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It was another bone-chillingly damp day with our overcast skies and temps hovering around 20 degrees, but at least we don’t have snow, and happy we’re but one more day closer to Spring. Isn’t it interesting how we humans so quickly lose sight of seasons past to where they seem almost as if they were part of another life? When flipping it around and considering how we feel about winter in the height of summer, we have only snapshot memories of what a winter is like to where we must think hard about our daily struggles. The switches that go off in my mind regarding winter, always seem to center around the tedious pains of removing snow. I’d say my most vivid ones are from those winters I was given the duty of keeping my mother’s driveway and sidewalks cleared. There happened to be one year we had so much, I could barely throw my shovels-full high enough to land on those tall banks, and believe you me, she had long stretches of concrete needing to be cleared often. Oh well, it was a good endurance test for me which I’ll likely never forget.

I was loaded up last evening with more research to do this morning after having been given requests by several customers. It took me longer to get what I needed due to one of them being listed by an out-of-town agent. Fortunately I did manage to round up and then scan all the information they were requesting, and then emailed to them.

After taking a quick break, I headed out to check on several vacant homes and then drove over to 114 – 11th St. NE and placed my public open house rider on my for sale sign. After getting another good look at that home and then scanning the neighborhood, I walked away shaking my head in disbelief it hasn’t yet sold. Oh well, there can’t be one person living who’d be able to truthfully say I’ve not been trying my best.

I placed a recent sale of mine on a fast track to get it closed this next week and the only job left to be done for it to happen, is for the title work to be miraculously completed ahead of schedule. Since I’m not one to badger title companies, all I could do was “mention” how important it was to have it closed as soon as possible because the buyers are wanting more than ever, to get moved in while our weather is holding out. I’ve been telling all the buyers and sellers of late, that if I were able to get homes closed early, I would make it happen, but there are certain required documents needing to be examined, and then others that must be prepared by those who’re licensed to do it, and since I’m not an attorney, my hands are tied.

We had a second showing at 115 S. Connecticut this morning, and later this afternoon the agent emailed me an offer on it. After giving it a good looking-over, I called one of the sellers to stop by my office so I could go over it with him. I ran all the numbers for him and then made copies of everything so he could take home and review with his wife. They’re likely going to counter-offer on it due to the distance in price and get in touch with me in the morning with their decision. If those buyers are truly pre-approved, I’ll remain confident it’ll get sold and closed.

I nearly forgot to share my thoughts regarding a video I found on BBC Online several days ago which really got me to thinking. The video happened to be about a town in Italy where much of the used clothing in our world is sent to be re-cycled into new fabric. I was impressed by it to the point where I actually watched it twice. If you have time, take a few minutes to give it a look. I’ve attached the link for your convenience.

The Italian town turning rags into new clothes

After thinking about how all the more people are getting into recycling and repurposing, I’m convinced North Iowa would be a great place for such ideas to become realities. There’s one important reason why I believe North Iowa is under-developed, and that being we’re centrally located with easy access to our Interstate Highway Systems which would provide faster distributions thru-out our Country.

Another big draw, would be for our north/south railroad system to be upgraded to where we would have an Amtrak station here in Mason City, Ames, and Des Moines. You can bet we’d be getting all the more techies wanting to live here when knowing Minneapolis and Des Moines would be possibly an hour or less ride away. As I’ve said before, the United States is far behind Europe and Japan in regards to mass transit systems. I still can’t believe our closest Amtrak station is in Osceola which is at the southern border of our State. Who in the heck drew that plan? It’s no wonder North Iowa hasn’t been growing when knowing we have poor air and no passenger rail services. When I read that article about this new “puddle-jump” airline that’ll be flying to and from our airport, the first thing I thought of was, “Who wants to fly to Chicago to make connections to one of our Western States?” Oh, so we have to fly clear east to Chicago to then catch a plane headed to California. That makes absolutely no sense to me. How about you?

You can’t imagine how angry I was when reading today’s headlines regarding the secret hackings the Russians have been doing into the mainframes of our infrastructures since last Spring. I hate being right, because I’ve insisted in recent months how convinced I was that China and/or Russia has been secretly hacking into the critical computer networks of our Country. I dare not even begin considering how much of our Country’s classified information they’ve been privy to, and to think it’s all being done with a nod from pigmy Putin. Going forward, I believe it’s time for our Country to level the playing field with tit for tat standards, as there is not compromising with devilish minds because there’ll always be one who’ll lie and another swearing to it. Yes, this year has been a great illumination for us all.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Those whose characters are mean and vicious, will rouse others to animosity against them.

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