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After suddenly being awakened around two this morning, I happened to glance outdoors, and wouldn’t you know, it was snowing, and still sleepy-eyed, I went into denial and fell back asleep. Thank goodness the snow turned into a slushy rain when morning arrived, and then into full-fledged showers when our afternoon hit. I would’ve never considered us having received so much until I went on several errand runs and seeing those large curbside streams and puddles. I dare not imagine how much snow it would’ve equaled if it were a few degrees colder. Yes, we managed to dodge another snow bullet.

Most of my day was spent doing follow-ups on phone calls, paying bills, and running errands, and when not doing that, I was tidying up my office. When discovering how many pine and spruce cones had finally dried in the back of my office, I sorted them out, went and dug out another wooden box, gave it a good cleaning and proceeded to create one more conversation piece for the front of my office with those various sized and textured cones. When finished, I took a photo of it and emailed it to a friend of mine.

As chance would have it, one of my clients stopped by today to drop a document off, and while visiting, I asked if she’d like some of those cones, and sure enough she gladly accepted, so I went in the back and grabbed a plastic grocery sack and filled it with a third of each variety. Each time I smell one of those white pine cones, thoughts of a coniferous forest comes to mind. I went on to say much I consider them natural works of art which most don’t bother taking the time to notice. Isn’t it unfortunate for them?

Another client stopped in to sign a document, and while waiting for me to finish up a phone call, proceeded to get a good looking-over of the plants I have in my office window. As most do, he asked the age of my jade plants, and when thinking a moment, I admitted them to be somewhere around 13 years old. I also shared how much they enjoy their spot because they didn’t do very well when in the front window of our old office, but not soon after being re-located, they began growing at a near non-stop rate. Since first planted, I’ve had to re-pot them three times due to their explosive growth.

I’m remaining hopeful we can get that offer we have on 114 – 11th St. NE put together because I believe my prospective buyers will be a good fit for that home. While on the phone with them today, I mentioned again how very familiar I am with that neighborhood because it’s been one of my best market areas over these long years. There has to be at least a half dozen City employees living within a block of it which certainly says something for the neighborhood. We’ll see what this week brings regarding how well their offer is going to be received.

While out checking on vacant homes this afternoon, I discovered the batteries in the thermostat of one of them in need of replacing which prompted me to go and purchase two. There’s nothing more frightening than discovering a furnace not running in winter because a thermostat’s batteries were dead. I don’t know what got into the brains of furnace designers when converting them from being hard-wired to battery controlled. I dare not want to know how many homes had freeze-outs due to thermostat batteries being dead. One would think our major insurance companies would mandate them to be hard-wired. Oh well, there’s got to be a plausible reason which I’ve yet to hear.

From what I’ve been personally hearing from the general public these past weeks, it’s sounding like nearly everyone is staying home and not getting together with family and friends. I don’t blame them in the least bit because the more people there are in confined spaces, the likelihood of someone being asymptomatic, markedly increases. Late last week a woman was chastising me a little after I told her I wasn’t attending any Thanksgiving gatherings because I’m not about to take any chances. She continued to insist that it’s the day when we show our gratitude for all the good things we’ve been blessed with this past year. Well, I wouldn’t let it go when getting on my soapbox and saying, “Whether it matters to you or not, I show my gratitude to the Higher Power on a near daily basis.” I also went on to say how rarely I miss an opportunity to thank others for all they’ve done for me over these many tumultuous years. After hearing my words, I believe she finally understood my point regarding my “fly-over” of Thanksgiving.

I already have tentative plans for Thursday, but not cast in stone because I’m still not sure what our weather’s going to be like. If it happens to be above freezing and pleasant outdoors, I’ll be getting some additional outside work done, and as the old saying goes, we have to make hay while the sun shines. But if it happens to be too cold outdoors, I’ll likely be working on my little/big project until I’ll honestly be able to call it a good day. You can bet your britches I’ll not be doing any Black Friday shopping the day after.

After thinking about this whole business of all the many in our general public buying homes just for the sake of buying, so from now on, I’ll likely refer to such happenings as being nothing less than impetuous buying sprees where they don’t stop and weigh-in the positives and negatives of purchasing in these troubling times. It reminds me of a number of people I’ve known over the years who’d buy things they simply “had to” have, and then not even a year later, they’d be selling them dirt-cheap on tag sales which would also be considered impetuous buying. So willfully we humans mindlessly waste.

Tonight’s photo is an ariel of Prairie Place on 1st which I haven’t posted in a while, and the reason I’m now putting a plug in for those four remaining units, is having discovered today that there’ve been zero outbreaks of the China-virus in that complex. I’d say if you’re over 55, the safest bet would be, is to get yourself situated in Prairie Place on 1st.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I don’t feel obliged to believe the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect, has intended us to forego their use.

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