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It wasn’t the most pleasant of days to celebrate Thanksgiving, but at least we didn’t have freezing cold or snow. I’m now wondering if our temps have been above average so far this month, and if they have, I’ll have to find out if they’re on a continued climb compared to past years. Certainly this year’s fires out West and up in Siberia have caused additional greenhouse effects which of course help create higher temps. In spite of my hatred of winter, we do have to make sure these warming trends aren’t having negative effects on our over-wintering trees and shrubs.

In spite of it being Thanksgiving, I was compelled to call one of my sellers first thing this morning and present an offer I’d received via fax late last night. I was glad to find her at home along with not having interrupted a gathering. I went over it with her and it sounded like it’ll be acceptable, but we have to run it past her attorney before she signs it. I’m now in hopes he’ll be at work tomorrow, and if not, we’ll have to hold off until Monday.

After I finished up with that offer, I changed my clothes and went out and worked on a landscaping project for close to four hours until I was compelled to call it quits for the day. I’m now being more careful not to over-do it because I usually end up paying for it the following day or two. The lifting and dragging is usually what puts the most strain on me, so I’ll find out first thing tomorrow morning if I did too much.

Before putting my tools away, I took a good look at what I thought was too little accomplished, but after standing back and looking at the whole picture, I’d say with additional effort, it’ll end up being quite the handsome yard next Spring. As most don’t know, Fall is the best time to get trees planted and yards prepared for Spring, and with all the strong wind we’ve had this year, there were more than enough branches I prepared to have hauled away.

After seeing the frightful damage those evil Japanese Beatles did this year, I’ll be very much prepared for them when next summer arrives. I don’t even want to consider how many thousands of them I trapped and disposed of. In less than a two day time period, they had an apple tree’s leaves looking like they’d suddenly died. That was quite a terrifying sight I hope to never see again.

Since I had no other plans for the day, I took a short drive in the country to get a good look at how our North Iowa landscape appeared now that all crops are out and leaves off their trees. I’m still in wonderment how some of those people living in their country McMansions are able to tolerate the winter winds and drifting snow on their homesteads containing very small trees which will take years to develop into natural windbreaks. Their homes must be super-insulated along with owning monster pickup trucks with snow blades, and if they’re living on east-west gravel roads, their food pantries must be ever-filled in case they end up being drifted-in for several days or more. I’ve heard too many scary stories over the years of people being stranded for days during and after major blizzards.

While out doing yard work, I put my mind on autopilot just to allow any random thoughts to enter. Most of them didn’t last but a few minutes, but then I got to thinking about all the beyond coincidence happenings that’ve taken place over my many years of being a Realtor. I think what prompted it, was my having called my childhood friend yesterday just to see how life’s been treating him, and then later in our conversation, hearing the real truth about a component in a home he once owned. There’s no doubt there was some sort of invisible force that prompted me to call him, and unknowingly able to get resolve on a lingering issue. After thinking about it for a long while, there’s no other reason other than there having been something supernatural guiding me. Kinda creepy-cool don’t you think?

I missed a call from one of my dear friends yesterday, so I decided to give her a ring this afternoon since I figured she also opted-out of any Thanksgiving invitations. We had a very good chat about a number of current events, and when visiting about this madness going on with all the many who think our national elections were rigged, we both agreed that there’ve been subtle forms of mind manipulations taking place over these recent years, and most of it coming from these “boutique” news services they’ve unknowingly plugged themselves into which have been diligently working at convincing our public that their news is real and all other feeds being fake, and no doubt being funded by China, Russia, Iran and all those other countries in our world wanting our democratic principles to fail.

What bothers me the most, is personally knowing some of those people, and most of them having received good educations, work normal jobs, and live in “Leave it to Beaver” homes where you’d think they’re worldly-wise enough to know what real conspiracies are, but it doesn’t at all appear that way. Let’s hope for the good of everyone, they finally stop drinking the “Kool-Aid” and realize this Country has got to get back into the realm of normalcy. I don’t even want to consider what our Asian and European allies are thinking about us since our elections ended. If someone had told me thirty years ago that we’d be living in times like these, I would’ve dismissed that person as being on mind-altering drugs and in great need of some serious counseling. The paramount concern I have, is that we’re just now seeing the beginning of even more tribalism in our society, and you can thank the internet and our social medias for it.

I received a noticeable number of text messages today from people wishing me a safe holiday season along with a few photos of their decorations. I responded to all of them with the best of wishes for safe and memorable days ahead. Isn’t it always nice to know that there are good people out there who truly care about each other.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.

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