One of the Keys

I certainly wasn’t expecting overcast skies today, but at least the few hours out sun was shining, it managed to turn into another golden day. I’m not sure if it’s me, or possibly our atmosphere being more polluted from those major fires because this year, our Fall seems more golden. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying each and every one of them.

Part of my morning was spent working on an offer which I’m hopeful will come together, and if it does, I’ll be starting out my New Year with a carry-over sale. After looking at the picked-over listings in their price range, I’d say it’s the best all-around fit for those buyers.

Having most of the rest of my day off, I spent part of my time doing yard work until it got me good and tuckered-out. Most don’t realize the amount of work it takes to keep a relatively large yard and garden area under control, and this year I’ve been playing catch-up on getting things done which I’d pushed to my back burner of things to do. I’ve always been the type who takes care of the most pressing issues first, no matter if I want to do them or not because of my having learned very long ago, things in the greatest need of attention must always be addressed first. I’ve never been keen on waiting till the morrow for what can be done today.

With my curiosity having been piqued from yesterday’s little chore of helping a friend cut down a Mulberry, I took time to do a little investigating to see if its wood has been put to any good use. After reading about its durability and popularity in China and Japan for generations, it must be a best kept secret among those who are familiar with its various uses. It’s very popular for smoking meats, making fence posts, campfire cooking, turning it into small items such as bowls, building small pieces of furniture, and even making flooring due to it being even more durable than oak. Wow! What a list of uses of which I’ve never had a clue. When looking at the images of the items created from it, I’d say it’s color and grain is close to what Sugar Maple looks like, yet containing more streaks of color. I’ll have to call and tell my friend about my discovery.

After taking a light lunch, I headed over to my extended project and worked there for several hours which afforded me enough time to get back on track with getting it done.
As most don’t realize, the time and effort it takes to get woodwork stripped back to its natural beauty, can be quite a daunting project, but I’ve learned over the years that the best way to stay with something like that, is to keep at it by taking smaller and more “palatable bites” because if we don’t, it quickly turns into something perceived as being un-attainable. My using the word “perceived” was important because far too many of us create barriers for ourselves to the point where we’re given license to think we can’t do something, when in reality it’s nothing more than an “I won’t”. Make sense?

During this raging pandemic, I’ve been hearing a great many posturings by those who believe their freedoms are being encroached upon when asked to follow those simple protocols insisted upon by our top virologists just to simply keep themselves safe, and most of all, many others from being contaminated. Only morning I noticed a glaring example of such defiance when seeing a number of people entering a church mask-less. I so badly wanted to roll down my window and holler after them saying, “I just read yesterday that attending religious services is in the top five category of places people spread the coronavirus!” If I did muster the courage to yell at them, most certainly one of them would’ve hollered back, “You ain’t telling me what to do!” Oh Mercy!

I personally had a good religious experience this morning during my solitary contemplative session which as I mentioned to another recently, it being one of the positive changes for me because if this virus hadn’t hit us, I would’ve likely remained in my religious “rut” I’d grow so accustomed to. I can now say without a doubt, my own spiritual development has been enriched by it to where every time I walk out of my darkened room where my little contemplative corner is located, I thank “The Source of All’ for leading me back in that direction once again because I’d fallen far away from it a very many years ago, and for too many selfish reasons to even share. Yes, as I’ve said many times, “From bad things come good things as long as we reach out for them.”

While on the phone today with a dear one I’ve known for many years, we somehow got on the subject of how our Country became consumers but not producers of the goods we use which caused us both to talk about all the more mindsets who believe their unquenchable greediness is the mode of our times. We both agreed that when it really takes hold, it’s nothing less than an addiction to where the more they’re piling into their investment accounts, the more they look to make those numbers grow.

Some years ago I read a story about Hetty Green who was at the time nicknamed, “Witch of Wall Street.” because of her obsession with amassing wealth to the point where she not only created un-necessary hardships on herself, but also for those around her. I couldn’t imagine living and/or working in her circles at the time. I’m sure she must’ve been one hellcat on wheels whenever there was a dime to be made and then saved. There’s no doubt when buried, they likely had to screw her into the ground. Just as in these times when looking at the rampant greed of our multi-million and billionaires, Hetty must’ve convinced herself that the more money she had would extend her longevity. Sorry Hetty, that’s really not how it has ever worked.

Please don’t get me wrong by thinking I’m all against people creating good lives for themselves because what I believe to be a good and prudent mindset for our many, is to have enough in their later years to where they no longer have to worry about having a roof over their heads, utilities paid, and a chicken in their pots. Being financially independent is just one of the keys to opening those many locks on our one and only glowing doors which give entrance to or Golden Ponds.

Tonight’s One-liner is: What a man’s mind can create, man’s character can control.

Joe Chodur

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