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What a welcome relief it was to have the temps back in tolerable zones today, as I’m sure it got close to being above freezing because around 11:00 a.m. my car registered it as 29 degrees in our Downtown. If only that southerly wind wasn’t blowing so hard, it certainly would’ve been a day worthy of being spent outdoors.

My first “to do” of this morning was to place a call to a dear friend of mine and ask how his Christmas experiences were. As always, his comments are usually sanguine, but deep-down I know he doesn’t like all the hoopla attached to holidays. If there were a living definition of a regimented human, that guy would be its embodiment. Perhaps that’s why we get along as well as we do because I’m more that way than not which when working with the general public, most can bet I’ll do what I say I’m going to do bar any major intervening circumstances.

I shared some thoughts I had regarding an article I recently read which talked about new studies on the effects of certain drugs on the personalities of those taking them. One of the researchers mentioned that most times the affects of drugs are only being focused on the vital organs of a person’s body, when in fact he’s now found that certain cholesterol drugs have noticeably negative effects on the personalities of some who take it. One particular patient who’d been taking it, became markedly aggressive to the point of placing the lives of his family members in jeopardy. Another researcher went on to say how anti-depressants can also alter the mental states of those taking them. He agreed that there must be more in-depth studies on drugs entering the market because as we all know, the un-noticeable nuances of chemistries in a human’s body is different to the point where the taking of a so-called approved drug, could have disastrous long-term outcomes on others. Whenever reading something about the effects of chemicals on our bodies, I still remember people forever saying how safe the weed killer “Roundup” was, but questioning me, was always more than careful whenever rarely using it. Now look at all the lawsuits that have been filed due to researchers now finding it’s carcinogenic.

After my nice long chat, I busied myself with some desk work which needed my attention. Don’t you wish Christmas wouldn’t be so close to the end of the year? Being bombarded with yearly bills to pay and additional accounting including the preparations for our exceptionally annoying income taxes, our Holiday Season never feels as festive due to those looming time-sensitive duties. Back when I used to help some old ones with their taxes, I’d have to rush to get my own done before tackling theirs. Oh well, they always fully appreciated it, and that was good enough for me.

Before heading home, I stopped to check on several vacant homes just to make sure their furnaces were working properly, and thankfully they were. While out, one of my clients called regarding an issue they were having with their water. Since we just closed on it, I ran over to see what their problem was. All we could figure out was that there must be something wrong with the water meter coming into their home because the digital screen on it was blank, and since it’s Saturday, they’d have to wing it until they could get in touch with our Water Department on Monday morning. I tell you, if it isn’t one thing it’s another with our utility services.

Some day in the future, I’ll have to share the full story of judgement calls having been done by two separate so-called professionals which could’ve been financially disastrous for that home’s owners, and if they’d followed-thru with those bogus recommendations, there’s no question there’d be lawsuits filed against them. The creepiest thing, was my questioning their findings from the get-go, but of course who listens to me? Thank goodness I later placed a call to someone in the know who rapidly brought the sellers and myself up to speed. Yes, over these long years, I’ve become a true believer in Divine Intervention and/or Inspiration.

Since I wasn’t in the mood to work on my other little-big project, I decided to head home and get some additional cleaning done. I do attempt to keep my home in presentable condition, but there are always those times when a deep cleaning is in order. For many years I was allergic to dust and then somehow managed to out-grow it, but in spite of that, I’m still of the belief that a clean home is a healthy home.

Just after changing my clothes, another out-of-State relative of mine called to wish me a belated Christmas. I was glad to hear all was well on his side of the fence, and since we hadn’t spoken in many weeks, I brought him up to speed on the recent happenings in North Iowa as well as him doing likewise. Yes, the small businesses in our metro areas are sure taking a beating during this pandemic which deeply troubles me. We both agreed that this is going to go on far longer than most want to admit, as well as our lifestyles having to likely permanently acclimate to this brave new world we’ll be living in for possibly decades to come. We’ve both determined that because of how rapidly the China-virus is mutating, some of our virologist may feel as though they’re chasing forest fires with squirt guns. He did mention that all the more virologists are insisting that wearing masks is our best defense. For me, it’s become a knee-jerk reaction, but while shopping, I’m still finding those who’re either in complete denial, or determined their bodies are strong enough to withstand any and all symptoms, but somebody’s got to sit them down and vehemently insist, “You may not be physically affected, but during your asymptomatic stage, you are spreading it to all the more innocent, so shame on you!”

Just after finishing up on my block of deep-cleaning, I looked outdoors and noticed another jet flying straight east which I’m offering as tonight’s photo. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure seeing a whole lot more jet traffic these past weeks. What’s up?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Rewards and punishments are the lowest form of education.

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