Remember the Choices

It was indeed a struggle getting thru this hump day, and for the strangest of reasons,as my day progressed, it was feeling more like a toxic Friday. At least the wind wasn’t blowing us around and the rain had finally quit before dawn.

When I arrived at office early, my first little job was to go digging for the phone number of one of my past clients who just happened to be my best friend when I was in grade school. After my deep searching, I managed to find it and when dialing, I said a little prayer that he hadn’t changed numbers since we last spoke which was at least two years ago. It rang several times and when answered, I was relieved to hear his voice.

We had a good long conversation over the happenings in our lives, and for the strangest of reasons, I brought up the subject of the home he once owned which I now have listed. I went on to tell him about an unfortunate incident we had with a certain home inspector who called for an additional inspection of one of its components. The more he told me the history of his home and the improvements he made while living there, I was “glowing” all the more red-hot when hearing the truth about those bogus inspections.

Long story short, I just so happened to lose a sale on that home because of a very poor judgement calls on the part of both of those inspectors because of what they “thought” was true, wasn’t even in the same solar system. After I got off the phone with him, I made several stinging calls to those involved, and if there’s a great need for a karma kick-back, the undue stress and worry they caused me my sellers, is far from being forgivable. Talk about the blind leading the blind. You can be sure I let the buyer who backed out know about it, because it’s also on him.

Today’s revelation was just one more example of why our State government absolutely must make those home inspectors be licensed just as real estate agents and appraisers must be before doing business in our State. I don’t even want to remember how many times those idiots have caused sales to fall thru because of their lop-sided reports which oft times are blown completely out of proportion. So much of our paperwork involves buyer disclosure, but unfortunately many sellers aren’t the best about telling the truth which places another burden on me to relay to prospective buyers what I see when showing them homes. Some listen, but most do not because for the foreseeable future, I’ll be saying today’s buyers are the most impetuous I’ve ever encountered.

Getting back to my fury over this mornings revelation, I personally questioned that inspectors findings, but of course the buyer who believes everything he reads online to be gospel, wouldn’t hear of it, which in the end, caused that transaction to fall apart and the blame now lies on all of those at fault. I’m still sickened by it all, but at least I was able to relieve my sellers of any future worries.

After thinking about that whole drama, I’m convinced that buyer wasn’t worthy to own that home, and perhaps a far better fit will be soon arriving. Going full circle with this morning’s illumination, I’m now wondering what really got me on a burn to look for that previous owner’s phone number. I think our subconscious minds step in and out of timelines more often than we think. Have you ever suddenly for no reason, turned and looked in another direction and see someone looking at you? It does make one wonder.

The remainder of my day was spent working on files and conducting more research for several future buyers. I did have some errands to run, along with stopping to see how a friend of mine was doing on a project he’s working on. When I stopped, he seemed overwhelmed by it all, but I did have to remind him to think back and remember what it looked like before he started. Hopefully my words did cheer him up.

Another “problem child” sale file is slowly moving forward which is one more example of how other agents don’t pay attention to detail, and then I get pulled into fixing their oversights. One of the problems caused me to pay another visit to the seller for additional initials and signatures on documents. Oh well, what we must do to keep things rolling along. Oh, how I’d like to start charging other agents for doing their jobs.

One of my colleagues has been emailing and phoning me over another transaction which suddenly has a roadblock due to a so-called “professional” judgement call. After reading the responses from the other agent involved, I said to my colleague, “It looks to me like there’s a wannabe hero representing the buyers, and you know how I feel about such people because they’re wanting them to think they’re the best thing that’s happened since the invention of the wheel.” He laughed while fully agreeing.

Just before closing up shop today, I wrote an offer and emailed it to my out-of-State buyers for their review and signatures. I’m hoping it’ll go thru without a hitch, and my biggest concern is getting all the title work completed on time because of the tight time frames the buyers have. I assured them I would do everything possible to make that date, but also insisting that I have no control over title work. Hopefully we’ll make it.

Each and every one of the people I’ve spoken with over this past week, have opted to remain home along with not allowing guests in, which as far as I’m concerned, is the best medicine. Every day I look at the growing numbers of infections as well as deaths in our State, which has me more than concerned. I still don’t understand why in the “yell” our Governor doesn’t mandate the wearing of face-masks in public. Once this is all over, I’m afraid the citizens of our great State of Iowa will remember the choices she’s so thoughtlessly made during this crisis when her re-election time arrives.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Trees are our most beloved antiques.

Joe Chodur

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