A Few Extra Grins

I’m definitely now noticing how much closer we’re getting to the winter solstice due to how short our days are becoming, and to think they’ll be getting even shorter until the longest night arrives on the 21st of December. I’m still wondering where this month of November has gone because it seems like only last week our national elections took place. Oh well, I’m just glad I kept busy enough to where the time did pass more quickly. Just now thinking about it, I’d say the extra stress I had with delayed closings kept me overly pre-occupied.

I was hoping for more real estate activity today due to it being Black Friday, but instead, far more quieter than in years past. Perhaps all of the stern warnings over likely spikings of China-virus cases being caused by un-necessary Black Friday shopping, kept our buyers home for once. I really don’t think we need any additional impetuous buying right now because our home buyers have been doing more than enough of it this year.

One of my colleagues called this morning to talk about several people whom we both know who’re making themselves known to the general public with their so-called benevolent generosities. As I mentioned, any time I see people making spectacles of themselves with their giving, and more than likely being nothing more than advertising ploys for additional business, doesn’t impress me in the least bit. As far as I’m concerned, the true art of giving is markedly different to where you give quietly and freely without any expectations of reward. I’ve been around too many over the years who do a whole lot of self-praising for their generosities to where you just want to wish they’d go very far away where they can start bending the fresh ears of others.

I’m on the down-hill slide of getting another closing file in order, and unfortunately the sellers haven’t yet returned this morning’s call which has me a little concerned, and the reason for my call, was just to make sure they would be coming to my office to sign transfer documents along with reminding them about utility transfers and everything else needing to be done before their closing day arrives. I’m confident they must’ve been busy moving and didn’t bother checking their answering machine.

As you’ve likely noticed, I’m hosting another open house over at 115 S. Connecticut tomorrow afternoon in hopes its future occupants will be in attendance. I’m certain it will get sold since the owners now have it even more presentable. When it does get sold and closed, I’ll be a little sad over not being able to sit in its bay window which freely offers beams of natural light filtering in while I’m being immersed in a good read.

For future reference, I did some sketching of its double-circle floor plan which I believe is a rarity in our City. If a person had any plans of doing a re-model of an existing Folk Victorian, that particular plan would make a great re-skin. I’d say it’s bayed 2-story front foyer gives it more of a commanding look from the outside, and more flow of its floor plan within. There’s also a great deal of spoon carving in its woodwork which is typical of its age and style. I still don’t understand why that granite marker in its front sidewalk states it being a modified Queen Anne because it has Folk Victorian written all over it. I’ve been in enough Queen Anne styles to know 115 S. Connecticut is not one of them.

It was definitely a shocker when reading the head of Iran’s nuclear program was assassinated which is going to create even more un-necessary turmoil in the Middle East. Let’s hope our Government bodies had no connections with that act because if there are, it’s going to make things all the worse for our in-coming president.

One of my greatest concerns, has been the possibility of some sore losers in these elections, setting land-mines for those who’ll be replacing them. If that should happen, then I’d say our government has turned into something akin to what would be taking place in a rogue third-world country. As I’ve said before, I very much dislike pompous winners and vindictive losers. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always kept my distance from competitive sports because too many of the players have “all or none” mentalities which are akin to Roman gladiators.

As chance would have it, I showed a home today which had three adult Pekin ducks roaming around in its fenced yard. Oh how those memories of my younger years came rushing back. I think I was paying more attention to them than I was the house, but you have to admit, seeing live Pekin ducks waddling around in one of our City’s yards is a very rare occurrence. There’s no doubt they had me quacked-up with their antics to where even my buyer was getting a few extra grins. Too funny to convert to words.

Unfortunately the attorney I needed to talk to wasn’t in his office today, and when I called his cell phone, I was re-directed to his voice mailbox. I left a message, but no return call as of yet. Oh well, it looks like we’re going to have to wait until Monday. Ugh!

Another troubling problem arose when my agent called earlier this week to tell me one of his listings didn’t appraise. I just about dropped the phone because there was absolutely no reason why it didn’t other than some major over-sights on the appraiser’s part. We talked about options, and at the end of the day, the sellers made their last and final concession, and if the selling agent’s buyers don’t take it, it’ll be going back on the open market. When knowing how much over-paying buyers have done this year, that home’s sale price was well under what these many lipsticked pigs have been bringing on a near-weekly basis.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Some use statistics as drunken men use lamp posts, and that being their supports rather than intended illuminations.

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