The Will to Heal

At least the temps rose above 40 degrees today which made for a more pleasant day. It’s unfortunate the East Coast is getting pounded with snowstorms, but at least they didn’t make it this far west. From what I’ve been seeing with our weather, it looks like we’re not going to have a white Christmas which is just fine by me. When visiting with a client yesterday, we talked about the many years of wickedly cold weather we had to endure during that last half of December and the 1st half of January. Yes, I’ve become a die-hard believer in this climate change we’ve been experiencing year-over-year.

To my great dis-appointment, the closing we were supposed to have on Monday was cancelled by that corporate bank I encouraged the selling agent not to have his buyer use because they don’t have the best track record, and most of all, they don’t have an office here in North Iowa. I may sound too old-fashioned about the maintaining of brick and mortar storefronts, but the main reason I feel so strongly about it, is because I believe whenever you have workers “on the ground” in a given community, they’re all the more willing to get issues quickly resolved because they’re part of our local “herds”.

When visiting with the agent late this afternoon, it sounds like their underwriters weren’t satisfied with the number of photos taken at the property, and then a a tug of war ensued with the appraiser to get him to get back to the property and take more. It sounds like it’s getting resolved, so perhaps the buyer will be able to close on his new home before Christmas.

A friend of mine called today, and glad she did because I was wondering how her new job was working out, and mostly because she was having some reservations about that job before starting. I was delighted to hear all has been well with her new employ and from the sounds of it, she’s liking it. I’m glad I gave her the much-needed encouragement at that time, as well as fully wishing her the best going forward.

We had a good visit about how the actions of others can have negative effects on us to where they can not only create toxic thoughts in our minds, but also produce noticeable bodily health issues. Yes, there are some very callous employers who consider their workers nothing more than throw-away tools which they’ll freely discard after they’ve been fully used to their benefits. It’s no wonder workers unions are on the rise again. Like everything else, that’s all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the barrel, and as I mentioned before, the over-all character of upper management bleeds down into lower ranks to where such working conditions become daily battlegrounds. I worked for a company for over 10 years which was run by a very self-centered and narcissistic person who likely would’ve driven me into the nuthouse if I’d stayed there a month longer.

I was truly hoping I’d have that much-needed title work emailed to me this afternoon, but it didn’t show up, so now I’m going to be biting my nails to see if it arrives on Monday. I am on a burn to get those two sales closed before Christmas so their new owners can get themselves de-stressed and enjoy the Holidays. I’m sure they’re also wanting to get moved in before we get hit with our first snowstorm.

Having received a Christmas card today from a dear one, I felt it time to give her a call this afternoon. I was confident I’d find her home because she’s doing the right thing by staying close to her home front during this pandemic.

I found her well and good, and as always, we had a good chat over a number of subjects. One of them was in regards to how some of our communities of faith have made little or no efforts to call their elderly members on a regular basis. We both wondered what exactly some of our religious leaders have been doing during this pandemic. True “Shepherds” tend their flocks, and all the more-so in times of need. Having been around the elderly all my life, I can say they suffer far more from loneliness than most could imagine. What many don’t realize, is that a great number of their friends and family are dead or living far away, and when coupled with even the slightest of immobilities, become recipes for onslaughts of loneliness and despair.

Over my long years, I came to fully understand how appreciative nearly all of the elderly I’d come into contact with, and who’d genuinely thank me for calling, stopping by, or even running the smallest of errands for them because that re-affirmed their being “plugged-in” to the rest of our world. Of course my favorite times, would be when I could get them to talk about some of their life experiences back when they were young. Yes, I could’ve sat and listened for hours to their sharing of tales from generations past. There were several who should’ve been on a weekly radio program because of their story-telling abilities. Whenever a person can tell a story so well that you can actually “see” yourself standing there watching a drama unfold, is nothing less than a great gift.

Another subject we happened upon, was how some attempt to use us as their whipping posts just to mask their own failures. Yes, whenever listening closely enough, you’ll come to understand that what’s everyone else’s problem, is rightfully theirs and there’s nothing we can do or say to correct them as they are theirs, and theirs alone to fix. I’ve also learned that whatever soulful advice you give to another who’s “suffering”, you’ll soon find they’ll most likely not even remember the next day what you said which is unfortunate, but we must all come to understand that whatever someone’s mental or physical problem is, there’s nothing we can do until they create their own will to heal themselves. Yes, we had a good chat today which reaffirmed my belief that there are many troubled mindsets in our midst.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If knowledge and foresight are too penetrating and deep for you, then unify them with ease and sincerity.

Joe Chodur

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