Swiftness of Body

I’m sure all those who’ve been wanting a white Christmas should be happy we at least got a good dusting of snow that’ll likely be long-lasting due to our weather forecaster saying we’re supposed to be getting snow this week. I always have to laugh when sometimes after these Alberta Clippers move thru, the next day our wind changes direction and blows all that cold air back in our faces, which is what it was doing today.

My day was quiet enough to where I finished up on some research for a client and emailed it to him just so I wouldn’t be fretting about getting it done over the weekend.  It sure has been feeling like a quiet Sunday instead of Christmas Day, but I guess that’s what’s to be expected when trying to steer clear of un-necessary contacts with our general public.

With nothing much left to do, I busied myself with some much-needed cleaning and worked at it for about five hours until it was time for me to throw in the rag. With our sun so low in the sky, I could see more dirt and dust I normally wouldn’t, so that was my queue to get at it, but before I did, I snapped the above photo of Santa’s jet heading west.

I did receive a Christmas call from one of my relatives whom I’d not spoken with in weeks. We had a nice chat about happenings in our lives, along with what our plans were for the coming year. I’m a little sad for her living in a large metro area where there’s really no getting away from the public unless she’d drive a great distance, which is another reason we North Iowans must be continually thankful for having Mother Nature only minutes from our doorsteps. I actually took a short break late this morning and went for a half-hour walk in the countryside. With the fields bare and the leaves off our trees, a person can see greater distances while walking. That short jaunt was more than enough because my feet and fingers were biting cold by the time I returned.

Now that we’re only a week away from the new year, I’m wondering how many are making resolutions because it seems we don’t hear people talking about it much anymore. I told my relative today that my resolution is to work all the harder at being the best Realtor I can be in the year ahead. I’m not wanting to sound selfish when saying that because there’s no question I’ve always wanted the very best for my clients and customers which means I’ve always placed their needs ahead of mine. As an attorney once told me, professionals will always have good business as long as they put their clients and customers needs and wants ahead of their own.

Whenever I find people who’ve thought they’d cut a fat hog by buying something “for sale by owner”, I’d nearly always later finding they’d paid too much. Whenever buyers have no representation, such things happen which is why it’s exceptionally important to have a good Realtor who’ll point out all the positives and negatives, as well as share comparable sales with them so they can make educated offers on whatever they’re looking at. The rule for a good Realtor, is for them to share all pertinent information they have regarding a given property to where if they know it, they’re bound to tell it.

While doing some research several weeks ago, I happened upon a recent “for sale by owner” purchase which gave me a jaw-drop when seeing how much that buyer ignorantly paid for it. Unless the interior walls of that house are papered with sheets of 24K gold, he paid a good $40K too much for it. Whether it was a cash sale or a financial institution involved, it wouldn’t have mattered because of how many more sales we’ve had during these times of buyer “feeding frenzies”. With prices jumping like they’ve been, it wouldn’t surprise me if many of the appraisers are simply rubber-stamping their values because of how fast our sale prices have been spiking.

Another sale that raised my eyebrows, was seeing a particular seller having taken at least a $13K hit on the re-sale of something he’d purchased only three years ago. It didn’t surprise me because I fully remember that house when I showed it to several buyers back then, and thinking at the time how over-priced it was for our market as it had a funky floor plan and not in the most sought after of neighborhoods in our City, and wouldn’t you know it, the person that purchased it back then was a naive first-time buyer. Luckily for him, our prices have risen along with our inventories having grown shorter since he bought that lemon, because if our market conditions hadn’t changed, that home would still be on the market today and soon heading for a nasty foreclosure.

I’m likely sounding like a broken record when bringing up 114 – 11th St. NE again, but I absolutely must get that home under contract, and now that our inventories are so short, it should now be even more in the spotlight. We almost had it under contract, but unfortunately we couldn’t come together on price due to the amount it would take to clear all the seller’s expenses. Like I said before, if I were a first-time buyer, I would’ve had that home purchased months ago. The resent sales of other homes on that street is a testament to it being a diamond in the rough. It’s too bad I didn’t have that sold and closed before the new year, which makes it another hold-over listing for 2021. There was a recent sale posted of a similar property which went for far more than it should’ve because of its particular location. Let’s hope that buyer plans on staying there for a very many years to come.

As our Christmas Day is drawing to a close, let’s all hope there’s been no spreading of the China-virus in North Iowa. I have noticed some out of State plates parked in driveways which always concerns me during these times.

Tonight’s Thoughtful Words are: It’s not by strength, speed or swiftness of body that great deeds are done, but by wisdom, character and sober judgement. These qualities are not lacking in old age, but in fact grow as time passes.

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