Radical Mindsets

This is another week that’s gone by with a whoosh, and a bit in disbelief tomorrow is another Friday. Oh well, we always must make hay when the sun shines, and especially during a North Iowa December.

I had to get to office a little earlier this morning due to more paperwork needing my immediate attention. While working quietly away, I couldn’t help thinking about several people in my life who believe I do what I want and when. Oh if they only knew how wrong they are because in this business of real estate sales, it’s come to the point where if you don’t return a buyer or seller’s text message, they’re out licking out of another Realtor’s saucer. It may sound a little extreme, but too often true.

I managed to get everything done before my 11:00 am appointment to show a home I’d not been in for a very many years. I was there for over an hour with the buyers and not liking it in the least bit. Some buyers prefer to have their hands held when looking, while others would much rather be left alone, and today’s was a “leave me alone” type.
The impression I personally got of the home was a mixed review. The design and appeal was there, but the up-keep, postage stamp lot, and location left me leaning toward it being a tough sale because of features it offered which couldn’t be changed. I’m sure someday there’ll be a “boutique” buyer who’ll fall desperately in like with it.

Speaking of mixed emotions, I couldn’t help sharing my “feelings” today with a dear one when driving past a home two times, and during both “pass-by’s”, a sickening sad feeling raced thru me when looking at it from afar. Now if that wasn’t a dead-ringer for it likely being a home where some really sad things happened in the past, I know not what is, because it’s now strongly radiating outwards. After telling my story, he mentioned how just hearing about it gave him the chills. What I thought quite curious, was my not having been so “moved” by a given home in some time. No matter what others believe, they’re out there waiting.

One of my buyers called today to talk about a listing and when he spoke about his wife wanting an area to have a garden, I perked up and said, “I like your wife already because anyone who loves gardening, is far more in touch with our natural world.” He went on to say how many fruit trees and shrubs she enjoys nurturing which prompted me to say, “I’ve come to believe that if we have a love for growing plants, our love is passed onto them which helps them to grow even more beautiful and healthier.” He may have thought me a little bit on the fantasy side, but I’ll remain a believer that it does take place.

Have you ever heard people say how much they don’t like cooking because they can’t?  Well, that’s another example of cause and effect because if you don’t like doing something, your heart and soul isn’t in it which creates inferior end-products. Another example is how beautiful most custom designed and/or handmade items nearly always seem to be better made and longer lasting.

This afternoon I had to meet with some sellers to sign their transfer docs for the closing coming up on the sale of their home. The whole lending process on it was quirky to where there’s been some hard feelings created over it which will be long-lasting. All I could do was encourage them to look past and move forward with the great life they’ll be having in their new home which most would salivate over. I did mention that their sale will go down in this year’s real estate history of my office as having things happen which never should have, but there was nothing we could do about it other than start all over, or continue trudging forward.

I’m really glad I haven’t had that much time to read the online news because what few times I’ve looked at our national headlines, I found myself all stirred up again. You certainly remember me saying how if I were told 25 years ago that our Country would be as fractured as it is, I would’ve considered that person in serious need of therapy. After reading several articles today, this whole post-election business has turned from being all craziness, to downright bizarre, and there’s no doubt in my mind there’s all the more influencing of our radical mindsets by operatives from countries wanting us to fall from within. I don’t even need to mention their names because you already know which ones they are. I’m exceptionally disappointed with our Republican leaders in their standing by and allowing such to take place because by their remaining silent, is nothing less than affirming nods. Shame on them. All I want is to get past all these firestorms and return to some semblance of normalcy in our Federal Government.

Tomorrow is going to be another full day for me with the bank of showings I have scheduled. I’ve done work for that family for a number of years, and have always found them the most delightful. I’ll be traveling in a big wide circle because they also want to see several homes which are located out of town. I also gave them an address to drive by of one that should be coming on the market soon, and if they should like it, I’m sure the sellers would let me show it. Thank goodness it’s looking like we’re going to have sun again tomorrow.

When speaking last evening about all the checkerboard jet streams I’ve been seeing, I noticed that criss-crossing in the sky again this morning. Of all the years I’ve lived in this City, I’ve not seen such patterns. It’s kinda creepy when thinking about it because there shouldn’t be that much air traffic with this pandemic raging. It’s too bad I don’t have time to continually watch the skies with camera in hand because I’d then be able to get a better look at what’s really making those trails.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Come forth into the light of things and let nature be your teacher.

Joe Chodur

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