Out of Regimens

Being the second day past Christmas, it was beginning to seem more like a normal Sunday again, and all the thankful for it because these holidays always tend to get me wondering what day of the week it is.

I don’t remember reading anything about us getting a light snow, but it did manage to put enough on the ground to where I was out sweeping the sidewalks off at office before the “trackers” arrived in the night. I still don’t know where they come from or where they’re going, but there sure is a great deal of foot and bicycle traffic in our Downtown. There’s now way I’d want to be out for a leisure walk during the wee hours of the morning. Of course the back alleys are always busy with the over-night dumpster divers and back-packing book clubbers riding their bikes to their midnight “study sessions”.

Upon arrival at office, I got myself situated, and then went to my quiet darkened corner to resume my Sunday morning contemplative prayers. I wasn’t getting settled as quickly as usual which was due to my having been chilled from being outdoors, but after getting warmed enough, I finally began to get focused.

Today’s session encompassed “pan-forgiveness” which I believe all the more in our society must work harder at ridding themselves of toxic thoughts of others because there are too many hatreds being un-necessarily harbored by the very many. I look at forgiveness as being two-fold to where you heart-fully forgive others for the things they’ve done to you, which in turn, lifts those unwanted yokes of having impure thoughts for the ones who’ve transgressed unto you. I know all the many far and wide who’ve been carrying their heavy yokes of ill-will toward others to the point where the negativities they’ve focused others are so deeply imbedded in their fibers, they’d have to practically begin chipping away at them with a pickaxe, just to get freed of them.

Since I’m not an angel or saint, I personally say that it does work as long as you truly mean it with heart and soul because for a number of years I was having some thoughts of anger regarding a person who’s been deceased for some time, and even though I believed I’d forgiven him, nasty audio-visual memories would randomly arrive which would then get me thinking about all the more evil things he’d done.

Well, several months ago I said to myself, “Mr. Chodur, I don’t believe you fully forgave him because un-kind thoughts about him should not be surfacing.” After thinking about it for a day or two, I decided to go as deeply as I could during one of my contemplative sessions just so I could fully forgive him with my heart and soul.

Whether you want to believe me or not, when I walked out of that room, I knew something had changed for the better, and wouldn’t you know, I’ve had little or no thoughts of him since, and the few times they do arrive, there have nevermore been thoughts of anger, and you can be sure getting that gunk out of my system has lightened my own life-load.

When you stop and think about it, who in their right mind would want to be carrying such baggage around 24/7, and you can bet there are all the many doing just that. Irregardless of what’s said otherwise, such hatreds, angers, and thoughts of ill-will are hurting ourselves far more than it’s hurting the ones such thoughts are being directed towards. I do hope this makes sense because it’s a growing problem in our society which is far over-due in being addressed.

After finishing up with my Sunday prayer session, I decided it was time to get a dreaded job done which I’ve been putting off for months, and that was my making time to shred about 100 pounds of documents I’ve had stored-away for far too long. Yes, it was a daunting job which took a good three hours, and because my shredder was getting over-heated, I’d have to wait once in a while for it to cool down. By the time noon arrived, I had it all chopped up, dumped in garbage bags for the landfill. I’m glad I don’t have to do that very often because listening to that shredder for so long, was really getting on my nerves. Annoying sounds of running vacuums and shredders are most un-nerving.

Having a few edibles at office, I took a break and had a quick lunch of hard salami, warmed sauerkraut with a little caraway, and cheddar cheese. You may think me crazy but the combination of those three made for a light yet tasty lunch.

With my afternoon free, I changed my clothes and headed over to my project and worked there for another four hours which was long enough because my muscles were starting to give pain. After having kept at it that long, and then looking back at what I’d done, I’m now energized to the point where I’ll not be fighting with myself to go back.

As with many of the things we keep putting off, I’m of the belief that if one just gets into it deep enough and then establish a tried and true method, then it becomes less of an agonizing chore, but keep in mind, if you stay away from it too long, you’ll then find yourself not wanting to get back to it. Established regimens is what it’s all about. When you think about it, we all perform chores on a daily basis which are so engrained in our psyche, we don’t even think twice about doing them. Think of the people who automatically make their beds every morning, and those who sweep their floors each day, along with making sure countertops and cabinet fronts are systematically wiped down, and the list goes on. Yes, there are many other little “mindless” duties we perform without even thinking which are born out of regimens and habits we ourselves created.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are even stronger at the broken places.

Joe Chodur

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