are not around, and my one experience with an owner’s cat during an open house, made me a true believer. That Persian cat turned feral-like immediately after its owner left. Thank goodness I was able to keep it at bay with a handy broom. It was even more embarrassing when prospective buyers would arrive and see how that cat was carry on. When a cat’s really angry, it’ll not only scratch, but also bite which is another story to be told about a woman who recently got a serious infection soon after her outside cat having bitten one of her fingers. Ouch!

The bulk of my afternoon was spent running errands along with more putzing at my office between calls. One of them was from a person who’s looking at purchasing a home, and asked if I’d be willing to assist. During our conversation, I gave her several names of area bankers who’d be able to quickly work at getting her pre-approved for a home loan. Having worked with her parents some years ago, I’ll certainly do my darnedest to find the best-fit home for her.

Over these recent weeks, I’ve been noticing all the more people who’re appearing as though they’ve been burned-out by their jobs during this pandemic. After visiting with a few of them, I’ve come to the belief that one of the big problems causing lack of enjoyment with their work, is the neglect of their employers to show extra appreciation for all the continued good work they’ve done. If there’s one thing I work very hard at, is to show my appreciation towards those who’ve provided me any sort of service, as whenever we show gratitude for good work, it gives providers all the more incentive to do better. One of the disgruntled ones summed it all up by saying, “If they’d at least acknowledge worth, it would make my job all that much more fulfilling.” When he said “they”, I’m sure he meant his co-workers and/or superiors. There’s no question honest words of real thanks are worth more than anything else in times like these.

As we’re coming to our final days of 2020, I’ve been reflecting more on the happenings during these past twelve months, and especially after the China-virus hit our area. Yes, there’ve been some real memorable happenings and even though many think we’re all going to get back to the way it was once this pandemic is over, I’m being more realistic by saying we will likely never be able to go back to the world we knew prior to January because I believe this particular pandemic will be ushering in all the more mutated forms to where we’ll likely be seeing waves of it until it’s completely eradicated.

If you think the Spanish flu pandemic was the first to go on a world-wide killing spree, take time to do some research on the first and second black death pandemics that arrived from the East and last for years. If I’m not mistaken, I believe there were an estimated 10 – 40 million people who died from it during the Middle Ages. What likely made it even worse, was the second having arrived shortly after the end of the Great Starvation which some believe was caused by a massive volcanic eruption in New Zealand. Yes, our world is very much intricately connected which sometimes makes it even worse for all humanity. Keep in mind, I’m not being negative, but simply a realist.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s really not much to writing because that’s all you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

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