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Ouch! Don’t you think our low 20’s temps were sure biting enough today to where it felt more like it was below zero? Oh well, we’re drawing all the closer to the official 1st day of winter, so we’d better start bracing ourselves for even colder days ahead. In years past, whenever the temps remained below zero, I’d start getting those painful cracks on my fingers which would take some nurturing to heal, and this year’s been no exception. Unfortunately due to this pandemic with my being compelled to wash my hands all the more, the number of cracks are increasing. Oh well, if they get worse, I’ll have to go out to Tractor Supply and purchase a jar of udder balm which always does the trick. If it works for milking cows, it’ll be good enough for me.

After getting my work week started, I drove out to my listing to pick up my sold sign and take the lockbox off its front door before today’s scheduled closing. Since the time I had it listed, we’ve been using the attached garage’s overhead door keypad to gain entry, and wouldn’t you know, it wouldn’t work. After about five tries, I figured the power had been turned off or the keypad went haywire, so back to office I went to give my seller a call. She did say she’d ordered the out for this morning, but just to make sure it wasn’t the keypad, I asked that she meet me back over at the house, which she gladly did.

As I suspected, it wasn’t the keypad because her transmitter didn’t open it either which meant the buyers hadn’t put its utilities in their name. I quickly called the selling agent and asked him to call his buyers to get them transferred, so there we sat for a good 20 minutes before the electricity was back on. You can bet I wasn’t a happy camper by the time it was all over, and what really caused me to bristle, was my having reminded the agent last week to call his buyers just to make sure they had its utilities read into their name for today.

I did manage to get myself settled down by the time I arrived a few minutes late for our closing. Did I say anything to the agent or buyers? No, because it wouldn’t made any difference because the situation happened and then corrected. Like I said to the seller this morning, “Sometimes I feel like I might as well save my breath to cool the soup when it comes to giving people instructions.” Thank heaven my seller is an easy going person who is far more understanding and forgiving when confronted with the failings of others.

By the time I got back to my office, I found even more immediate situations needing my attention, and one of them, was giving my buyers their due-at-closing amount which I was supposed to get on Friday, but the closing agent must’ve been too busy with other files to bother. I did finally get the amount and immediately emailed it to my waiting buyers, as that particular closing company insists on having funds to close delivered to their office before noon the previous work day, which meant my buyers had only an hour to get a Cashier’s check drawn and delivered to them for tomorrow’s closing.

As I suspected, the other closing I was supposed to have today, didn’t happen because one of our nationwide banks didn’t have their closing docs prepared and emailed to our closing company. As much as I wanted it to happen, I’d already resigned myself on Friday that it wouldn’t, and unfortunately it didn’t. I did call the selling agent and told him to contact his buyer and have him badger his lender all the more. This is exactly what happens when there are too many people involved in the lending process, and what makes such matters even worse, is when such banks don’t have brick and mortar offices in our City. I called my sellers and told them the situation while assuring them I’d keep them updated on the progress.

I had some errands to run, and one of them was to a glass shop where I needed a piece of glass re-cut due to my having measured it wrong. While in their office waiting for them to cut it, I noticed they had a pile of “This Old House” magazines which I started paging thru. While doing my visual skimming, fond memories came to mind when remembering some of the episodes of theirs I’d watched in years past.

When the clerk returned with my glass, I couldn’t help mentioning how much I enjoy seeing people resurrect neglected older homes. To my surprise, she proceeded to tell me how much she enjoys older homes, and especially the grand ones. I did share my just recently seeing a clip of another TV program that’s called “Good Bones” which I’ll have to watch if should happen to find it whenever searching my boob-tube for something worth viewing. I’m sure she’ll be looking for it, as I’d say she’s a die-hard lover of the “old girls”. When driving away I was hopefully wishing all the more in our younger generation, fall similarly in love with them because we sure have enough on life supports here in River City in need of our immediate attention.

Since one of my aunts has been coming to mind just recently, I decided to call and see how she’s been faring during this pandemic. After having called twice and no answer, I grew concerned enough to give her daughter a call. Thank goodness she picked up and all news regarding my father’s sister was good. Having not spoken with my cousin since this China-virus hit, we had a good chat about all the happenings that’ve taken place on her side of my family. After hanging up, I thanked myself for not bringing up the subject of how much she looks like our grandmother. I’m sure after hearing me mention it every time I’d see her, she’s ready to pinch me the nose the next time I’d say it. I’ve always thought it interesting how “dead-ringer looks” can jump one, two, and even three generations. Having that long over-due chat with my cousin, truly ended up being the highlight of my day.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A true gentleman would be ashamed of himself should his deeds not match his words.

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