A Time Capsule

It was an early up and out this morning with the number of duties I had awaiting me at office which I needed to get completed before the phones started ringing. Seeing how heavy the frost was when I went to my car, I was certain it was colder than it was, but not. The wind had to be back at it again to where it was first coming from the south, and then later today it changed directions on us, and then the northerly snow flurries began.

After all the back and forth negotiations, we finally got that sale put together which was dangling by the slim margin of $500 which I thought being a little nonsensical on the part of both buyers and sellers. Oh well, there always have to be those who feel like they did some deep dickering just so to tell those who’ll listen. It sure sounds like some we all know. For such minds, that form of haggling is nothing less than a game, which reminds me of a sale I put together years ago which took over 30 days to get ratified due to how difficult the buyers were. After it was all over, I said to one of the buyers, “It sure took enough time to get this done.”, and his cavalier response being, “I wouldn’t have had it any other way.” That was certainly an illumination of his true character which I never did forget. To this day, I’m sure they’ve long ago dismissed how difficult they were to work with along with the un-necessary number of hours I spent with them.

One of my dear ones called this morning to tell me she wasn’t sure if she had the China-virus because she’d been vomiting thru-out the night. I asked if she had a fever and she believed she didn’t. I then asked if she’d lost her sense of taste and smell in recent days, and that as well was a negative. The only other possibility was she either had another type of influenza, or she perhaps had food poisoning, so I asked what she had to eat for dinner last night. After telling me she had fresh fish she purchased at a groceteria she normally doesn’t frequent, I suspected she may have been sickened by it. She did say she was going to call her doctor when their offices opened, so hopefully she found out what caused it. I’ll be sure to call her in the morning to see how her day was.

One of my colleagues mentioned today that he’d recently heard from a reliable source that the number of suicides in North Iowa has sharply risen which sent chills thru me because that’s a sign of something being wrong with our society as a whole. My heart goes out to the families of those who’ve taken their own lives, as their days will always be filled with questions that can’t be answered. I’m sure you remember me mentioning some time ago that a suicide in a structure usually produces an entity which traps itself within for generations.

Back when I used to do foreclosure work for a savings and loan, I’ll not forget the sleazy apartment conversions which stood in the parking lot across from Penney’s. Thank goodness the loan officer warned me about a recent suicide within one before I went to inspect them. Fortunately all of the tenants had been evicted which made it easier to do my appraisals. I went thru the every structure from stem to stern, and when I got to the attic staircase of “the one”, I hesitated momentarily before treading up into that very tall attic which had more than the average windows offering welcome beams of light for me to see its entirety. Something compelled me to look up, and when I did, I had a chill run thru me because there was a cross-tying rafter which looked like something had been hanging from it. You can bet I didn’t stay up there any longer than my steps back down.

The next day, I finished my reports and then hand-delivered them to the lender, and during his review, I was compelled to ask where that young man hung himself. He looked up at me with a stare and said, “Weren’t you told that he hung himself in the attic?” Ouch. No wonder I had that jolt-of-a-chill when I saw it. Yes, it was a good thing those three creepy conversions were sold as a package and then razed. There were some other creepy things that happened in the other two which were also noteworthy.

Since I hadn’t cleaned my office floors in over a week, I busied myself getting them sanitized, and to my surprise, they were dirtier than I would’ve imagined. I think all the dust those workers have been creating with their tuck-pointing over at the courthouse, managed to get into my office because it has certainly been getting on vehicles in the area. Speaking of the courthouse, I was saddened to see an obituary in today’s paper of one of their janitors who worked there for very many years. I suspect she was another coronavirus casualty.

I’m still very disgusted with our Governor for not insisting everyone wear face masks while in public. I was in Hy-Vee again today, and wouldn’t you know, there were only about half of their shoppers wearing them. I did visit with the check-out clerk about it, and she fully agreed that everyone should be wearing them, along with her being fearful she’s going to catch it from someone.

Late this afternoon, the sellers of a closing we’re having tomorrow stopped by to sign all their transfer documents due to their not wanting to be in attendance of their closing. They’d already closed on their new home which allowed for an easier move, and thank goodness for it because they have small children.

When I returned last night’s photo to its box, I was compelled to dig a little more to see if I could find one for tonight, and wouldn’t you know I did, and it’s a classic. The more I looked at it, the more I could “feel” that era of our Country’s growth and development. Whomever took that photo didn’t realize he or she created a time capsule which would later be shared with those of us living in 2020. My, how times have truly changed. After looking closer inside her icebox, there’s a jar with a ball of soon to be piecrust cooling.

Tonight’s one-liner is: People who lead lonely existences, always have something on their minds they’re eager to talk about.

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