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I dare say it couldn’t have been a more gloomy day here in North Iowa with the heavy cloud cover and misty-cold rain. The numerous times I was out in it, I was reminded how similar it what was to the costal cities in Northern Europe and the British Isles. They endure far too many more days during their winter months than I could possibly swallow. I’ve personally visited some of those areas during that season, and there was nothing I found either charming or romantic about it. In gothic ways, some romanticize over such weather, but yours truly will always opt-out and head for sun-filled locations.

After getting my morning office duties completed, I moved in another direction to work a few hours at a small project which I wasn’t able to get completed due to my finding more things to do which I’ll try to get finished up tomorrow afternoon.

Oh did I bristle this morning while at Kwik Star while grabbing a cup of java. Since they do offer pretty good coffee, I decided to stop there and buy a small Columbia before I went to work. Just as I pulled into a parking space, another older pickup truck parked beside me. The driver got out before I did because I needed extra time to install my face mask, of which he didn’t. He was likely sixty-something and dressed in work clothes and paying no more attention to him other than thinking, “Yes, this going without a mask in public is just as bad with our older ones as it is the young.”

As I was walking back to where their coffee pots were, I couldn’t help noticing that mask-less guy in the donut cases grabbing sweets with his bare hands. Ugh! When I saw that, it’s no wonder this pandemic is getting out of control and certainly due to the actions of people like him. You can bet I kept walking because I was already wishing I’d hadn’t been a witness to what he was doing.

When later telling a friend of mine what he did, his only response was, “I still don’t understand why they allow people to serve themselves like that because there should be a public safety law against it.” My response was, “Those stores have self-serves just so they don’t have to pay another worker.” Yes, it always has to be about making money.

Having read what that incoming U. S. Representative from Georgia said in public on Capitol Hill, and then seeing that guy this morning, I started remembering the many times I’ve heard firebrands spitting their words, “You ain’t telling me what to do!” Over these long years I’ve heard that spoken a very many times, and usually as a kick-back at me for simply making strong suggestions which were almost always to their physical and/or financial benefit. So, I guess we all might as well save our breaths to cool the soup because we’re going to continue seeing such nonsense in public until our not forward-thinking State Government mandates the wearing of masks in public. My last thought, is the certainty there are all the many more like that guy this morning who’s announcing the world, “You ain’t telling me what to do!”, yet creating more infections.

I was certain today’s open house over at 902 – 1st St. SE was going to be a flop, but to my surprise, there were three groups of people in attendance and all of them seemed to be showing interest. Perhaps now, our home-buying public is finally coming to terms with the concept of buying low and making their own improvements, which is a better idea all the way round because most of those many “lipsticked pigs” that’ve gone for big bucks this year, didn’t contain high-quality labors or materials. Don’t think my words are hear-say, because I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

As much as I like arborvitae trees, there’s a big one in the front yard of that home which is blocking the street view. When looking at it, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would’ve planted it in that spot unless they thought it was going to remain the size it was when first planted. I dare not even think how many times I’ve warned people about thoughtlessly planting trees and shrubs in their yards without first investigating how tall and wide they’ll be when matured.

After I did the closing-up on open house, I picked up my signs and headed back to my office to get a few more things done before heading to the groceteria to grab a few things. Of course there were too many shoppers and only about half of them with masks who I intentionally avoided by being more than over six feet away. I purposely went there to buy my favorite scrubbing compound which is Softscrub Gel with Bleach, and wouldn’t you know, they were completely out of it. This randomness of empty shelves has me puzzled to where I’m wondering even more if everything is being produced off-shore, and likely in the Orient. Too scary from me to even consider.

Now don’t think me any crazier than I am when speaking about a creepy-cool happening this morning. It all started when I awakened this morn and hearing the melody of a churchy song being played in my mind. Not to worry, as it has been randomly happening on a near-daily basis for years, but what’s been different these recent years, is my hearing a melody, and then being compelled to find the music and read its lyrics.

What had me baffled this morning, was knowing I’d personally played that hymn, but likely only once or twice because I couldn’t remember anything about it other than near-certain it was a hymn I played over at St. Paul Lutheran Church, so my first seek- and-find this morning, was to go looking for it. It didn’t take long, and when reading the first line, I thought, “Hmm. These words are stunningly appropriate for these times.” It’s first line goes, “Soul, adorn yourself with gladness, leave the gloomy haunts of sadness, come into the daylight’s splendor, there with joy your praises render.” Enough said.

Tonight’s one-liner is: People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.

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