A Field of Snow

The summation of my entire day could be condensed into one statement, and that being, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Oh how some of those old quotes do speak generational truths.

My Sunday morning started off as a normal one, with the exception of remaining in my quiet contemplative corner much longer, and the only reason being, all the more spiritual cleansing I had to perform just to rid myself of this past week’s encounters with certain nameless people. If ever there’ll be a defining definition of what’s been happing in our real estate market, I’m sure “irrational exuberance” will be one of the top classifications, because over these long years, I have never seen the wants and needs of people so quickly swing from rational to irrational.

There’s no question this pandemic is affecting the subconscious of nearly everyone without them even realizing it. There’ve been more times of late where I’ll be having a normal conversation about something, and before I’d know it, that person would start spouting emotional nonsense. I’m quickly learning to just keep my mouth shut and back away until they’ve finished with their gibberish. It’s unfortunate they can’t turn off that “background noise” in their brains so they can think clearly.

With several appointments set for tomorrow morning, I made sure to have all the documents I would been needing, prepared ahead of time because who knows what’ll be happing on the first day of my work week. Some Mondays are quiet, while others are non-stop dramas. There are already three people I must call soon after the hour of eight.

Once I had all of tomorrow’s paperwork completed and then emailed to those I’m meeting with, and only as a courtesy for them having more time to review them, I closed my “door” on real estate and headed out to do some additional outdoor laboring.

As much as I wanted to work a good three hours, that cold wind just wouldn’t leave me alone to where I finally called it quits and decided to go take a drive in the countryside.
My travel plan was one of those wide circles of North Iowa I do about every four or six months, just so I can get a better “feel” of what’s been happening in our hinterland. Every time I was on a highway, I couldn’t believe how many cars there were on the road, and likely being people on their way to do their mask-less Sunday grocery shopping.

When I got back, I decided to finished up the project I’d started yesterday, and of course particular me, had to do far more than most would’ve passed as being good. Yes, I can also have my maniacal ways, but most times it has to do with getting a given job of mine to look its very best. Undoubtedly, I’m going to have a few aches and pains tomorrow because once again, I forgot I’m not twenty anymore.

A dear friend emailed me an online article today which hit home with my inability to understand why so many people in these times are fiercely determined to believe things that are just not correct. Once again, we can blame the social medias for getting many in our society to believe things that are beyond fantasy such as Qanon, yet they do, and once they’ve been fully indoctrinated, there’s no going back because they insist on being correct, and most times they’ll say, “So and so said it, which means it’s true.” Really? If you make an attempt to dispute their beliefs, they’ll consider you “one of those people” and dismiss you as a traitor to their cause.

The author of that article referred to it as “cognitive dissonance” which has always been around, because in the past, I’ve seen how it can affect family members. Such perpetrators begin by sowing their seeds of doubt, and then move forward with their conspiracy theories. Oh if you could’ve read some of the letters I’ve seen written by such masters, as even I had to step away and do some deep thinking, and connecting the dots of reality. In the past, such behavior wasn’t widely accepted because there weren’t enough “takers”, but now that our internet is with us, like minds can seek and find those who’re also harboring such beliefs.

I know it sounds pretty crazy, but I think our internet should be unplugged for a good six months so we can all get ourselves re-booted. I’d give most in society my 21 day rule where if they’re without it that long, their realistic senses will begin to return. You can bet many would be saying afterwards, “I can’t believe I was that tied to social medias.” It’s an addiction more powerful than smoking or drinking. Yes, it’s been said that smartphone addiction is at the top of the list of being the hardest to break.

We can now more fully understand why so many in our Country are hell-bent on believing our elections were rigged and refuse to accept reality, but unfortunately, there are cognitive dissonances in high levels of our government which troubles me. I did get a good laugh to myself when speaking with a very dear friend of mine who’s been a die-hard Republican when asking, “What do you think about this firestorm President Trump is creating by saying our elections were rigged?” In a quiet yet resolute tone he said, “He just needs to go away.” Thank goodness his fine mind didn’t allow him to get pulled into being forced to drink their “Kool-Aid”.

While out driving my big circle, I hit pay-dirt when seeing a flock of Snow Geese out in a harvested corn field. Due to our strong winds, they must’ve decided on a stay-over last night and get some nourishment this morning. You can bet my being able to take one photo of a field of Snow Geese in North Iowa, was one heck of a rare occurrence.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Suspicion is a heavy armor, and with its weight, impedes more than it protects.

Joe Chodur

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