Devolution of the Human Race

It was darned cold out this morning with it being well below 20 degrees when I headed to my office. Thank goodness I dressed heavy enough for it because I was out in it more than I would’ve liked, but when work calls, we must always answer.

My early closing went as well as I’d expected which made me exceptionally happy, and what gave me the most grins, was confronting the buyers who happened to use another agent for the purchase of it. Because I’d earlier recognized their last name from decades ago, I asked them after their arrival at the closing office, if they’d lived on a certain street a number of years ago, of which they acknowledged. I then asked if one of them had worked at our City’s glass factory which closed years ago, which created another “Yes”. I grinned from ear to ear when saying, “At least my memory still stands after all these 30+ years because I just so-happened to sell that ranch home for you way back then.” They really didn’t make the connection until I gave them enough memory prods, and what did finally open their memory banks, was telling them I worked for Joyce Schulting Realty in those years. I profusely thanked them for giving me the opportunity to test my memory of a given sale of a home so very many years ago which reaffirmed my conviction that I really was young at one time, and exceptionally semi-good looking.

We did have a nice chat about several other people we both knew back then before we walked into a conference room to get their purchase closed. Since this China-virus is continuing to spread, there were even more precautionary measures being taken. I personally sat far away from the rest, had my face-mask on, and only signed documents with my own ballpoint pen, because irregardless what anyone says, I believe any hand-held instrument used in public, being “flypaper” for viruses and bacterias. Before they left, I made sure to tell them that their new home was the best-kept I’ve seen in months.

When I arrived back at my office, I called the sellers to let them know the closing took place along with scheduling a time for them to stop by my office and pick up their proceeds check. About an hour later the husband showed up for their check and closing documents. I couldn’t have thanked him enough for allowing me to serve their real estate needs. I will be visiting them sometime soon because they do want me to see what they’ve already done to their new home. That wife and husband combo are two of the most delightful people who’d be worthy of multiple clonings and spread all over North Iowa. Oh well, we do have to enjoy those few while we can.

Another problem-child file became the center of my attention today after receiving frustrating news from an attorney representing a bank’s interests. There’s no question in my mind there are some law firms which take on legal work for banks, and move as slowly as they can to get loan issues resolved, and of course many of them are likely adding legal fees which could’ve been avoided. I’ve been down those pre-foreclosure roads enough times to know there are some who’re expeditive, and some not. Back after the 2008 mortgage crisis hit, I found myself having developed a knack for getting short sales approved and subsequently closed.

Seeing my bank of listings having grown smaller, I decided to host another public open house over at 114 – 11th St. NE here in Mason City. As much as I tried to get the recent offer on it put together, it’s pretty much fallen apart and certainly not due to my trying as hard as I could to get it under contract. There will be a time when those saying “No”, will have wished they’d given their “Nod”. Oh well, I just have to keep moving forward.

I have another transaction I’ve been babying along, and unfortunately the buyer’s lender is a national bank without any offices in our area. As much as I encouraged the selling agent to have his buyer stay local, he wouldn’t hear of it. That’ll be another “live and learn” lesson by the time it does get closed. If and when it does close, I’ll be sending a stinging email to the loan processor regarding the way in which he sassed me. This hiding behind emails and text messages has never been to my liking. I’m sure he would’ve never said what he did if he were on the phone with me because it’s likely he would’ve been razor-bladed by my tongue. I’m not so sure if all these post-election stirrings are possibly having an even more of an erosive effect on decorum because just this past week, I’ve been handed some pretty raw words which absolutely did not belong to me. Oh well, it’s on them and not me, and no, I did NOT stoop their levels.

I was happy to discover this week, how much less bottlenecked our title work has become, and glad for it because I’m definitely not a fan of delayed closings. If it continues, we’ll be back to our “normal” time frames. If I have a chance, I’ll have to give one of our title attorneys a call to confirm their workloads have finally lighten.

Several of my mid-day hours were taken up by an appointment I had in Britt. You can be sure I got my brain kicked into being hyper-alertive when almost being rear-ended by an old duffer with Kossuth County plates, and then a few minutes later, near-being rear-ended again when the car in front of me slammed on its brakes to avoid hitting a deer. All the while driving there I continued wondering if that highway had been cursed for a day. I did make it there and back without anymore heart-pounding issues.

Coming back, I stopped at a groceteria in Clear Lake to pick up a few things, and while waiting in a check-out line, a sweet little lady whispered to me, “You’re over-dress and that young woman in the next aisle is still wearing her flannel sleepwear.” If you’d seen that girl-with-baby, you would’ve agreed she was quite the audio-visual example of the devolution of the human race because of the way she was yelling at her crying baby.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Opportunity is missed by most of us because it’s normally dressed in overalls and looking like fruitless labor.

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