The Belly-achings of Others

After a welcome reprieve, the wind returned once again which caused a not so pleasant day while working outdoors, but of course I kept reminding myself we’re nearing the end of one of my least favorite months.

I arrived at office a bit later than usual which had me on a burn to get my Sunday contemplative prayer session underway. After enduring a great deal of sassing and verbal poundings from others this past week, I was all the more readied for a good “cleansing” because the longer the poison others have infected us with, the more likely it’ll seep deeply into our cores which creates all the more work at getting it extracted.

It came as no surprise when finding it harder to get settled down to the point where I could actually focus on my selfless prayers, but after several failed attempts, I finally made it, and thank goodness I did because it’s not a pleasant feeling when knowing the unwanted “baggage” of others had been dropped on my shoulders.

After finishing up and walking out of my sacred space, I once again thanked the powers that be for giving me the ability to cleanse myself of all that psychological goo which had been rubbed on me. I sometimes remember my grandmother’s comment regarding possible virulent interactions with others by so cleverly saying, “Take care you don’t rub something on from them which you can’t get rubbed off.” In spite of her having left this world a very many years ago, I still miss listening to her narratives, and for sure, she was a woman of great substance who lived in an age that was long before her time.

In spite of the cold and wind, I was back at doing more yard work and unfortunately I couldn’t stay out in it any longer than three hours because I was beginning to get overly-chilled. At least I made another big dent in what’s needing to be done before our snows arrives.

One thing I did notice which troubled me, was seeing many trees beginning to bud which was a very bad sign. Most don’t realize our northern trees and shrubs absolutely must have a given number of days with temperatures below certain levels, just so they can get their much-needed rests. These recent above-average temps we’ve been experiencing, unfortunately triggered those buds to start forming. I’m sure the squirrels will be having a heyday while running around in the tree branches and eating them because that’s what I’ve seen them do in the early Spring.

One of the articles I read on BBC Online this morning, was about the record-breaking temperatures Australia is already experiencing in their “Spring” months. It was also said that they haven’t received even half the amount of rainfall they normally do which is going to be disastrous for their farmers. I can’t imagine how many more brush fires they’ll be having again. I still remember seeing photos of huge swaths of forested areas decimated by the fires they had last year. My heart goes out to those poor people.

While on the phone today with a friend of mine, I mentioned that article to her which prompted her to say that many of our futuristic movies of late, have more than a thread of truth to them. She couldn’t remember the name of a recent one she watched, but did say it centered around global warming where drastic changes started taking place in the “now” instead of a hundred or more years in the future as predicted. I couldn’t help adding that since we are in a “no man’s land” with this climate change, drastic changes could already be underway due to our not realizing that an unforeseeable domino effect could possibly be taking place as we spoke. The thawings taking place at both of our poles should be sending many more alarming signals to the heads of all governments.

Every time I read about how Russia and other countries seeing the arctic thaw as their economic boons, I just want to go out and spit three times because saving our planet from catastrophic changes in our weather patterns, must be first and foremost above any and all monetary gains. Just today I was thinking about a certain person who has far more “coin” in his possession than he could ever spend in two lifetimes, yet he continues to selfishly fight for every penny more. I couldn’t help saying to another several days ago, “The good seem to always die young, but those old devils end up having to be screwed into the ground.” The person I said it to hadn’t heard such before, but you can be sure I’ve heard it in certain close circles more than once over the years.

When I returned to my office, I worked on getting myself de-chilled so I could head over to another project which I’d placed on a back burner due to other more pressing jobs which were served on my plate these recent months. Those best laid plans of ours sure go awry more often than we’d like, but there’s nothing we can do other than plough forward and not look back because whining over not so pleasant intervening circumstances is not a part of my character. Believe me, I’ve far too often nearly had my ear melted off from listening to the belly-achings of others. No thank you very much.

I worked over at my project long enough to where I’m now back in the swing of getting it completed, and as I’ve said in the past, getting started at accomplishing a task, already has us half-way to our finish lines. As much as I didn’t want to go there today, I’m now glad I did because I’m once again more fully focused. I wish everyone would look at work in such a fashion because I believe such mindsets would take us even farther on our paths of making America great once again. I’m sure you’ve all heard the same broken records I have from those who continually talk about even the smallest of plans they have which never come to fruition.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The sadly amusing realization most don’t fully understand, is the fact that time moves only forward, and the past being forever the past.

Joe Chodur

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