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I dare say we couldn’t have had a more pleasing 5th of December day with our temps hovering above freezing, the bright sun hanging low in the southern sky, and above all, not a whispering of wind. When looking at our long-range weather forecast, it appears we’re going to have run of good weather next week. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if winter didn’t arrive until it’s given day being December the 21st?

My first errand of the day was to drop an item off to a client which he’d been waiting for months on end and entirely due to the fact of it being on a very back-order. I’m sure he thought I was just playing with him when telling him several times I’d frequently checked on its status, but still having not arrived. I mentioned today that it likely must’ve come on a very slow boat from mainland China. For me, it was just one more example of our over-dependence on the products that country so cheaply produces. As far as I’m concerned, the greatest blame should be placed on the competitive greed of our major corporations for selfishly selling out for big bucks, or going off-shore.

Having a good three hours to kill, I decided to pay it forward and help an old friend of mine cut down an over-grown Mulberry tree. When I got there, he’d already started on it, and the only job I had, was to take the branches and limbs he’d cut, and place them in respective piles. Since that tree had over-shadowed his storage garage, it took longer to get it down because of the way in which it had pretty much covered part of its roof.

Knowing how much more difficult those trees can be, I made sure to tell him to take it slowly and carefully. While working away, I couldn’t help noticing how striking it was outdoors to where it seemed everything was glowing golden from today’s bright sun. I’m sure my friend was thinking me being overly generous with my time, but after that nasty tree was down and piled neatly in order, I proceeded to thank him for giving me the opportunity to enjoy his views. Before leaving, I suggested he do a little online research on the uses of Mulberry wood because of how dense it seemed when carrying those shortened logs which felt to be similar of weight to oak. Too many think of the nursery rhyme regarding that species being a Mulberry bush, yet in fact, they grow to be quite tall trees which drop gallons of staining fruit every summer. It’s not surprising when seeing many of our City’s volunteer trees growing along the foundations of homes being Mulberrys. Why do people allow those nasty things to grow in the first place?

By the time I left his home, it was almost Noon so I made a quick stop at a groceteria and picked up a few things and headed back to my office to get cleaned up, clothes changed, and create a light lunch. Since I don’t like being bothered by my phone while working, I found several text messages which I had to answer.

As much as people find texting their preferred means of communication in these times, I find it cumbersome to where I often have to read between the lines along with making assumptions regarding intent, mood, and meaning. What gets me even more, is when I answer their texts and not get any sort of acknowledgement of receipt. Believe it or not, our so-called young professionals are the worst when it comes to recognition. Oh well, we just have to continue acclimating to these tumultuous times in which we live.

I was almost late getting to my public open house due to a cold call coming in from a person wanting to see my listing at 115 S. Connecticut this afternoon. I asked if she’d wait until after my open house was over, and fortunately she was willing.

To my delight, I wasn’t alone at my “open” the entire time which caused those two hours to quickly pass. One of the people in attendance was a past customer whom I’d not personally seen for over a year which was indeed a delight. I discovered today that he’s another I can easily enter into conversation after a long absence, and ever-close to where we left off. Whenever such meetings happen with you, isn’t it quite refreshing?

What I’ve always appreciated about him, is his great understanding of human nature where he’s able to see past all the canned rhetoric coming out of the mouths of others which I find an exceptional ability. In spite of his great acumen, he’s an acute listener along with being able to give filter-less opinions on a variety of subjects. Yes, seeing him walk thru that door, was the highlight of my day. Most in our City have no idea how gifted he is with genuine wisdom because he doesn’t prance around like a puffed-up peacock ever-seeking an audience. By the way, have you ever heard a male peacock’s voice? And if not, please don’t bother because it’s exceptionally annoying.

After getting my open closed up, I dashed over to 115 S. Connecticut where the buyers were already waiting for me. It ended up being another great showing, and I’m now left wondering if that home has finally “chosen” its new buyers because as far as I’m concerned, that young couple would be a great match-up with the old girl, and for whatever reason, our first meeting was nothing less than delightful. While driving away I said to myself, “It looks like I just hand the second highlight of my day.” Yes, it’s always good to speak to oneself on occasion when knowing “self” does listen.

When I arrived home, I discovered an email from another which was a forwarding of an article in “The Atlantic” which I then opened and read. Hmm. It sounds like I’m not the only person who’s unhappy about the way in which our State government has been handling this pandemic, and when seeing our situation being noticed on the National front, I’d say we’ve got bigger problems than even I was suspecting. I’m attaching the link if you want to read it, but be careful, as it’s very concerning.

Iowa Is What Happens When Government Does Nothing

Tonight’s One-liner is: Our lives would be better lived if we’d akin them to poker games where no matter how poorly the cards we’ve been dealt appear, there are always the opportunities given for us to thoughtfully play those weak hands to our advantage.

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